Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a drag it is getting old ..

Well it's my Birthday today, but when you've had as many as I've had ... you get to feeling like they keep coming faster than they used to and are no where near as much fun as in the old days. Maybe I've just had too many of them already :(

No, I'm not drunk. Not yet anyway, LOL 
I just thought this picture was hilarious!! 

--- Centurion Wealth Circle: we now have over 2,600 pre-launch members ready to pounce on Token purchases when it opens. The Admin Larry is still coming up with new ideas on how to make this bigger and better for everyone involved. If you're already a member, see the back office news and keep an eye out for an email later in the day. Coolio :) 

--- JSS-Tripler: received another nice payment from them today. I'm on a roll right now and getting paid every 2-3 days. I do keep purchasing more tripler positions to replace the expired ones and ... well, that's what works for me. 

--- GlobalSurfPro: tomorrow will be my weekly cash out day and since I joined right at the start, my first position bought is now officially in profit. The 2nd one was purchased days later when he opened Alert Pay for us. Thumbs up still :) 

Lawn mowers! Lawn mowers! That's all I can hear is those noisy lawn mowers right now. Wish I lived more out in the country where I had no neighbors close by. Then I could do everything outside in my jammies, LOL 

Now here is something I've learned in my old age. When you see cat puke on the floor, you should clean it up immediately. Else the next time you realize it's still there, you will be scraping it off the bottom of your foot. And I speak from experience. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Relax Relax Relax

Nice to see our new CWC pre-launch building up a good member count :) 

Launching: July 6th 2011 5:00 PM GMT

Come & Join the 2,426 other Members who have already become part of the GREATEST MONEY MAKING CIRCLE on the net today!!

What concerns me a little is seeing everyone ready to pounce on the site as soon as it's open for business. That is NOT necessary and I will tell you why.

- After you make your Token purchase via AP, the transaction is stored in the CWC database.

- Each purchase will be checked manually in case of any problems, then processed by adding the tokens to the tokens database.
- Now they will be ready for when the cycle process is started. 
- Note: any RC you may receive will not show until the cycling is complete for that day. 

Launch is scheduled for 5:00 PM GMT on July 6th. 
The first cycling process will not take place until approx. 1:00 PM GMT on July 7th. 
So that gives everyone a full 20 hours or so to be "IN" on the first day and not lose out on that exciting first day of cycling. 
Also note that the Countdown Clock on the site is Wacko! It makes no sense to anyone, so I'm just going to watch my own clock. 
For me in MST, launch will be 11:00 AM on the 6th and the cycling will take place daily at around 7:00 AM.  

Now, did all of the above make you feel a little more relaxed? I sure hope so :)) 


--- JSS-Tripler continues to rock my world and is definitely my biggest online income right now. As my $10 tripler positions expire, I have been replacing them on a regular basis in order to keep up with the daily earning that I've become accustomed to. Plus as each 4 expire, they create one JSS-Matrix position that when cycled out will earn another $60 in my pocket. Am lovin it!

One more thing, I do love the JBP programs but they are confusing for some. Could be why I only work the Tripler, hehe. There's a lot of different things to remember about each of the programs within the main JBP site. And honestly, it makes my head spin sometimes. Just so you know, you're not alone. OK 

OK, am off to buy something cold for dinner cause there is no way I'm standing in a hot kitchen tonight! 99F expected here. Argh!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'll touch base you with you tomorrow. 
Was doing some scammer tracking today. 
No ... not any program that we are in. 
So not to worry and have a good night :) 

Monday, June 27, 2011

CWC Update

Busy today and wasn't going to post, but couldn't help myself ... 

Launching: July 6th 2011 5:00 PM GMT

Come & Join the 2,051 other Members who have already become part of GREATEST MONEY MAKING CIRCLE on the net today!!

All you can do now is Join for Free and read up on how it works. Remember to watch the Video too, so you'll know everything I know.  
OK then, back to my outside work while it's NOT so hot out there. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interesting Stats

--- After hearing this morning that we're up to 1,500 Members in CWC so far ... couldn't help but wonder the difference between that "other" cycler program I announced late last August. 
I checked back in my blog posts and after 5 days, there were only 175 members.  
Now we announced CWC on Wednesday and we've got 1,500 members here already in just under 4 full days. 
I think that's pretty amazing. Don't you?
* up to 1,662 Members as of 5:00 PM MST. Whoa! 
** and again I will stress that you make sure your sponsor of choice is showing when you register. If they are not, close your browser, reopen, re-click their URL, and you should see their name. Am telling you this so that you do not lose your preferred upline. (not necessarily me, am just trying to help others) OK 

--- Got a heads-up on a New HYIP launching sometime later this week. I don't normally play in HYIP's but this one I will. I'll wait till it's closer to launch time to tell you more about it.
It will only offer 2 plans, and they're both very healthy. Also I do know that it will take AP, STP, LR and PM. So am thinking that will be a good way to build up my LR account again, since it's a little bare right now, lol 

--- JSS-Tripler: since I'm past the 75 day mark, am trying to keep a close eye on when my positions will be expiring (completing). Because what I'm trying to do is to keep the same amount active and running without any additional out-of-pocket cost. So in a nutshell, am using my earnings to re-purchase and earn more. 

