Thursday, December 27, 2007

Surf Margin came through ...

Sitting here this morning I hear a click in my mailbox. Yep, it was from SurfMargin telling me that I've Been PAID! Yay! That was my pending payment from Dec 8th. I do have another pending from the 23rd so I imagine I'll see that sometime next year. That's OK. I don't mind waiting when it's an honest program :)

Oh and just got another note from the Admin saying that they're catching up all the pending payments now. Nice. Thanks Admin! Remember though, payment date is 7 business days after you go to pending, ok?


Had a great night cycling in both e2ePay and 10DollarsWonder. Between the two, I received about 600 emails overnight. I have several positions in both programs picking up those dimes, and bought a few more this morning with profit.

I have a feeling that once word gets out more about these 2 programs, there will be no stopping them.
As I mentioned before, I've know the Admin for years and he's not going anywhere. He enjoys helping people make money. It's a Fun Job ... wouldn't you think?
The point I'm getting to is I don't worry about putting money in these programs. I know if there is a problem, it will be fixed. And I know the Admin will never scam us. So I'm quite comfortable playing and promoting. It's a good feeling :)


Made a withdrawal then a new purchase at FastProfitPro. Working great.


Jimmy at SandellandPartners has disappeared on us again :( What is up with this guy? "Now you see him ... now you don't?" haha ha Well I hope he shows up soon with some good news about how we can withdraw all that money we made doing the Horse Lay Betting with him. (things that make you go hmmm)


It's Snowing again ... and I have to go out today.

You know, this is tricky time of year for my skunks also. It's so cold and so snowy that I never know when they're going to come out of their winter hiding places to grab some grub. So I put water out for them, hoping they'll get to it before it freezes. Same with the food. Tough time of year for them. I thought they hibernated, but they don't. Only on days like today. Maybe I should be hibernating with them eh? oh my!



HermitJim said...

Let's hope that you don't run into the skunks when they are in a bad mood! I'll think about you in the snow and try not to feel guilty sitting here drinking coffee on the patio in the 60's and 70's...sorry! You're right about e2ePay and 10DollarsWonder...both are really rocking!

blondie said...

Hey Jim, good morning!

MY skunks are never in a bad mood. Not with me anyway. They love seeing me coming to them with their food bowls. They're my Pals :))

Yeah, got over a foot of snow to clean off my car before I can go anywhere. I've got 4wd so driving won't be a problem.

Talked to js this morning. He had over 1200 emails in his box from 10dw and e2epay. What a guy.

60's and 70's on the Patio eh? bite me. It'll warm up here soon. You'll see. maybe. I hope. hahaha

Irris said...

Glad to read you got your pending in SM, Judy :)
Hope your Christmas was wonderful with many many presents ;) A very Happy New Year and all the best from me!
Take care and stay at warm brrrrrr so much snow there...

blondie said...

Thanks Nina :)
No, not lots of presents.
I'm too sassy to get presents :D
Happy New Year to you!