Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Johnski... har!


Of course I remembered it was your Birthday today. How could I forget? Been having a lot of thoughts about you lately. Am sure you're having a great time wherever you are. Pj says you're having a blast in Heaven. I'm sure he's right. 
Seemed funny today, I was surfing and walked away for a few minutes. When I came back I checked my counter, which was stuck on "23". I smiled and knew it was you. Thanks for letting me know you're still here with me. I miss you dearly. xoxox

--- JSS-Tripler: great to see their emails back in action. John, you would love this one if you were here. It would probably be paying your rent by now, har! I'm doing really good there and I know you're happy for me. Just wish we could share our daily thoughts on stuff like we used to. I'm still building my positions while taking a little out for myself. I mean, we do this to make a buck, right? and Cat Food is up to .50 cents a can again. Yikes! 

--- GrandBankClub: was surprised this morning to see a $25 payment from GBC for one of my many K-game 40 board spots moving. Thanks Gord for taking such good care of us :) 
PS, Tomorrow is Gord's Birthday! hmmm 

--- McFads: my last 12x12 completed and went to 'expired', but I forgot you cannot request a cash out on Saturday. Oops. Guess tomorrow or Monday will be the day I do my thing there. Thanks Matthew. 

--- GlobalSurfPro: just keeps getting better and better. Not only has Kent added Alert Pay for us, now he's made our Surfing AUTO! So those of you who didn't join at first because of the manual surf, might want to take another look at it. It's growing at a nice steady pace and am guessing will continue to do so as others find their way to the site. 

--- Ad2million: I know I should let it die and forgive and forget, blah blah blah. But if JS were still here, he'd be all over Carrie and ad2m like stink on shit. He knew me better than just about anyone else and knows I am not capable of hacking anything even if I wanted to. Hell, he had to teach me how to do a lot of simple things here on the net, which I am thankful for. But Hacking??? Carrie, you need to focus on your members and what they're saying about your program. Pay attention and learn! People will NOT kiss your ass forever! and Please learn how to UPDATE with something of Importance. Not just your silly ass false accusations of me being a hacker rather than the real TRUTH of what's going on with your program! Kapish?? (spoken like a true micronuts eh?) har!!

--- You know what? Am having a glass of wine. John, you wanna pour yourself a vodka and join me? I'd like that a lot. 
And of all the songs I associate with you, here is one that stands out the most and am sure you remember why. 
Hope you enjoy hearing it again. Cheers! 


naphtali said...

Happy Birthday JS. Thanks for all of tips you shared over the years on to make money on this ole internet.

I agree with you Judy. I miss his combination of wit, sarcasm, and wisdom all wrapped up into one thought.

blondie said...

I hear ya Greg.
There will never be another JS :(

celticboy said...

Nice blog today Judy.
Take care x

Susan P said...

I should know better than to take a swig of tea when I am reading your blog. I almost sprayed my screen when I read, "like stink on shit"!

I agree, from what I knew about JS he would be on a crusade on your behalf and others. Glad he sent you a sign that he's here for you. :)

blondie said...

Thanks Brian, always good to see you.

Susan ...
Yes DO be careful with the Tea. Hate to be blamed for "another thing" I didn't do!
Glad you found some fun in my post.
Take care!