--- GBC: Thank you Gord once again for the Sunday profit share! 

--- GlobalSurfPro: does NOT accept AP via CC, and Kent has sent us a nice email update about that. I personally never use CC's for anything anymore so it is not a worry for me, but may be for others :(  

--- Bottom of the List? What? What happened to that "other" surf you had here?? Well I'm glad you asked. 
I read today that payouts are now taking 1-45 business days and even though it still says RC is paid in 1-7 business days, I've had 2 small pendings since June 9 and June 13. So the only thing I can guess is that it's run out of steam and/or has run it's course. Well it's been going for 152 days, can't expect miracles. Also the removal of the banner from my blog will stop others from joining under me, cause I don't need any "new" referrals there to worry about. 

--- Just a Reminder: if you expect me to post your comment, I need to see your name if you post as "Anonymous". That's called "being polite". Thanks
PS, the comment that I didn't post was about Ad2Million. Well, I don't think there's much hope left for it. So I doubt it matters whether or not you sign your name to your comment here. I also think Carrie (or whoever it is) shot themselves in the foot in more ways than one. Just my opinion. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh The Usual :)

Was watching TV last night and there was a news story about a Teacher who was also a Cheerleader for one of the major football teams. 
A website called Dirty... (something or other) posted her pictures on their site along with false, inaccurate, fabricated, nasty stories about her. 
Now they say websites can say whatever they want about people, but this gal claimed it ruined her reputation and her career. 
She hired an Attorney for the damages done and was awarded 11 million dollars. Yes of course that got me to thinkin, LOL 

--- Centurion Wealth Circle: had a quick chat with Larry this morning who told me we're over 1,250 pre-launch members as of today! That's just incredible! You all are doing a great job of sharing this with others. Congrats! 
- Also realized he's done quite a bit of work in the FAQs now. So if everyone would take a look, then we'll all be on the same page. 
- Please be careful how you're promoting this. It is NOT a guaranteed 2% daily cycler. What it IS is an MLM Opportunity selling Product Tokens for advertising and various other products later down the road. 
- If you have referrals, check your page for that. He's added a nice counter for your 1st and 2nd Level referrals.
- Members now have the option to receive email notification of new recruits (as requested).
- Remember to grab your own link and banner codes (if you do that) from the Affiliate page. And off you go!!
- Do not miss the big announcement in the member area re: Alert Pay CC use. You WILL need to use your own AP funds to purchase Tokens since CWC cannot accept AP CC at this time. 

--- JSS-Tripler: promptly received my payment today after yesterdays request. Now I'm thinking with that money, I need to invest in a good expensive bag of fertilizer. The cheap stuff I bought a month ago didn't seem to have much effect on my anemic looking lawn. 

--- GBC: Gord always manages to Surprise me with those $25 partial payments he does for our GBC / K-Game board earnings. Guess it's more fun that way since I never know when to expect anything. Yippee and Thank You Gord! 

--- GlobalSurfPro: got paid last night or today (not sure) from Kent at GSP. He's doing a wonderful job running this auto-surf site. Still hoping more members will join and advertise there. He is one of the few Admins I feel comfortable with. 
See, that's why I don't join anything and everything. I need to be careful with my own money, and yours ;)

--- Oh I remember what else I was gonna tell you. I mentioned in a previous post that they were having a summer special on their exchange rate, and those who shared their affiliate link with others could earn RC from the exchanges. So here's what I got today and Thanks to everyone using their service! 
your cashout request has just been processed. $5.09 has just been sent to your LibertyReserve account

Happy Birthday David R Morrison 
Hope you like the song I picked out for you this year. 
BTW, David's in Detroit this weekend. I'm sure that he, your sister and the whole fam damily will stop by "Tiger Stadium" to say Hello. R.I.P. Dave.

Hey is it just me? or does Greg Lake look like JS? har! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

CWC News

Hey check this out:

News Update: 06/24/2011

Hi blondie... in less than 48 hours we have almost 1,000 pre-launch members! This has far exceed all our expectations.

We believe a lot of people are going to make a lot of money from CWC over the coming months and years and YOU are in at the very start!!

We have listened to our members and learned a lot in the last 48 hours. As a result the site has been greatly improved tweaked and tightened as we gear up for the big launch day.

Our advice right now? PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE. All evidence is showing that this is going to be a great program that is ALREADY making a massive stir in business opportunity circles.

Please come JOIN US on Facebook!

It's great to have you in the Circle blondie.
Regards, Larry

That was taken from the members area so if you haven't joined yet, I didn't want you to feel left out. And Thanks to those who have joined me there already. Now, keep watching the site as we get closer to our launch date.

Am going to remind you again, after you log in, check your "My Account" details to be sure your preferred Sponsor/Upline name is there. If it says 
Admin, it shouldn't. So please send in a Support Ticket to have it corrected :)

Also in the "My Account" page, if you would enter your name, that would be great since I don't know your email address by heart.

And be sure to use a friendly email address and check your spam folder for the Welcome email. I understand he's getting a few bounces. Thanks! Oh man, this pre-launch stuff keeps you hoppin eh?

