Monday, August 31, 2009

Brand New Profit Share Program

I just now, right this minute, joined this brand new profit share program.
With all the problems and uncertainty about that "other" profit share biting the dust, this one could take off like a rocket!
And I do see some promoters jumping on this one. So up to you. As I mentioned I just joined and am reading all the info about it.


Join from the above link if you wish.
Or from the banner below. Plse be sure it says "blondie".
Thanks in advance :))

Their first Welcome Letter Update is posted below.
Scroll down ..... down down down.


Sorry for not talking this weekend. I tried a couple of times but seemed to get distracted or upset or just couldn't think of what to say. You know what I mean? Some things are better left unsaid.


Just for the record, the two PAC's I'm in are doing just fine. The 12 x 12 continues to grow and pay. And the Revenue Share (although at it's lowest %) is still a nice chunk of earnings every week. So I'm happy with both of them right now. Links on the right ;)


From AdShares4U:


Hello Adshares4u Members,

Firstly, we want to welcome all our members to It\'s Amazing how the things are going. Over 540 members in 4hrs into prelaunch! Adshares4u is making history and you are part of it. We really do appreciate your membership and we promise on working hard to ensure the long term success of this stunning home business opportunity.

Earlier today, we had some initial glitches on activation email but all is fine now and our programmers have automatically activated everyone. So if you had this problem, you may now login into your account and claim ad shares as you can afford to. Each Ad share cost just $1.00. Minimum Ad share purchase is $10 and maximum per account is $6,000.

At this moment, we are flooded with several support emails. We are working on them already. It might take until tomorrow to deal with all of these support request, so please bear with us. For those of you who are new to Revshare programs, we have a link that explains how our site works. You can find it here:

Our revshare program is unique and different from all the other Rev share programs. we have develop a system that tremendiously REWARDS members for responsible advertising of We pay up to 25% in referral commission from the 80% revenue pool. Admins keep the remaining 20% for admin profit, external investments and administration of ASD4U.

For those of you who want to get started sharing in the revenue our site produce, you can get started with a minimum $10 ad shares which cost just $10.00 Here is your referral link to refer others who wish to take part in this stupendious opportunity: But remember, as an upgraded member you earn much more than a free member. While free members will earn a one time 10% on their direct referral ad shares purchases, an upgraded members will earn 25% of all adshares purchased 5 levels deep.

More information on the Payplan link above. One more time, I want to extend my BIG hand of friendship to all of you who have joined Adshares4u on our first day into prelaunch.

Full launch starts tomorrow the 1st of September.

Thanks, Giuseppe and Juliet


Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday :)

The Cash-Out Button is LIVE in PACforAll. Place your withdraws today or forever hold your peace (or at least till next Friday). Payments requested today will be paid tomorrow. And remember you do NOT have to wait the 12 days to cash out. You can cash out everything you've earned so far, every Friday.
I also just realized that today they've completed their first 12 days of operation. Let's hope it's another 120 days or more. That would be awesome!

Note from the Admins:
"At this moment we have 1958 members and almost 270K in deposits. Everyone is doing a great job and we can all prepare for a wonderful run.
Enjoy your Friday and be prepared for a fun-filled day tomorow.
We'll announce the Contest Later.
Kazzy and EL."

PS, made 2 new deposits in PACforAll today. Just wanting to do my fair share :)) Remember it's the members that make the program work. And honest Admin's don't hurt either :P


Just received my payment from GoldNuggetInvest. Now I need to decide what to do with it. (thinking hard)


* Took my previous post out about AdVentures4U closing. Seems no one knows what's going on yet and the Admin has not been clear on his intentions. So I'll just zip my mouth shut and say Good Luck.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Everything Looks Good

All the issues were revolved last night for both PAC-RS and PACforAll. YaY! I just finished making my purchases in both and surfing the RS. Got a couple of new referrals also. Thanks guys!


