Saturday, August 8, 2009

Two More Days - Chop Chop

PAC Revenue Share which originally launched on July 15th, is offering a 5% Bonus on New Ad Pack purchases AND the minimum ad pack First purchase has been lowered to 5$ ... but ONLY through Sunday!
Yes it's a profit sharing Advertising (surf) site with guaranteed profit from 3-9% Daily (as long as you upgrade with 50% of your daily rebate earnings). If you can't upgrade daily, you will still earn 1/2 of each days rebate just for surfing.
You can cash out every day if you like (3$ minimum). There is NO compounding from your member area. You must purchase through your pay processor. They accept Alert Pay, STP, Strict Pay and Perfect Money.
Now, even though the profit share is 3 to 9% daily, I will tell you that it's been maxed at 9% since day one. How long will that last? No one knows but I've sure been enjoying the hell out of it so far :))
The membership fees will kick in starting on the 15th, so do be prepared for that. They're quite reasonable considering the amount of profit you can make here. Not to mention the fact that the Admin's, Kazzy and EL deserve a little something for all the hard work they've put into building this site and keeping us all happy campers!
Ummm, that's all for now. Didn't want you guys to miss the boat. There's more but you can read it yourself on the front page of the site and the FAQ's. Cool? Ok then ... jump on board! We're having a great time! Wish you were here :))



js said...

Your downline there is free to use that banner of mine for pac-ref-share, actually, several from my blog (

Simply Right click and Copy Image Address (or some such) and use that at the address of the banner. or save it to disk and upload it to your website, if you have one.


Cat Melton said...

Hey Blonde Friend!
Very nice and informative update.

Hope you are doing well...I sure am! Grannyhood is the BEST!

Take care,

blondie said...

Thanks for the instructions js :) I am NOT posting the "jugs" banner here though! hahaha

Hey Cat!
Happy Grannyhood!!!
Had the pups here yesterday myself. They are a handful! LOL