Well I just visited the facebook page for CWC. I personally don't like facebook and of course members are posting their own links to join there. Was that the purpose of the page? or were we invited to share our support for the program? Well maybe I just don't get it. Oh well. Live and learn eh?

--- JSS-Tripler and their sister programs continue to help me keep my head above water. Believe it or not, I recently paid off a very old credit card using the money I've made from it. Whew! You have no idea what a relief that was. And in this day and age where everything goes up except your pay check! 
You know what I'm saying. TG for the honest paying programs out there! 
And thanks to my referrals who also brought in some very good referrals of their own. You guys rock! 


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great Pre-Launch Launch Day!

--- Wowzers! Well over 600 new registrations in the first 24 hours of the CenturionWealthCircle pre-launch. That's just fricken incredible! 
Thanks to everyone who joined, everyone who is already promoting, and of course to our Fearless Leader Admin, Larry :) Two Thumbs Up!!

For those of you who don't visit the MMG forum, Larry has gotten an account there and is very active in the thread now. Nice to have an Admin around who shares his thoughts, listens, learns and is open to suggestions and improvements. Right on! 

Another thing, now that you've signed up, check your "My Account" area and make sure you have the Sponsor/Upline of your choosing. There was a small problem with that yesterday and too many are signed up under "Admin". So Larry wants to be fair about it and get you where you should be. So go check that out and let him know if it needs correcting. 

--- The member area in JBP / JSS is down at the moment. No worries though. I'm sure they're working on that and it will be back up soon. 
Yep, wasn't down very long and I forgot to mention I got paid from them again list night! You know, I just paid off a CC with what I've made in JSS so far. Now THAT is something to write home about! 

--- Tomorrow I'll do my cash out requests from GlobalSurfPro, which I'm sure will be paid promptly, since it always is. Thanks Kent and Members! 

Was having a bit of fun in the MMG forum last night and someone mentioned this song. Well you know me, couldn't help but dig it up. Hey it's a good one. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Program Pre-Launch Today!

After 63 emails and a couple of 'chat' hours later, 
I am pleased to introduce to you 

Now this is the one that I've been communicating with the Admin, Larry Harper  for about the past two weeks. I've shared my opinions, offered suggestions and even helped to Test the site. 

Am not going to go into too much detail about "how it works" because it's all written out very clearly on the front page. There is also a 6 minute Video which everyone should be able to understand after viewing it only once.

For testing referral links and commissions, we thought a 2nd tester would be needed. So that's when I asked my buddy Gord to jump in and give us a hand. 
Now for those of you who follow GordsHomeBiz and normally join programs under him, please feel free to do so even if you heard it from me first. I don't believe in stepping on other peoples toes and am sure Gord's News Letter will be coming out soon. 

Starting today it's in Pre-Launch Only for registrations, viewing and sharing. You'll see it's very affordable for everyone who has an Alert Pay account. 

OK, you twisted my arm for some quick notes which I'm going to steal from the Alert I just sent out :) 

This is a Product and Profit Sharing program where earnings from shares bought will be credited daily.
- What you do is purchase product tokens for $15.00 each.
- Accepts AP only at this time.
- You earn .20 cents per cycle in the profit share (yes, it will work like a cycler) - The cycler pays out 45 positions at .20 cents each for every Token purchased.
- Each token (position) earnings are capped at a whopping 400% ROI.
- Those who bring in others will earn a 10% RC on first level and a 5% RC on second level referrals.
- RC is paid on both purchases AND repurchases.
- There is a 50% rule which will work with you, not against you.

We can discuss that last part in detail later once you've had a chance to review everything on the site. Now go sign up and check it all out. I have a good feeling about this one and am hoping we all have a great time there!! 

Cheers :))

*** For anyone who signed up and did not receive the Activation email, first check your SPAM folder. If it's not there, please send email to:

Give Larry your username etc. And make SURE you're using a good email address that he can reply to.  
Thanks everyone! 
PS, 4 hours after announcing, we're over 200 members already!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lookie Lookie Here Comes Cookie

Can you believe it? Olivia is almost up and running! With a little help from her Daddy she's already got the walking thing down pat. 
You Go Girl!! She's growing up soooo fast and next month she'll be the Big ONE! 

--- JSS-Tripler and more: Exciting to see another one of my JSS-Matrix positions FILL last night and you got it ... I received another $60 to my account. WooHooo! Will take a peek at it today and decide what to do next. 
Also received another payment from the Tripler that I requested just yesterday. Man oh man I love those fast payouts! 
And was notified that one of my Referrals filled a Matrix AND a referral's referral did as well. Now that created another $5 plus $2.50 in my account. Nice :)) 

--- McFads: as I mentioned in my last post, I did receive a payment from McFads for an expired ad pack and today I purchased a new one. Just a small one this time to see how things go. He keeps extending the payout dates and no one knows why. So I'll just keep surfing and advertising and hope for the best. 

--- Speaking of Advertising: won't be much longer before I show you that New Program that I've been talking about. I like it a lot and I hope you will too. 

--- Summer starts today. Not sure the exact time though. I guess I could google it if I really wanted to know. Happy Summer Time! 