I noticed that MyAdsClub opened with a bang of new members and has slowed down since that first day or two. Well that happens and maybe that's because we ALL promoted it right at launch, lol. The Admin Patrick mentioned adding upline information when you join so that you'll be able to see who your upline is. That should help with new members who expect to see "blondie" as their upline, when in fact I AM there .. just a notch up. OK?


You know, I never go to forums to read about GoldNuggetInvest. I was warned last December to stay away from them and get out ASAP. So once I re-cooped my "seed money", I took a deep breath and continued playing with profit.
I am still playing with profit to the tune of three times what I started with. Now I'm not saying that it will last forever, nothing does. Just thinking out loud I guess :)
PS, will be doing another withdraw later today.


Did anybody notice I cleaned up "My Current Programs" list here on the right side? No?? haha That's OK. I got rid of a lot of dead beats. Can't live on a dime a week, you know?


There is an UPDATED LIST for the Iggly Biggly team build over at the MLMDivas Forum. Look below the first list to see the NEW ONE. Seems it was a nightmare for Anne to get worked out, but the good news is we should hopefully see better progress now. Oh and airmarshal, you're missing one so you're next on the list. Nice eh?


Competition Can Be a Good Thing
Called my Cable TV company the other day and told them I needed to cancel my service and go with a different provider. "I just can't afford the $60 per month anymore, especially when I know other companies are offering deals to new customers for $15 or $20!"
So the customer service rep offered me a $30 package that included a movie channel. "I don't need a movie channel. I just want to keep what I got BUT can't afford it any more."
"Well ... since you've been a customer since 1994, never complain and always pay your bill on time ... how about $19.99 per month locked-in for one year?"
Sure thing lady. I can live with that :)
So the moral of the story is ... this is a tough time for everyone right now and we all need to save a buck where we can, and big companies know that.
I really was planning to cancel my service, but since they offered the lower price to keep me as a customer, I decided to keep all my "bells and whistles" for now, for 1/3 the previous price. And everybody's happy!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

UPDATE ... PAC's will be back soon :))

6:30 Server Time: The PAC's are back up. Not sure how the Admins are going to handle the downtime issue. But we'll receive an email from them tonight or tomorrow. That's all I know for now. Night :))


My two favorite PAC sites are down right now. Seems they've been "overloaded" since last night. That's OK. I'll go take a shower and run to the store. Maybe they'll be back up when I return.
Then I read this note from EL:

No, we are not under a DDoS attack. We had asked our Hosting if we could move to a dedicated server, they probably thought it best to order the server fast rather than increase our bandwith- that was the last update on our ticket.
Shouldn't be long before we have a response. We'll wait a bit and call them."

Since then the decision was made to move the sites to a dedicated server. So we could be back to normal in about 24 hours ... assuming it will propagate that quickly of course. Hang in there :))


Monday, August 24, 2009

Now That's More Like It :))

Good News from PACforAll after their first week in business:
- 1600+ members
- Deposits are at $205k (would be more if STP was working properly)
- and New Contest:
"And now for the fun .To celebrate us crossing the 200K Mark, one lucky member will win $200! They will be paid cash to the PP they deposited with. We will let you know how the winner was picked.
All Deposits for Monday and Tuesday are eligible for the draw."
So you know I just had to find a few bucks to deposit today ... and will do the same tomorrow. Good Luck to everyone who is playing :)
ALSO just received this notice:
You have just received payment from
PAC for ALL to your SolidTrustPay account.


Was really hot here yesterday so my laptop would only stay up about 10 minutes at a time. Yes I know I need a new one. Soon soon.


PAC-Revenue-Share's lower than normal daily ROI can also be attributed to the STP problems and downtime. Sure will be nice when STP is back 100%
PS, Just In: Bonus!
Following up on our earlier announcement.
As we mentioned, we will find a way to compensate for the STP downtime. So here we are :
- All STP AdPacks will earn 100% of the Rebates tomorrow.
- All STP AdPacks for Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday will earn a 5% Bonus
STP seems to be working ok now (payouts will be done shortly), so let's all look forward to a great week ahead.
Thanks for your co-operation,
Kazzy and EL.


