Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guess I Missed The Bus

The PAC-RS bus came and went and forgot to pick me up. Ahhh heck, guess I'll have to wait for the next one now.

The site is still propagating and hasn't got to my area yet. So I'm sitting here reading all these happy posts from members who are upgrading, surfing and cashing out. Not much I can do for now. So I'm just waiting.

For those of you who didn't get in earlier, they've lowered the Minimum First Deposit to $5 starting today (Wed.) through to Sunday.
Also they are giving away a 5% bonus on all Ad Pack purchases from now through to Sunday.

So this is a good time to get started, if you haven't yet :)

PS, I didn't create that banner but thought it was humorous.
Feel free to use it if you like, js said so!


Hey I got a Coyote story for you but I'd like to get a picture of the little guy first. I'll try again tonight and hope the flash doesn't scare him.


Lookie Lookie - Here Come's Cookie! A Chocolate Cookie Recipe that is!!! Check the new banner here on the right. Just got it from Zooloot. Now it's in my blog to stay for as long as you keep selling those recipes Sylvia. (She pays a good referral commission too, so if you're interested (wink))


You guys remember the trashy house across the street that was foreclosed on? A realtor bought it and is "flipping it". I'm guessing he paid the $135k or less. So after a couple of months of gutting it and pretty much rebuilding the whole thing top to bottom, here it is all clean and shiny, inside and out!

Nice huh? And only a mere $238,500!!! Yikes!


js said...

YEAH, good luck on that! With today's mortgage failures? The guy who bought it and fixed it up was an idiot.


blondie said...

Ah maybe. But he's in the business John. I'm sure he knows what he's doing.
The tri-level 3 doors down from me just sold after being on the market for only a few weeks. $229k I think. So miracles do happen and mortgage rates are low now.
I guess we'll see but yes, does seem way too pricey for that particular house. IMO