Sunday BBQs, good food, family, friends and dogs has always been a good excuse for a nap. Sleep Well Little One ;) 

Monday, June 20, 2011

JBP Daily Web Conferences

--- Well that was kinda fun :)

I was up early today and noticed the JBP Daily Web Conference starting soon. I had never joined in on it before so today I was the 'newbie' in the room. I did ask a couple of questions and Carl Pearson was nice enough to personally Welcome me when he noticed I was there. Yeah ... he and I have both been around a long time so it was definitely nice to hear him say a personal 'Hello' to me.

During the call, he mentioned something that reminded me a lot of a conversation I had with John (js) several years ago that went something like:

Me: How did you make so make money in that program?
JS: I spent a lot of money to start.
Me: But I don't have a lot of money.
JS: Then you need referrals - downline to help.
Me: OK so I either need to spend a lot to make a lot, or build up a good downline for now and the future.
JS: Exactly...promote it, tell your friends about it, and definitely start a blog.

So that's what I did, started my blog back in 2007.

Now, JS did both. When there was something he really liked, he did spend a lot of money on it PLUS he promoted it through his own blog. And from what I remember, he usually make out real damn good.

What really surprised me (on the conference) was that Carl mentioned he doesn't have any Tripler positions himself. He does have about 40 downline members and he also plays consistently in the JSS Booster and Warp programs. By doing that, he's earning between 1,000 and 1,500 per week. What?!? That's just crazy money!!!

He also mentioned, if you have money to spend, spend it on advertising because you can make a lot more from downline than you can on your own.

So bottom line is that you don't have to spend a lot to make a lot. You can make a decent amount from downline and use that to build up your own Tripler positions, play in the Booster or Warp, or just withdraw it. Now, if you don't have or can't get referrals, of course you would need to spend money then. I've done both with the JBP programs and it's worked out great for me. 
Thank You to everyone who's followed me there so far :)

--- GBC: received my Sunday profit share as always! TY Gord.

--- GlobalSurfPro: smooth fast surfing today.

--- McFads
: has changed the cash out timing again. It's now 1-45 business days. Geez Matt, this is starting to remind me of ad2million :o 
My newest purchase will expire today or tomorrow. That's the one I bought to cover the pending so I could get paid. I won't do anything else there until that first pending is in my pocket.
** And here it is. I wrote the above, ate lunch, came back, and noticed my payment was received! Thank you Matthew. Will post in the forum now. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day !!!

Just one quick business note: 
Took a couple of days for my first 4 expired Tripler positions to create a new JSS-Matrix position, but it's showing there now! YaY! 
Also about time to renew my Membership in JBP which I have no problem with. They've been real good to me for the last 75+ days and the longer this lasts, the better for everyone! Thanks :) 

Am off and running to a fun BBQ today with family and friends. So hope everyone has a good Sunday and Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there. Even if you're a Daddy to your dog or cat, You Are Special :)) 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Program Pre-Launch

Ended up being busier today than I wanted to be.

The New Program (a profit sharing cycler) is coming along great and some final touches are being done before a pre-launch, which could happen mid-week.

Will only accept Alert Pay at the start and perhaps others later. No need to rush with AP funds because the pre-launch will only be for Registrations.

Once you're signed up, you'll have time to check out the program and ask any questions you may have, which I will be happy to answer if I can. If not, the Admin should be available through a Support Area :)

So besides that, I was asked and accepted the Job of making a big bowl of Potato Salad today for a Father's Day BBQ tomorrow. Feels like it took up my entire afternoon ... all that chopping and dicing and cooking and mixing! Argh

Everything here is running smooth though so no worries there. 
Have a great weekend and Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there!

By the way, while at the store today I noticed quite a few Fathers Day Cards from Your Dog. How cute is that?? Woof woof! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Nine Inch Nails

I used to file my nails while waiting for sites to load. But today with my DSL installed and working ... I don't have time anymore. Guess they'll just keep growing, like my hair. hehe 

--- JSS-Tripler: 75 days went by fast!! My first 5 positions in the Tripler completed yesterday. So this morning I logged in and replaced them. 
Honestly, I couldn't be happier with these programs. I may not understand all of them and how they work, but the Tripler has done me good. LOL Thanks to everyone involved :) 
A portion of yesterday's update: 
Because of the high load on our server just after 11 AM CST, we've changed the time of the 2% payout to 12:05 AM CST.
Meanwhile, JSS-Tripler continues to grow strongly. Membership is now 8,125 -- about 150 new members a day. Purchases of new positions continue at higher levels than needed for healthy growth.

--- Lightning Fast surfing today at GBC, GlobalSurfPro and McFads. Being that it's Friday and I haven't cashed out all week, I requested 3 withdrawals from GSP today and am waiting on a payment from McFads that was requested earlier this month. I'll keep you updated. 
*Paid from Kent at GSP already. All three! YaY!! 

