Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tips and News

Surf Margin is going extremely well and my first deposit has already gone to pending! Yay!
I did have a problem with the bonus cash link the other day and here's what I have learned from my sponsor (thanks Nina):
Here's a TIP if you have trouble getting the Bonus Cash from SurfMargin:
If you've been thrown out after clicking on the $2 cash bonus link, please logout of your account and bookmark that link. Only use that link when accessing (logging back into) your account and the problem should be fixed. It has something to do with 'cookies'.


e2ePay News:
- a countdown clock will be added to the site prior to re-launch
- just like 10dollarswonder, everything happens in Real Time. As soon as you cycle or get a referral commission, the 'cash' will show in your Member Area immediately
- launch time could get a bit wild and folks will be cycling Fast! I would suggest sticking around your computer after making your purchase.
- cycling method will be the same as 10dw with a "little twist" (don't know what the twist is yet, but we all like surprises, right?)

I was fortunate enough to be there when the original launch happened the end of March. Going in with only a couple of positions, I repurchased from earnings until I had 58 after the first 3 days AND had a few nice withdrawals as well :))

If you're not a member yet, sign up for free now so that you don't miss out!


Oh and Brownie III is here making noise in the kitchen. Dang mice. You know, I like mice and they don't scare me. I just don't like them running around and pooping all over my cupboards. So the trap is baited again (or should I say still?) I just hope I catch him before my Fat Cat does.


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