Sunday, August 23, 2009


Investimates is closed.


Never did play there.


Waited up last night to see if STP ever got straightened around. Seems it did not, so today (hopefully) we'll receive the payouts from PACforAll that were scheduled for yesterday, and that's fine. I plan to reinvest the entire amount anyway.


Friday, August 21, 2009

PACforAll Pay Day

Just a reminder since this is a NO-Surf program, PACforAll withdraw button is open TODAY and only today. If you don't request a payout now, you'll need to wait another week until next Friday. Requests can be done today, and payouts are on Saturday.

Also remember if you haven't joined yet but wish to, clear your cookies before hand. Else I may lose you as my referral. Thanks much!

PS, to see who your sponsor is:
Log into your account.
Scroll down that page until you see "Personal Data" (2nd blue bar down).
Click the Arrow on the left side in that blue bar.
First two things in the list are your ID Number and Referrer.
So there you go :)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tickle Me Elmo

Was shocked to receive a $5 Birthday Gift via the BirthdayBonusClub yesterday! And only 50 days past my birthday :) Gotta love it!
(ps, don't join now. I heard the site was for sale)


My first level is filled at MyAdsClub, (you know, the matrix that launched yesterday), so those who join as of today will probably see a different sponsor name. And that's a good thing. Means someone else in the downline will get the 4 bucks. Nice huh? See yesterdays post for more detail.


Just received a great update from Kazzy re: PACforAll. Their deposits hit 100K in the first three days and the membership is growing fast too. Tomorrow will be the first Friday that you can request a withdraw, then Saturday is pay day. YaY! I don't have much to play with but hope to be able to build this into a nice little fund over time. Maybe it will help for Christmas?


Their other program, PAC-Revenue-Share continues chugging along. I withdraw every other day (mostly), deposit every day and of course surf. Pretty easy routine to get into. Also am enjoying their 'extra' referral bonus right now. Remember the "Bring a Friend" Drive? OK then.


Sorry for the boring post. I have an awful headache today and seem to have lost my sense of humor. Where is my Tickle Me Elmo when I need it?


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exciting New Matrix!

MyAdsClub just now launched!

I haven't been interested in matrices lately, but this one I believe will be different. Why? Because of who's running it and who's going to be playing it in.

Due to lack of time (and yeah, a little laziness too) I'm going to copy something I read from my sponsors sponsor. And I'm sure he won't mind one bit :P

This is a 5 x 4 matrix that pays 1600$ monthly when filled. There will be some great advertising that you will receive and there will also be a downline builder...a place to get free surf credits for popular surfs, a splash page builder and much more.

But of course we want the money right? lol

The cost is 10$ monthly to join and for each personally sponsored member you get 4$. For every indirect person in your matrix you receive 2$. All of these amounts are residually recurring each month.

Oh and did i mention that the matrix is forced? which means the first ones in will reap the benefits.

Currently accepting Liberty Reserve and Alert Pay only.
NO sponsoring requirement whatsoever.

When you click: "Join Us" you should see my name as your sponsor, unless my first line is filled. Once filled, it may show someone else as your sponsor. And that's all fine. We're building the matrix, ok? One big team and we're all in this together. So have fun and good luck!

And here's the thread for the site at MMG, if you'd like to stop by and meet Patrick, the Admin.



PS, thank goodness summer is about over.
I'm seeing a lot of good programs pop up now so am hoping this is just the beginning :)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How Freaky Is This?

It was light enough to the naked eye to take a pic last night. But as you can see, the dang flash just had to go off anyway.

If you look closely, that is my new coyote friend standing there waiting for me to fill his food bowl. He's learned what time I come out and is usually the first to get a bite. He had dog food and tuna casserole last night. Better than eating the cats and rabbits eh?