--- You know the old saying "Looks aren't everything", right? Just because a site or program looks better than another, doesn't mean it will turn out better in the long run. What's shown on the outside can sometimes be deceiving. It's what's on the inside that counts. Now remember that. (hint)  

--- Re TAB/SAB and the HitCrawler: when I lose interest in something and feel like I made a mistake, I just blow it off. Not many updates. Not any promised June 15th pay. I don't like where it seems to be headed or what others are finding out and sharing with everyone. You make up your own mind but unless something wonderful happens, I doubt that I'll talk about it much more. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Off Today

Surfing is done. 
Emails are answered. 
Off to install my DSL :) 
Wish me Luck! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Seems like every time I sit down here to write, I find myself bitching about something. Well let me see if I can clear my head a little and not let others rub off on me :) 

--- Still working with the Admin of that new program I mentioned. He's such a level headed guy and I get the feeling he'll be a great Admin... IF he can stand the heat that is, LOL 

--- JSS-Tripler: received another payment from them last night. But now, I need to hold a little in my account because my first 75 days will be up soon and I'd really like to replace (or better) the Tripler positions that will be expiring. Remember now, they DO expire at 150% ROI so no surprises there. 

--- GlobalSurfPro is doing fine and dandy. Would rather see a higher member count and activity though. Maybe people just don't like surf sites anymore? That must be the reason because the Admin is one of the best out there. Thanks Kent for running a good show. 

--- Still can't figure out how McFads is doing the payouts. There's just no rhyme or reason as to who he pays when. I watch the forums for paid posts and I see those who requested early get paid late, and late get paid early. So am really not sure what kind of order those are done. Ah well, finished up another 9x15 today so once it's shown as 'expired', I'll re-think it.   

I had to go shopping today. Maybe that's why I'm bitchy, LOL. 
I hate shopping but I made a killing on Sale items plus had a 30% off coupon for everything. Saved $235, spent $135 and came home with 2 huge bag fulls of stuff, including a new Mr Coffee programmable coffer maker! Told you I did really good. OK, patting myself on the back now. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Journey to the Center of the Mind

I don't know what to talk about today. You ever pick up the phone and forget to say "Hello"? That's kind of how I'm feeling right now. 
Just got home from the grocery store and Cat Food cans are up to 55 cents! What? Thank goodness I had some coupons to help with that. 

--- Been chatting with the guy I told you about in England who's working on his site right now. He seems to be a perfectionist and wants everything to be ready before he even does a pre-launch. 
What he has done is take the best (and easiest) ways to earn money based on ideas he got from other programs (that we all know and love), then put them into one nice big pot. It won't cost a lot, $15 per token (share) and will accept AP and LR (as I far as I know right now). 
OK I'll give you a hint. Products, profit shares (will work like a cycler), a very generous RC (two levels) and a 50% re-invest rule. Now the 50% rule will work in your favor because you will never need to spend more than $15 if you don't want to. But with that $15, you can build and build and build some more. Sound good? Sure it does and I'm getting anxious to get started. Stay Tuned! 

--- Had my biggest payday ever from JustBeenPaid (JSS) today. All because I found that JSS-Booster RC money that I didn't even realize I had. What else can I say but WhooHoo and Thanks to everyone who's playing the games! 
PS, I have not heard one bad thing about them yet, and I DO get around with ears wide open, LOL 

--- GBC: have earned over $40 since a month ago (RC and profit sharing) so asked Gord to buy me a new $40 K-Game Board with that today. Thanks Gord as always for taking care of dummies like me who have NO CLUE how the K-Game really works. You're doing a wonderful job for all of us! 

--- People have been writing to me asking how to promote programs. Do you see what I'm doing here? Sharing programs and information with all of you. Now I also add programs to my surf sites and traffic exchanges, but the best thing I've found so far is what I'm doing right now. Talking to all of you on a very personal level as often as I can.  
Back in the day, I used to buy Leads and worked hard on an auto-responder day after day. Sure that worked to an extent, but I also spent more money on working it than what I got in return. 
Then I tried the "safe-lists" routine. Also got into more "groups" than I care to admit. Made a few friends along the way, that are still with me today so am thankful for that. 
But this blog is definitely the best thing I ever did to help myself (and you) find some decent programs here on the net that we can all enjoy and earn some profit from. 
Of course, blogging isn't for everybody. You have to stay dedicated to it and keep people interested in what you're doing, how you're making money, and be there for them if they have questions and/or concerns. 
I wasn't sure if I could do this when I first started, but our friend "js" twisted my rubber arm to keep it going and assured me it would pay off. Near the end of his life, he used to tease me because my Alexa ratings were higher than his, har! Well what can I say? He was a good teacher and I learned a lot from him over our (too short) time together. (sigh)  

So where was I going with this story? Heck I dunno. Lost my train my thought thinking about watching "The Bachelorette" tonight. I am SO GLAD that stupid arrogant Bentley is out of the picture. Who needs a dip-stick like that anyway? LOL 

--- Was watching the Senior Golf Tour yesterday and there was a player named "James Mason". My mind wandered off. James Mason? Movie from the late 50's "Journey to the Center of the Earth". Hmmm Rock and Roll from the 60's. Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes "Journey to the Center of the Mind". Ahhh the human brain is a strange thing but you gotta love it! 


Saturday, June 11, 2011


You ever feel like going Duh?

I was just watching a referral of mine cycle some of his JSS-Booster spots today. Now I've never 'played' in the Booster so have never even opened that particular page. But when I got an email that said I made a $5 RC from his cycling ... I'm thinking "where is it?". So that's when I started my search.

