Friday, June 3, 2011


--- Someone asked me for a TAB update.
Here's the email I received from them on June 1st. Seems like we're just waiting for more news now. Wouldn't you agree?

We here at TAB hope your days are being made the most of!! Things are going outstanding!! We are growing tremendously day by day!! It has been said that the people who go out and get their future, are truly masters of it!! Be that person! We have some really really exciting stuff coming down the pipe also, so stay tuned!!! A couple of updates:

This is a reminder to everyone setting up their hitcrawler accounts for advertising. It is IMPERATIVE that you go to hitcrawler first and set up your account. We cannot issue credits to hitcrawler on your behalf IF you do not have an account to send it to. The domain name for yourself when setting up the account with hitcrawler should be Once you set up your account, you can submit the AD Claims Form from your TAB back office. If you have already submitted a claims form and did not set up your hitcrawler account, you will need to re-submit the form, after making your HC account. Please allow 3-5 business days to be approved.

Keep in mind that we are expecting to grow wildly with the profit sharing of hitcrawler and the advertising efforts of every individual member here at TAB over the growth of a fiscal year, to make each member have the source of income that they want! Get excited!! Make it happen!! Good day

Also, my own partnership income took a nose dive but maybe it'll pick up later? Be sure you join HitCrawler and then fill out the AD Claim Form over at TAB. Then we'll see where it goes from here. Hard to speculate right now. 

---  OK, this is cool re: JBP-JSS Tripler
This morning, I received $5 from one of my referrals filling their Matrix in JSS. Then I received a $9 payment to AP for 2 referrals being sold. Not to mention the nice payout I received while I was sleeping. 
Boy oh boy, this is turning out to be quite an ordeal and it's GREAT to have Admins who really know how to run a program to it's full potential! Not to mention keeping us informed on what's going on. YaY!!! 

--- GBC: Gord sent me $5 bucks today too for completing one of my PIF / Moose Boost spots. Well ... I went ahead and bought a new one for $10 to replace the one that got paid. Thanks Gord! 

--- Someone sent me an email about their Alert Pay account being hacked. I've never had any problem with AP myself and of course, change my password often. You should do the same and don't ever make your password easy to guess OR use the same password in any program that you're in. You're just asking for trouble if you did that. Kapish? 

--- McFads: I have one more day to complete my last 12x12 then will request the payment, make a new spend for at least 50% of it, and continue Surfing daily in the 9x15%. Pretty dang easy. 

--- PJ just reminded me that tomorrow is JS's Birthday. He didn't have to remind me. I remember quite well. Thanks PJ!
Hello Judy,
Just a quick message! Tomorrow is John's birthday even though he's in Heaven having a Blast! Chat soon!!

--- GlobalSurfPro: forgot you can only cash out 3 times per week. Am in the process of getting the details on that now. 
Oh and hey, I have a VIP referral under me. That rocks! Thanks :) 

--- One of the worst things about having Hair that is 4-1/2 feet long is when one gets caught in your underwear! har! 
OK, I guess that's all for now unless something unusual or exciting comes up. Have a great night! 

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