Did my daily routine in PAC-Revenue-Share just now. Was happy to see the daily profit share up more than 2% since the previous day :)
They are also doing a "Bring-a-Friend" Drive starting later today. The referral commissions will be raised until the first of Sept. Also starting Sept, the minimum first deposit will be $100 (currently $50) So if you have friends that were thinking about joining, no time like the present. Or as soon as the "Drive" is officially announced.
PS, don't forget about the min. $25 membership fee which is good for 3 months.


Seems weird checking PACforAll and seeing that I made my 12% daily withOUT having to surf for it, LOL
Hey, the program is off to a great start and I noticed some of my friends leading in the referral contest. Maybe I should sick my Coyote on those guys and show em who's boss! haha, kidding.
Just know that I appreciate every one of you :)


Monday, August 17, 2009

All for One and One for All :)

Let's talk about the new PACforAll for a minute, shall we? (kind of hard to talk to myself sometimes, but I'll do my best :)

PACforAll launched yesterday.
It's a 12% x 12 days NO Surf program.
Run by the known and trusted Admins, Kazzy and EL
Takes the regular pay processors (AP, STP, ST, LR and PM)
There are NO fees
The withdraw button will be available on Fridays for 24 hours
Payouts are once per week, on Saturdays
So plan accordingly :)

Well you know what?
You can read all the above in the FAQs.

I know I usually shy away from a 12 x 12 site, for numerous reasons. Unknown Admin (or known scammer admin), too many failures of copy cats in the past, not enough members to make it past the first 12 days, etc.

So after taking about 5 minutes to consider the pros and cons, I plopped my money in this one! And with the "ladies" running it, I have already seen a lot of promotion and support in the forums and blogs. So that's a good sign.

Of course I was concerned about them starting up this new one when they already have two running. But the PAC summer special can't last forever and the PAC-Revenue-Share is doing just fine. So why NOT get into another and try to make the most of it, right? right!

Someone asked me for some detail yesterday, so here it goes:
- first, clear your browser cache and cookies (else you'll not be my referral)
- Register (preferably using gmail)
- under Members Menu - Deposit (3$ min) (money will go to your wallet)
- once in your wallet, click on Make an Investment
You'll be notified that you've purchased a Plan and you can watch it grow day-by-day in your members for the next 12 days.

Just don't forget (and I can't express this enough) ... this is a game and only a game. Play as you would at the Casino with your gambling money (ka-ching). When you win, Whoo Hooo! If you lose, no crying.
Even though I'm playing with the utmost confidence, I am not playing with my rent money or cat food money ... and you shouldn't either.

Alrighty then, let's go have fun and make a few bucks!
Oh and don't forget to share with others.
The referral commissions are icing on the cake!

Wow. Check these first day stats:

At this exact moment we have 623 members and 400 are active! Total Deposited is over 55K. The favoured PPs are STP and AP, once again as with our sister sites almost EXACTLY on par with each other.

Thanks for the update Kazzy and EL :)
I hope it keeps growing that way!


Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just launched (which bothers me a little cause I'm busy with off-line stuff!)
Looks like the girls had something else up their sleeve. Well I did join and am reading all the info now. If you've already been shown their site, please clear your cookies before joining (if you want to join under me, that is). Else I'll lose you. And I don't wanna lose anybody :))


And LOOK, it's a no-surf! How much easier could that be?


While waiting for my (our) PacRS accounts to be fixed, thought we'd enjoy a cartoon and song.
There have been some problems the last few days with some of the PacRS accounts but they are working on them now.
NO Rebates were given last night. Yet another glitch added to their list.
This will all be over soon and things will be running smoothly again.
*Right after I posted the above, I see yesterdays Rebate showing now :) YaY!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Just a PAC-RS Update, OK

Don't have much to say today, so here's a PAC Revenue Share Update for those of you who may not receive them. Just be prepared for tomorrow, OK? Cool :)

"Hello Everyone,

What a week we have passed through!