Checked the Tripler then the SynergySurf. Nope, not there. Then went to the JSS-Booster page where I had to log in fresh (since I had never been there before), and Holy Cow! I had $92.50 in my account and had NO idea it was even there. WhooHoo! Guess I need to pay more attention to these things from now on. 

And I WILL be playing in the Booster next go around. So thanks to Wesley (and others) for helping me find my secret stash!

PS, this is turning into a little gold mine for me. R
emember it pays RC two levels down so even if you don't have the big bucks to start, get a referral or two and if they're good at sponsoring, it will rock your world! Thanks to everyone!

PS again, you DO need to be upgraded in the main JustBeenPaid program in order to play in the Booster or Warp and receive the RC from it. Confusing but well worth the 3 month membership fee!


--- Got PAID from GlobalSurfPro while I slept. Yes Admin, while I slept. The STP notice came through at 3:28 AM my time. (Kent was teasing me in the forum about sleeping weird hours. Ummm, not weird hours where I live.) haha

--- By the way, I may have MORE than one new program to show you soon. Besides the one that I've been waiting on forever, I've been chatting with a man in England who showed me his program and wanted my opinion. Well it is a cycler but it won't give you earnings unless the money is really there. 

I get the feeling he's a straight shooter and he's never run a program before, so is a little nervous about doing it now. But from what he told me, it's pretty much automated (other than the payouts), so should be a piece of cake. 
He also told me a little bit about himself (because I asked of course) and his profession tells me he's a very caring individual.

So Stay Tuned for that one too. He's currently working on a Video for the site to explain how it all works. Should be fun and I can't wait to share more with you :)  

Friday, June 10, 2011


--- is having a summer special with -0- fees to exchange LR or PM to Alert Pay or STP. Just FYI if you need it.
Liberty Reserve -> AlertPay = 0% (limited time!!)
Liberty Reserve -> SolidTrust Pay = 0%
Perfect Money -> AlertPay = 0% (limited time!!)
Perfect Money -> SolidTrust Pay = 0%
AlertPay -> SolidTrust Pay = 3.5% (limited time!!) 

--- Speaking of AlertPay, if you have a website/blog, don't forget to add your own referral link to your AP banner. It pays off: 
Your $10.00 referral bonus has been paid to your account for your referral
Also, they must have got whatever it was holding them back done. Huh? The check I requested on 6/2 was finally sent out today, 6/10. WhooHoo! 

--- Woke up to quite a few emails from JSS-Support informing me of referrals who bought new Tripler positions! Thanks you guys! That'll help me pay for my new DSL connection, that's for sure :) 
Also received a payment from JSS last night about 8 hours after request. Can't beat that! Mini update: 
JSS-Tripler's strong growth continues. During the past 6 days, purchases of JSS-Tripler positions each day have been higher than the day before. Yesterday's purchases set a new all-time record.
JSS-Tripler membership is now 7,248, growing by about 150 new members a day. Thanks to our promoters. Please keep up your good work!

--- OK, surfed my 3 sites. GrandBankClub (just for fun and credits), GlobalSurfPro and McFads
- GBC, after Sunday's profit share run, I should have enough to purchase another $40 board in the K-Game. Seems I can do that once a month now, thanks to Gordon! 
- Requested another payment from GSP today, which I'm sure will be paid today or tomorrow. Oh and STP has been discontinued at Global for new spends. So it's AP or LR from now on. 
- Requested a small RC from McFads but no telling how long that will take. Also waiting on a regular non-surf cash out request from the 5th. But with his new payout schedule, my 9x15 might be up before I get paid from the non-surf. Just sayin :( 

--- I wish it would rain. both here and in Arizona!! They have a terrible wild fire going on there and the smoke is coming all the way to my mountains here. It's really hazy looking and some are having a hard time breathing because of it. So let's do a rain dance for Arizona today, shall we?  

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good News Today ... for me anyway :)

--- Called my phone company today to remove the $30 annual membership fee for 'discounts' on long distance calls. Shoot, anybody I used to call LD has passed away so didn't see any point in paying for nothing.  
While we were chatting, we got on the subject of DSL. I hemmed and hawed long enough that the gal offered me a 30 day free trial to check it out. Nice :) I can live with that and maybe if I'm lucky, that'll solve my problem of getting Skype and FireFox loaded on this laptop. 
It goes into active mode next Thursday when I can hook it up. Of course I'm anxious as heck to see the difference. Wish me Luck! 

--- JSS-Tripler: just can't say enough good stuff about it right now. I'm so happy and impressed with their system and how smoothly everything runs. Not to mention the next day payments after request. Two thumbs up for sure! 

--- GlobalSurfPro: moved it up a notch on my side bar today. It's still really new and Kent the Admin is doing a wonderful job in getting those payments out really fast. He's also available on the MMG forum along with the support area on the site. Two thumbs up for GSP as well! 

--- McFads: honestly am getting a little concerned with this one. There's been a lot of changes since it launched and the most recent being the 50/50 rule when withdrawing. Now I did request a w/d on the 5th and made a new spend of more than the 50% needed. Then when viewing the FAQs, I see it now takes between 1-30 days for cashouts and 1-7 days for referral comm. withdrawals. Something I would hesitate on if joining new but since I'm in, I'm in. Let's see where it goes from here. 

