Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Program Pre-Launch Today!

After 63 emails and a couple of 'chat' hours later, 
I am pleased to introduce to you 

Now this is the one that I've been communicating with the Admin, Larry Harper  for about the past two weeks. I've shared my opinions, offered suggestions and even helped to Test the site. 

Am not going to go into too much detail about "how it works" because it's all written out very clearly on the front page. There is also a 6 minute Video which everyone should be able to understand after viewing it only once.

For testing referral links and commissions, we thought a 2nd tester would be needed. So that's when I asked my buddy Gord to jump in and give us a hand. 
Now for those of you who follow GordsHomeBiz and normally join programs under him, please feel free to do so even if you heard it from me first. I don't believe in stepping on other peoples toes and am sure Gord's News Letter will be coming out soon. 

Starting today it's in Pre-Launch Only for registrations, viewing and sharing. You'll see it's very affordable for everyone who has an Alert Pay account. 

OK, you twisted my arm for some quick notes which I'm going to steal from the Alert I just sent out :) 

This is a Product and Profit Sharing program where earnings from shares bought will be credited daily.
- What you do is purchase product tokens for $15.00 each.
- Accepts AP only at this time.
- You earn .20 cents per cycle in the profit share (yes, it will work like a cycler) - The cycler pays out 45 positions at .20 cents each for every Token purchased.
- Each token (position) earnings are capped at a whopping 400% ROI.
- Those who bring in others will earn a 10% RC on first level and a 5% RC on second level referrals.
- RC is paid on both purchases AND repurchases.
- There is a 50% rule which will work with you, not against you.

We can discuss that last part in detail later once you've had a chance to review everything on the site. Now go sign up and check it all out. I have a good feeling about this one and am hoping we all have a great time there!! 

Cheers :))

*** For anyone who signed up and did not receive the Activation email, first check your SPAM folder. If it's not there, please send email to:

Give Larry your username etc. And make SURE you're using a good email address that he can reply to.  
Thanks everyone! 
PS, 4 hours after announcing, we're over 200 members already!!!


Genes Easy said...

Hi Blondie! I just got your email. Looks interesting, I will check it out!



debbie said...

Signed up!!

Jenkins said...

Amazing, you really delivered the good news on this one blondie, I'm excited, I heard we are only allowed to purchase 10 positions per 14 days, is that true, and does re purchase count? Also is that other program you talked about still in the makings as well...

Anonymous said...

Joined the new cycler and this
one did not send me a password.
Have been waiting for more than
2 hours.

tyger said...

Dear Blondie,

Is thiS the program you've been talking about? The one that was to launch in May?

Standing by


blondie said...

Thank You Gene!

Thank You Debbie!

Jenkins, we can verify all the details later. Things might change before launch. You never know right?
Also, yes the other program is still in the works.

I just added the admins email addy to my blog post today. Go check if you've never received activation.

No Tygress, this is a different one but certainly a good one.

Martyn said...

Thanks judy, I'm in!!

Ivy said...

Hi Judy!

I just joined under you.. thanks.

ivy (username: earnmoney)

blondie said...

YaY Martyn!

Great to see you.

Cheers and Thanks!

blondie said...

Yep, I see you there.
Thanks Ivy!

allanz said...

Hi Blondie !

Im all signed up as well ,,,,reviewed the info, and i think i got it !! Famous last words!! LOL


celticboy said...

Hi judy, am trying to sign up under you but all i get is bandwidth limit exceeded

Anonymous said...

The link does not work.

rohit said...

yup 4 me also error 509 bandwidth limit exceeded

Will B said...

Blondie, I signed up this morning, but the site went down soon after. He needs more bandwith. In one way it's good I suppose, it's already proving very popular. but I hope he is able to get the problem sorted quickly. Will (:-)

blondie said...

Welcome Allanz to the program.

Brian and ???,
too much advertising going out blew up the site, LOL
Larry will be back in his office in a few hours and well re-set it then.
Check back later.
Thanks :)

blondie said...

rohit, check again. Was up last time I looked.

Hi Will and I agree with you. It is good that everyone is advertising but he does need more bandwidth.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

When is this launching ????

blondie said...

You know what, I'm not answering Anonymous posts any more unless you sign your name.

If you look at the site, there's a countdown clock on the front page.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hello from alabama Judy. Hope all is well, I joined ads2million, Just been paid and this new one (CWC) but haven't received the password yet.I'v sent 2 tickets about it so far any way thanks for your help with the money from these programs.

Charlotte Terrell

blondie said...

Hi Charlotte,
If you didn't receive the Welcome email, you might not receive the ticket answer either.
Check your spam folder before sending in another.
Also Larry has been active in the MMG forum and you can get a hold of him there if you need to.
Thanks and have a great weekend!