Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Hey js, here's the gal I told you about!"

John was so busy in the forums today that I couldn't help but tease him about being a "Chatty Cathy".

So I found him one!

She's blonde, blue eyed, nicely dressed (as you can see), talks, (don't we all?) and she is a Canadian to boot! Only $480 bucks! Can't beat that for a vintage blonde talkative Canadian gal eh?


OK so the reason he was talking so much (in the forums) was about PAC-RS. And I don't blame him one bit! It's been running great since July 15th (except for a couple of down days) and has been a good luck charm to me so far! The Lady Admins; Kazzy and EL are doing a wonderful job Takin Care of Business there. Every day I purchase, surf, and cash out. What else can I say?



js said...

blondie, you should buy that doll as an investment.

Should be worth a lot in 2 years. Not sure what is going to happen on Dec. 21st, 2012.


blondie said...

Well John, I dunno.
The guy had quite a few of them for sale, so not sure if it'll be worth more in 2-3 yrs or not.
Never did get into Dolls that much anyway. Was just a Tom-Boy :)