--- TAB-SAB: not saying anything cause it's too confusing. Once again am waiting till after June 15th to made any further decisions there. 

--- One last thing: Did you know that when you're on a Dial-Up Connection, your IP address changes a little bit each time you boot up? Could that be why I was accused of being a hacker? Because I'm poor and on Dial-Up? 

--- PS, Thanks for the new Laptop John (js). I bought this with the money I saved from when I helped you with support in 9planetnosurf. Yep, managed to save the money for 4 years until I really needed it. Luv Ya! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tracking Cookies again :(

--- If you scroll down to my June 1st post, you'll see some information on tracking cookies. I've since added a small note above my JSS-Tripler banner and I'll tell you why. 
Had a nice back-n-forth conversation last night with someone joining JBP and getting into the Tripler. They were confused and had a lot of questions, which I answered to the best of my ability. Sent them the instructions that I wrote up on how to get going in the Tripler, etc etc. 
Near the end of the conversation I wanted to 'look them up' in my referral listing, and they're not there. So I had them check their 'upline' link and it turned out it wasn't me. So that means they clicked on someones else's URL before mine and they got 'tracked' back to them. 
They felt really bad because they knew they signed under me (after reading my blog posts) and I was there to help them get started... but now they weren't able to give anything back in return. 
Well that's OK and I fully understand what happened. So again, that's why I added additional words above the JSS Banner. And I want YOU to be aware of how easily you may NOT get the referral you thought you did. Be careful out there, OK? 


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just a Quick TAB Update

The TAB site is up and running. 
The HitCrawler site is temporarily down. 
And the new one, SearchAdBrokers will be launching soon. 
I doubt very much that I will ever put any money into SAB unless maybe, later down the road, they prove to me that they're capable of keeping us informed on what's going on. They sure haven't made any Brownie Points with anyone so far. 
Here's a Skype message that someone was kind enough to post in the forum for us: 
Jaime Westmoreland: TAB is groing WELL
Jaime Westmoreland: sab will launch tonight there is going to be a pretty nice share coming form TAB as is growing very well organically

And this was about HC being down: 
" We are working on the server as we speak "
So from where I sit, I've decided to wait till June 15th to make any future plans (or not) with any of their sites. Just hoping for best. 


Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh it's gonna be Hot today!

I don't remember the Spring season at all this year. Seems like it went from Snow to 90+F expected today. At least the nights are cool here so a fan in the window usually does the trick :) 

Let me start at the top and do a quick rundown. I really need to do some housework before the heat slows me down. 

--- JBP & JSS-Tripler: was happy and surprised to see another of my JSS Matrix positions complete yesterday and pay me $60.00! So I just went back there and bought another to replace it. Debating on cashing out the $40 leftover or maybe using it to buy more Triplers? I'll give it some thought for now. 
PS, also received payment from JBP early this morning. Rock On! 

--- McFads: received a payment from Matthew today also. Not a huge payment but every little bit helps. 

--- GlobalSurfPro: I'm a lucky girl. I've got 2 VIP's signed under me now. Surfed today but with the 3 times per week cash out, will wait another day or two before requesting for this week. Besides, Kent's not going anywhere and he pays really fast too, LOL 

--- I was going to post something here about ad2million, but I changed my mind. I've got friends who are still involved and NOT in profit yet. So I'll keep my trap shut for now. Anxious to see what the new update is though. Good news? Bad news? Or maybe even try to blame another innocent member for something fabricated and ridiculous? Geez I sure hope not! 
PS, just wrote to Admin again to DELETE MY LINKS! You don't remove someone, call them a Hacker, then leave their sponsor URL's OPEN so that you, the Admin, can take advantage of that!! 
That's just insane!!! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Missi & Gord !!!

Obviously these boxers are for Gord's Birthday Today!! Anyone who knows Gordon knows he loves his boxers! 
Now don't let those Pac Man guys bite you Gord, haha

Also realized late yesterday that I missed wishing Missi a Happy Birthday!! You may know her from a few programs, comments here or her blog that's listed on my side bar. Now, Missi's Birthday was on June 3rd, then JS on the 4th, now Gord on the 5th! Pretty unusual to have three friends with Birthdays so close together. So..... 

Happy Birthday to both Missi and Gord Today !!! 
Better late than never hey Missi? xoxo 


This is not good. 
I was surfing, walked away for a minute, came back and my laptop screen was all hosed up with links to things I never ever went to before. Going to try to restore my settings now. hmmm 

--- JSS-Tripler: someone wrote an odd note in the MMG forum today, and I really enjoyed the answer from one of the very long time members. It was all about longevity and sustainability for the program. Good stuff!
PS, here is just one of the things I really like about this program: 
Your Withdrawal is In Progress
Your withdrawal has been added to the queue of outgoing payments,
You can expect a payment within 24-36 hours.

--- Been outside a lot today so I'll be back-at-it tomorrow. 
Have a great night! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Johnski... har!