STP being down has had an effect on Rebates as it is one of the two main Processors. 85% of AdPacks are from AlertPay and STP. The split between the two PPs is almost exactly 50%. STP downtime, was unexpected. Things happen , no matter how well we plan ahead. It is how we react that is more important. With that said, it's time to move forward !

Ok- here are a few notes

STP messed up today's payouts. Other Programs were affected too. We are waiting for them to fix the issue.

- Our Support Desk is not working. When you submit a ticket, it seems like you have successfully submitted a ticket but we don't receive it. At least most of them.Please submit a ticket to

- Looks like Ref Comm are not being resistered- we have asked the Programmer to check. Please be patient.

- We are One month old tomorrow ! And we would like to celebrate what has been an amazing start except for the last few days, which was a situation out of our hands - so we have a fun contest :

- The First 10 Deposits of every 6 Hour-Period Tomorrow will have an extra 10% added on them. Enjoy and have lots of fun!

- Remember Fees start tomorrow too:

- Basic Partner
Max Purchase Allowed $1000 - $25 Quarterly

- Associate Partner
Max Purchase Allowd $7500 - $75 Quarterly

- VIP Partner
Max Purchase Allowed $15000 -25000 - $150 Quarterly.

You will need to Purchase the Right member level for you to continue earning even from your current AdPacks.

And..... a VERY IMPORTANT update coming your way tomorrow. If you are in the habit of skipping some updates- don't miss it! Enough said for now -lol

Have a Super Day,
Kazzy and EL."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

STP was down for most of the day yesterday, which resulted in our PacRS rebate being lower than it could have been.
Well, these things happen and I'll bet you dollars to donuts we'll be back to normal today. I already bought my usual upgrade and surfed. Will wait to cash out though. Besides, where else can we make this kind of money with confidence?

UPDATE: Both PAC and PacRS are now accepting Liberty Reserve! Holy Cow! Was wondering what else I should do with my LR. Now I know :)

Late in the day: I guess STP is still down. But the PAC's are working around that. If you're a member, you know what's going on. Right? Right.


Just pulled 9 more cucumbers from my garden. Going to turn one of them into a cucumber salad for tonight. Will give the rest away. They're sure growing like crazy now! Can't wait for the tomatoes to turn Red! Nothin tastes better than a home grown tomato fresh from the garden! Yum Yum :)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Hey js, here's the gal I told you about!"

John was so busy in the forums today that I couldn't help but tease him about being a "Chatty Cathy".

So I found him one!

She's blonde, blue eyed, nicely dressed (as you can see), talks, (don't we all?) and she is a Canadian to boot! Only $480 bucks! Can't beat that for a vintage blonde talkative Canadian gal eh?


OK so the reason he was talking so much (in the forums) was about PAC-RS. And I don't blame him one bit! It's been running great since July 15th (except for a couple of down days) and has been a good luck charm to me so far! The Lady Admins; Kazzy and EL are doing a wonderful job Takin Care of Business there. Every day I purchase, surf, and cash out. What else can I say?


Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Funnies

Yeah, that was my Son's T-shirt for the day :)
He installed a new garbage disposal for me on Saturday, and all it cost me (for his labor) was a shot, a beer and 6 fresh cucumbers from my garden. hahaha Thanks Dave! You're the best!!!


Hey did you see PAC Revenue Share's new blue look today? Even the banner rocks! Now you can tell the difference between the two PAC sites. Nice touch Ladies :))
(shhh, yesterday was another 9% day. whoo hooo)


Had to laugh this morning as I watched my next door neighbor back out of the driveway and knock over her own trash can with the car. Knowing her, she was probably still "high" from last night. And I don't mean drinking either.


OK, re Gold Nugget Invest. Even though you click on a members referral link to get to the site, when you click on "Register" you now get a Drop-Down Menu to choose or verify Your Sponsor. Pretty stupid in my opinion and I'm sure I've lost referrals due to that!
But anyway ... please search for "blondie" in that menu if or when you decide to join. Just blondie. Not the other one with numbers, OK? Thanks :))
Oh and Thanks to Marsha for bringing that to my attention. I had no clue they did that since I just log in and never click the register button, duh!
PS, received another payment from them while I slept. YaY!!!


