Saturday, December 29, 2007

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter is here in Colorado blowing all that snow around like crazy.

Can you tell where I broke my back shoveling it? No? Me either. OMW made a big mess of things. dang.

And the grumpy old dude is shaking my house every time he opens his big mouth! Hope he doesn't blow my roof off :o


Let's talk about e2ePay for a minute, shall we?
If you were fortunate enough to have some referrals who purchased or re-purchased in the first couple of days ... You made $2 comm. on each of their spots. That was a mistake and Admin is eating that one.

The script has been fixed so that as of yesterday (I think), we are now receiving the $1 comm. properly.
The program is paying out 70 members positions for each $10 purchase.
So Yes, it is just like 10DollarsWonder! (no twist. exactly the same.)


Speaking of e2ePay and 10DollarsWonder ... had to clean out yet another 600+ emails today telling me "I've Cycled" and made money! Whoo Hoooo!!


oh shoot, I told js I would look at something in his blog today, and until now, forgot all about it. back in a few.


Am back and enjoying a John Lennon CD that I got for Christmas. Have a listen with me. Anyone here old enough to remember when it was actually on the charts?
Now don't lie!
Oh and if you have any clue as to why Yoko is blind folded and knitting, I would love to hear your comments. (no smoking ahead of time, that would be unfair)


still updating


js said...

Right when he sings I don't believe in Elvis, YouTube Crashed! Site won't come up.

I believe he knew that ALL OF THIS is a dream, and for him the dream is over.


Gene "Easy Ways" said...

Of course that may be true or not as the case may be.

The video seems to work fine. I believe you are referring to the one I posted on the Easy Ways Blog.

It could be misinterpreted. As for why Yoko is knitting blind, perhaps it is a metaphor for life in general, ie the dream js refers to.

Kayabonka over and outs.

blondie said...

Ok, I was asked (by the sender) to delete the first comment here.
Thank goodness since it made no sense anyway. Guess he used some word processor thingie that messed up what he was really trying to say?
I sure hope so.
Peace to all,

js said...

Yes, the blind represents us being blind, to the dream. And the knitting? I think that we are all blind, in a dream, trying to knit a meaningful and satisfying life. But.. we are blind. For it is a dream. And John and Yoko, both had realized that or were starting to get inklings of that.. that this is indeed a dream. And it's time to wake up. That's why John no longer believed in JFK, or Jesus, or Buddha, or whoever. How can one believe in stick figures in a dream? Once one realizes that... it's no longer possible to believe in any apparently separate individuals within the dream.