Of course I remembered it was your Birthday today. How could I forget? Been having a lot of thoughts about you lately. Am sure you're having a great time wherever you are. Pj says you're having a blast in Heaven. I'm sure he's right. 
Seemed funny today, I was surfing and walked away for a few minutes. When I came back I checked my counter, which was stuck on "23". I smiled and knew it was you. Thanks for letting me know you're still here with me. I miss you dearly. xoxox

--- JSS-Tripler: great to see their emails back in action. John, you would love this one if you were here. It would probably be paying your rent by now, har! I'm doing really good there and I know you're happy for me. Just wish we could share our daily thoughts on stuff like we used to. I'm still building my positions while taking a little out for myself. I mean, we do this to make a buck, right? and Cat Food is up to .50 cents a can again. Yikes! 

--- GrandBankClub: was surprised this morning to see a $25 payment from GBC for one of my many K-game 40 board spots moving. Thanks Gord for taking such good care of us :) 
PS, Tomorrow is Gord's Birthday! hmmm 

--- McFads: my last 12x12 completed and went to 'expired', but I forgot you cannot request a cash out on Saturday. Oops. Guess tomorrow or Monday will be the day I do my thing there. Thanks Matthew. 

--- GlobalSurfPro: just keeps getting better and better. Not only has Kent added Alert Pay for us, now he's made our Surfing AUTO! So those of you who didn't join at first because of the manual surf, might want to take another look at it. It's growing at a nice steady pace and am guessing will continue to do so as others find their way to the site. 

--- Ad2million: I know I should let it die and forgive and forget, blah blah blah. But if JS were still here, he'd be all over Carrie and ad2m like stink on shit. He knew me better than just about anyone else and knows I am not capable of hacking anything even if I wanted to. Hell, he had to teach me how to do a lot of simple things here on the net, which I am thankful for. But Hacking??? Carrie, you need to focus on your members and what they're saying about your program. Pay attention and learn! People will NOT kiss your ass forever! and Please learn how to UPDATE with something of Importance. Not just your silly ass false accusations of me being a hacker rather than the real TRUTH of what's going on with your program! Kapish?? (spoken like a true micronuts eh?) har!!

--- You know what? Am having a glass of wine. John, you wanna pour yourself a vodka and join me? I'd like that a lot. 
And of all the songs I associate with you, here is one that stands out the most and am sure you remember why. 
Hope you enjoy hearing it again. Cheers! 

Friday, June 3, 2011


--- Someone asked me for a TAB update.
Here's the email I received from them on June 1st. Seems like we're just waiting for more news now. Wouldn't you agree?

We here at TAB hope your days are being made the most of!! Things are going outstanding!! We are growing tremendously day by day!! It has been said that the people who go out and get their future, are truly masters of it!! Be that person! We have some really really exciting stuff coming down the pipe also, so stay tuned!!! A couple of updates:

This is a reminder to everyone setting up their hitcrawler accounts for advertising. It is IMPERATIVE that you go to hitcrawler first and set up your account. We cannot issue credits to hitcrawler on your behalf IF you do not have an account to send it to. The domain name for yourself when setting up the account with hitcrawler should be Once you set up your account, you can submit the AD Claims Form from your TAB back office. If you have already submitted a claims form and did not set up your hitcrawler account, you will need to re-submit the form, after making your HC account. Please allow 3-5 business days to be approved.

Keep in mind that we are expecting to grow wildly with the profit sharing of hitcrawler and the advertising efforts of every individual member here at TAB over the growth of a fiscal year, to make each member have the source of income that they want! Get excited!! Make it happen!! Good day

Also, my own partnership income took a nose dive but maybe it'll pick up later? Be sure you join HitCrawler and then fill out the AD Claim Form over at TAB. Then we'll see where it goes from here. Hard to speculate right now. 

---  OK, this is cool re: JBP-JSS Tripler
This morning, I received $5 from one of my referrals filling their Matrix in JSS. Then I received a $9 payment to AP for 2 referrals being sold. Not to mention the nice payout I received while I was sleeping. 
Boy oh boy, this is turning out to be quite an ordeal and it's GREAT to have Admins who really know how to run a program to it's full potential! Not to mention keeping us informed on what's going on. YaY!!! 

--- GBC: Gord sent me $5 bucks today too for completing one of my PIF / Moose Boost spots. Well ... I went ahead and bought a new one for $10 to replace the one that got paid. Thanks Gord! 

--- Someone sent me an email about their Alert Pay account being hacked. I've never had any problem with AP myself and of course, change my password often. You should do the same and don't ever make your password easy to guess OR use the same password in any program that you're in. You're just asking for trouble if you did that. Kapish? 

--- McFads: I have one more day to complete my last 12x12 then will request the payment, make a new spend for at least 50% of it, and continue Surfing daily in the 9x15%. Pretty dang easy. 

--- PJ just reminded me that tomorrow is JS's Birthday. He didn't have to remind me. I remember quite well. Thanks PJ!
Hello Judy,
Just a quick message! Tomorrow is John's birthday even though he's in Heaven having a Blast! Chat soon!!

--- GlobalSurfPro: forgot you can only cash out 3 times per week. Am in the process of getting the details on that now. 
Oh and hey, I have a VIP referral under me. That rocks! Thanks :) 

--- One of the worst things about having Hair that is 4-1/2 feet long is when one gets caught in your underwear! har! 
OK, I guess that's all for now unless something unusual or exciting comes up. Have a great night!