Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interesting Stats

--- After hearing this morning that we're up to 1,500 Members in CWC so far ... couldn't help but wonder the difference between that "other" cycler program I announced late last August. 
I checked back in my blog posts and after 5 days, there were only 175 members.  
Now we announced CWC on Wednesday and we've got 1,500 members here already in just under 4 full days. 
I think that's pretty amazing. Don't you?
* up to 1,662 Members as of 5:00 PM MST. Whoa! 
** and again I will stress that you make sure your sponsor of choice is showing when you register. If they are not, close your browser, reopen, re-click their URL, and you should see their name. Am telling you this so that you do not lose your preferred upline. (not necessarily me, am just trying to help others) OK 

--- Got a heads-up on a New HYIP launching sometime later this week. I don't normally play in HYIP's but this one I will. I'll wait till it's closer to launch time to tell you more about it.
It will only offer 2 plans, and they're both very healthy. Also I do know that it will take AP, STP, LR and PM. So am thinking that will be a good way to build up my LR account again, since it's a little bare right now, lol 

--- JSS-Tripler: since I'm past the 75 day mark, am trying to keep a close eye on when my positions will be expiring (completing). Because what I'm trying to do is to keep the same amount active and running without any additional out-of-pocket cost. So in a nutshell, am using my earnings to re-purchase and earn more. 

--- GBC: Thank you Gord once again for the Sunday profit share! 

--- GlobalSurfPro: does NOT accept AP via CC, and Kent has sent us a nice email update about that. I personally never use CC's for anything anymore so it is not a worry for me, but may be for others :(  

--- Bottom of the List? What? What happened to that "other" surf you had here?? Well I'm glad you asked. 
I read today that payouts are now taking 1-45 business days and even though it still says RC is paid in 1-7 business days, I've had 2 small pendings since June 9 and June 13. So the only thing I can guess is that it's run out of steam and/or has run it's course. Well it's been going for 152 days, can't expect miracles. Also the removal of the banner from my blog will stop others from joining under me, cause I don't need any "new" referrals there to worry about. 

--- Just a Reminder: if you expect me to post your comment, I need to see your name if you post as "Anonymous". That's called "being polite". Thanks
PS, the comment that I didn't post was about Ad2Million. Well, I don't think there's much hope left for it. So I doubt it matters whether or not you sign your name to your comment here. I also think Carrie (or whoever it is) shot themselves in the foot in more ways than one. Just my opinion. 


Anonymous said...

Is there such a rule in JSS Tripler that you know of against creating a 2nd account?


blondie said...

Yes there is such a rule.
You are only allowed one account.

Nina Redza said...

May I comment? I asked admin the same question and they said that as long as the 2nd account uses a different email address and AlertPay account. I opened an account for my hubby using my IP address. All is good!

blondie said...

Well that was for your hubby. Not yourself.
One account per person I believe is the rule.

Anonymous said...

Again paid by ad2m

blondie said...

Ahh yes, you're one of the Lucky ones! Cool :)

Anonymous said...

So what is it that has your attention re this new HYIP, Judy, if you don't mind me asking? An especially honest or experienced admin? Special pay plan? LOL - inquiring minds...



blondie said...

Hey Paula :)
Doing more research on it now. I'll update more when and if I decide it's right for us.