Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tracking Cookies and Go Tigers !!!

While trying to help a referral in JustBeenPaid regain a referral that he "lost", here's what I learned:

Sponsors cannot be changed.
The only thing I can recommend is that we do away with tracking cookies, so that people will always sign up under whom they intended - which does NOT support the efforts of our many promoters who are certainly profiting greatly from the current system.

Now I agree with what Carl said and promoters should be rewarded but ... if you're surfing and you see the site, it looks interesting, so you click on it. You then get tracked to that promoter ID.

Then if you say ... "I wonder if blondie or Gord is in this?" and go to one of our blogs to check and see if we are playing. Oh they are! Cool, I'll join under one of them.

Well No, you actually won't be in our downline UNLESS you clear your cookies before joining. And that is assuming the other person/sponsor did not do cookie dropping, which is a whole nother ball game.

So remember, when someone wants to join under you as their upline, please ask them to clear their browser cookies first, also send them YOUR referrer link. Else you may lose out on that referral. Cool :) 

PS, am not trying to knock the big promoters out there. They're doing a great job! But I also remember back in the day, I saw 12dailypro for a month before I decided to join. But when I DID join, I wanted the upline of my choosing. 

--- Speaking of Ball Game ... here's my grand daughter Olivia getting ready for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Season. I think her Daddy needs to teach her to raise those arms when there's a Run, as opposed to the 'he shoots, he scores' from the leftover Red Wing games. LOL 


danish said...

Very Cute. She's a doll !!
Unfortunately, being an avid Toronto Blue Jays Fan (hometown) got go thumbs down on the Tigers..and all the rest of the MLB teams. hehehe

blondie said...

Sheesh Dave,
You could cheer for the Tigers, just cause, LOL
Take care and Thanks :)

Anjki said...

Hey Blondie, I'm really interested in joining that MMG forum but I can't register. A message on top of the homepage says "This menu has been disabled". Any tips?

blondie said...

Oh that's weird Anjki,
Did you just click on "register"?
I haven't heard of any problems with it. Not sure how I can help.

Nina Redza said...

What a beautiful little girl she is! She will surely score in a couple years!

Curt said...

Daddy has trained her well. Go Tigers!

Anonymous said...

ad2m - My friend did a withdrawal request for $40 and was told payment in about 3 weeks - OK - we all know about that.
He waited 4 days - he has 50 spots so gets $10 everyday
Requested second 440 withdrawal ...
WAIT - you must post a TESTAMONIAL FIRST !!!!
Did you know about that?
Sorry no names about this - dont want me or my friend to be given the Blondie Gillotine!!!

blondie said...

Hi Nina,
Yes she is a cutie. Thanks for stopping by.

Hey Curt,
She's a smart one for sure :)

Sure I knew about the testimonials. No one was doing them voluntarily, so she made them mandatory.

naphtali said...

Ernie Harwael:
It's the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, and Oliva Morrison is at the plate. The pitcher kicks and deals... Morrison swings and it's a looonng drive! Way back, that ball is gone! Tigers Win!

blondie said...

OMG, that was Great!
I can hear him now!
You know, that's one of the sounds I remember from growing up in Detroit. When the Tigers were playing and my Dad was home, the TV on ON! and nobody changed the channel. LOL
Thanks Greg!
I knew you'd enjoy seeing the pic.