I should talk about Surfing Legacy.
OK, after I collect my thoughts I will.

Surfing Legacy run by a guy named Gilbert is coming back soon with a new and improved "slower" pay plan. It won't be the 'quick profit' like it was the first time around.
He will be relaunching the site soon with a much lower daily ROI which (if all goes well) should last a lot longer. And the 'even better' news is ... he's going to pay all of us back for the active ad packs we had when SL had to close. Nice guy eh?
I'll sure join his new site and promote it. Sounds to me like this one will last a lot longer than the first go-around :))
Stay tuned for more.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just a few more hours ...

You've got until Midnight Pacific time if you were thinking about joining PAC Revenue Share for a minimum 5$ purchase. Starting tomorrow, the First ad-pack must be $50 or more. Also today is the last day for the 5% bonus on any purchase you make.
Just don't forget the membership fees will go into effect on the 15th. They are listed in the FAQs on the site. Cool :)


That's all for today.
Sunday should be a day of rest, right?
Plus I'll have a new pic for you tomorrow :))


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Two More Days - Chop Chop

PAC Revenue Share which originally launched on July 15th, is offering a 5% Bonus on New Ad Pack purchases AND the minimum ad pack First purchase has been lowered to 5$ ... but ONLY through Sunday!
Yes it's a profit sharing Advertising (surf) site with guaranteed profit from 3-9% Daily (as long as you upgrade with 50% of your daily rebate earnings). If you can't upgrade daily, you will still earn 1/2 of each days rebate just for surfing.
You can cash out every day if you like (3$ minimum). There is NO compounding from your member area. You must purchase through your pay processor. They accept Alert Pay, STP, Strict Pay and Perfect Money.
Now, even though the profit share is 3 to 9% daily, I will tell you that it's been maxed at 9% since day one. How long will that last? No one knows but I've sure been enjoying the hell out of it so far :))
The membership fees will kick in starting on the 15th, so do be prepared for that. They're quite reasonable considering the amount of profit you can make here. Not to mention the fact that the Admin's, Kazzy and EL deserve a little something for all the hard work they've put into building this site and keeping us all happy campers!
Ummm, that's all for now. Didn't want you guys to miss the boat. There's more but you can read it yourself on the front page of the site and the FAQ's. Cool? Ok then ... jump on board! We're having a great time! Wish you were here :))


Thursday, August 6, 2009

The PACs Are Back :))

Was finally able to get into PAC-RS late yesterday. YaY!! Maybe the hosting company left us cow town folks for last on their list to progagate :) In any case, it should be up for everyone now. I already purchased, surfed and received a cash out today.

And I just read in another blog that it's even up for the Canadians now! See, Dudley Do Right is happy!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guess I Missed The Bus

The PAC-RS bus came and went and forgot to pick me up. Ahhh heck, guess I'll have to wait for the next one now.

The site is still propagating and hasn't got to my area yet. So I'm sitting here reading all these happy posts from members who are upgrading, surfing and cashing out. Not much I can do for now. So I'm just waiting.

For those of you who didn't get in earlier, they've lowered the Minimum First Deposit to $5 starting today (Wed.) through to Sunday.
Also they are giving away a 5% bonus on all Ad Pack purchases from now through to Sunday.

So this is a good time to get started, if you haven't yet :)

PS, I didn't create that banner but thought it was humorous.
Feel free to use it if you like, js said so!


Hey I got a Coyote story for you but I'd like to get a picture of the little guy first. I'll try again tonight and hope the flash doesn't scare him.


