Sunday, December 23, 2007

Detailed Info on 10DollarsWonder

Good News from my Sponsor at SurfMargin:

"Hi Judy :)
I only wanna let you know my Dec. 6 pending on SM was cleared yesterday and got paid $850+. I've read reports on forums, members getting paid for Dec. 7 pendings, so yours is not far away, do not lose faith!"

Faith and patience I have.
Thanks Nina for the update :)


Someone wrote to me and asked me how
10DollarsWonder worked. Here's a portion of what's shown on the front page, and I will include some 'new member' suggestions below that, based on my personal experience.

How 10DollarsWonder works

"10DollarsWonder is an advertising company. Every time you purchase a position, your ad will be placed on our rotation list and earn 10 credits towards your advertising. Your ad will be effectively displayed to our members. You will receive the same services that are offered at other advertising companies, but without paying outrageous fees. You can purchase up to a total of 500 positions at this time.

When a purchased position is purchased, a total of 70 positions will be cycled and each position will recieve $0.1 commission. Since the cycling process is 70 times faster than purchasing, the cycling process will continue to accelerate when more positions are puchased. Therefore, 100% of positions will continue to cycle and cycle again. Each position can earn up to 2 million. "

New Member Info:

- Join as a Free Member of 10DollarsWonder.
- Log into your account. (if you didn't receive the 'confirmation' email, that's ok, just go to the Members Login with the same username and password that you selected.)
- Now you can either "Buy Advertising Position" or "Claim Trial Position". Let's assume you're not skeptical and want to buy one!
- Click on "Buy Advertising Position" and make your purchase.
- Now go to the Member Area and Add Your Advertising Site. (That's what you are buying.)
- Ok, you're done for now.

This next part I've written based on buying 5 positions, ok?

- Once your positions are purchased, you are eligible to receive commissions from other members. Each $10 purchase 'cycles' 70 other positions.
- You will soon start to see your account earning money as others purchase or re-purchase.
- Each time you receive an email that says "You've Cycled", you've earned .10 cents.
- Once you have earned $10 into your account, you can either Re-Purchase or withdrawal.
- Re-Purchasing gives you an Additional Position to Earn without spending more out-of-pocket cash, so let's assume you re-purchase.
- Now you have 6 positions earning instead of 5. You will continue to receive earnings on ALL active positions and should earn another $10 even faster.
- Let's re-purchase again. Now you have 7 active positions earning.
Get the idea?
Sounds easy doesn't it?
Well it is :))

If you're skeptical or don't have any e-gold or AlertPay funds available today ... go ahead and use the "Claim Trial Position" to see how it works. It's a nice little "Buy Now - Pay Later" offer that was recently announced. Go for it. Won't cost you a dime to check it out.

I've been a Member of 10DollarsWonder since it's original launch on Dec. 26, 2006. After a long slow summer and since this re-launch on Nov 23, 2007, I've earned well over $500 in commissions. I withdrew half of that and used the other half to re-purchase positions. The more positions you have, the faster you can earn. Oh and it really is "No Sponsoring Required". When you buy a position, it's almost like buying a referral. So no need to Spam anyone to earn a buck here. Just buy a Position and watch your money grow.

So was that too much info for a blog page? No you say? Ok good :)

I hope if you're new here or "on the fence", you now understand a little more about The Wonderful 10DollarsWonder.

I need to eat.


HermitJim said...

A solid description of a solid program...thanks again, Blondie! I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish you and yours a very safe and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...and yes, even Hermits celebrate Christmas...our parties are just smaller!

Jim a.k.a. HermitJim

blondie said...

Hey Jim,
Well someone didn't understand how 10dw worked so I got a little carried away, didn't I?

Thanks for the Holiday Wishes!
I'm sure hermits DO have Christmas also :) Shoot I'm almost a hermit myself.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours also!