Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Funnies

Yeah, that was my Son's T-shirt for the day :)
He installed a new garbage disposal for me on Saturday, and all it cost me (for his labor) was a shot, a beer and 6 fresh cucumbers from my garden. hahaha Thanks Dave! You're the best!!!


Hey did you see PAC Revenue Share's new blue look today? Even the banner rocks! Now you can tell the difference between the two PAC sites. Nice touch Ladies :))
(shhh, yesterday was another 9% day. whoo hooo)


Had to laugh this morning as I watched my next door neighbor back out of the driveway and knock over her own trash can with the car. Knowing her, she was probably still "high" from last night. And I don't mean drinking either.


OK, re Gold Nugget Invest. Even though you click on a members referral link to get to the site, when you click on "Register" you now get a Drop-Down Menu to choose or verify Your Sponsor. Pretty stupid in my opinion and I'm sure I've lost referrals due to that!
But anyway ... please search for "blondie" in that menu if or when you decide to join. Just blondie. Not the other one with numbers, OK? Thanks :))
Oh and Thanks to Marsha for bringing that to my attention. I had no clue they did that since I just log in and never click the register button, duh!
PS, received another payment from them while I slept. YaY!!!


I should talk about Surfing Legacy.
OK, after I collect my thoughts I will.

Surfing Legacy run by a guy named Gilbert is coming back soon with a new and improved "slower" pay plan. It won't be the 'quick profit' like it was the first time around.
He will be relaunching the site soon with a much lower daily ROI which (if all goes well) should last a lot longer. And the 'even better' news is ... he's going to pay all of us back for the active ad packs we had when SL had to close. Nice guy eh?
I'll sure join his new site and promote it. Sounds to me like this one will last a lot longer than the first go-around :))
Stay tuned for more.



HermitJim said...

Hey, I like the T-shirt! Guess that means you are a tough old bird when you're wearing that shirt, huh?

Heck, we already knew that!

blondie said...

haha Jim,
Well I am a tough old bird but that is my Son's t-shirt. Although I'm sure I'll get it as a hand-me-down when he gets tired of it :)