Lookie Lookie - Here Come's Cookie! A Chocolate Cookie Recipe that is!!! Check the new banner here on the right. Just got it from Zooloot. Now it's in my blog to stay for as long as you keep selling those recipes Sylvia. (She pays a good referral commission too, so if you're interested (wink))


You guys remember the trashy house across the street that was foreclosed on? A realtor bought it and is "flipping it". I'm guessing he paid the $135k or less. So after a couple of months of gutting it and pretty much rebuilding the whole thing top to bottom, here it is all clean and shiny, inside and out!

Nice huh? And only a mere $238,500!!! Yikes!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Feeling better today :) I'll be around as long as my laptop holds up.


OK, decided to tone this comment down from the original one I wrote. haha

Progress IS being made on the PAC sites. Maybe they'll be up and running later on today. I don't know yet.
We have been asked NOT TO go there and do anything UNTIL we have the official word from the Admins. So just relax, take a chill pill and stay cool.

8:00 PM MST Update: Looks like everybody and their brother can now get into PAC-RS. But I still can't for some strange reason. I've been given a few different methods to try to get in, but none of them work. So I'll keep trying until I have to "call it a night" and will check again tomorrow. Am happy to see a lot of you got in OK and got your surfing and upgrades done :))


Note from Gilbert re: SurfingLegacy ...
Dear blondie,
I would like to ask everyone who has an active upgrade to please log into their accounts to activate the auto-pending of the upgrades that I have manually expired.
Once those upgrades have gone to pending the next step is to place them in 'waiting' status to be gradually paid out over time.
This process has to be manually done but I will keep updating everyone of the progress.


Here's a good SCAM Alert!


This is interesting ... email subject line was: E-Cash for Clunkers (those in the USA know the term) Thanks Louis for sending it on. On and I don't know if it's real or not. Wanted to share .. just in case, haha

This is very important that you watch the video at the bottom. This is not a joke.

DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO ON THE "CASH FOR CLUNKERS" WEBSITE, CARS.GOV, FOR ANY REASON! Even to just see how much you could get for your car! After you get to the "Terms" page, and hit "I Accept" the next screen you get will inform you that you just gave the Federal Government the right to access information on your computer, because by using this site your computer's data just became federal property! Agencies included are DOT, IRS, DMV's, DHHS, FDA, Homeland Security and others. YOU DO NOT FIND OUT THAT YOU GRANTED THEM PERMISSION UNTIL AFTER YOU CLICK "I ACCEPT!"

Glenn Beck demonstrated this on his show, using a totally empty Laptop,
that wasn't connected to his or any FOX News computer network, by having
the camera shoot over his shoulder as he hit "I Accept." I couldn't
believe my eyes. Big Brother is really here!

Watch the video where Beck does this.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

The PAC gals are still working with the hosting company to get our sites back up to snuff. Nothing much we can do but wait and hope it doesn't take much longer :) No Worries as Kazzy says. They'll be back ASAP.


Can't stick around today. Mowed my lawn this morning before it got TOO hot. So I came in sweating, which turned to chills, which turned to stomach cramps and weird heart palpitations. So I decided to take it easy, cover up with a blankie on the couch and see if goes away. Hope the bologna sandwich and chocolate milk will help too, haha


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Was hoping to see PAC-RS back today, but no such luck :( I'll just check back later on and you should too. I'm sure the Admin's will make it up to us somehow :)

Sorry guys- went off to bed last night after speaking with the host. Unfortunately they now say that there was a raid array failure on the server and they are working on fixing things.
Please just bear with us. We'll work it out. smile.gif "

Saturday, August 1, 2009

If you missed yesterday's post, PAC-RS is having problems with their Alert Pay mass payment feature (and maybe other pay processors as well). So if you're waiting on a 'pending' payment or a 'paid' payment to actually show up in your pay processor, sit tight, or hang loose, whichever you prefer. It'll all be fixed soon.
2:30 EST: The site is down now, and per the Admin:
Hi Everyone,
Both sites are not available at the moment. We have submitted an urgent ticket and left a phone message for the Host. smile.gif
Thanks for your patience.
P.S- no, we aren't doing anything- if we were , we would inform you all before hand. "