Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Program Pre-Launch

Ended up being busier today than I wanted to be.

The New Program (a profit sharing cycler) is coming along great and some final touches are being done before a pre-launch, which could happen mid-week.

Will only accept Alert Pay at the start and perhaps others later. No need to rush with AP funds because the pre-launch will only be for Registrations.

Once you're signed up, you'll have time to check out the program and ask any questions you may have, which I will be happy to answer if I can. If not, the Admin should be available through a Support Area :)

So besides that, I was asked and accepted the Job of making a big bowl of Potato Salad today for a Father's Day BBQ tomorrow. Feels like it took up my entire afternoon ... all that chopping and dicing and cooking and mixing! Argh

Everything here is running smooth though so no worries there. 
Have a great weekend and Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there!

By the way, while at the store today I noticed quite a few Fathers Day Cards from Your Dog. How cute is that?? Woof woof! 


debbie said...

Is this the program with the guy in Britain or the other one you mentioned several months ago??

Jenkins said...

Hello there, I sure am excited about the news! is this pre launch program the long awaited one or the one with the English admin?

tony said...

hi Judy,looking forward to this new program, you could say i am licking my chops waiting for it to open.And just in the nick of time I think,as i reckon one unnamed cycler is heading towards cycler heaven/hell whichever is your view lol.At least this admin sounds a bit more responsive to help,what I read from your posts.regards tony

blondie said...

Debbie and Jenkins,
This is the program with the guy from England in charge, and not the one I mentioned months ago.

Someone else asked if I was the Admin? No, I am not but I've had several email chats with the Admin.

Tony, Yes this Admin is very open to suggestions unlike the other one you mentioned, hehe
I think you'll all like him.

Martyn said...

Can't wait.....

blondie said...

Me neither Martyn :)