Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Missi & Gord !!!

Obviously these boxers are for Gord's Birthday Today!! Anyone who knows Gordon knows he loves his boxers! 
Now don't let those Pac Man guys bite you Gord, haha

Also realized late yesterday that I missed wishing Missi a Happy Birthday!! You may know her from a few programs, comments here or her blog that's listed on my side bar. Now, Missi's Birthday was on June 3rd, then JS on the 4th, now Gord on the 5th! Pretty unusual to have three friends with Birthdays so close together. So..... 

Happy Birthday to both Missi and Gord Today !!! 
Better late than never hey Missi? xoxo 


This is not good. 
I was surfing, walked away for a minute, came back and my laptop screen was all hosed up with links to things I never ever went to before. Going to try to restore my settings now. hmmm 

--- JSS-Tripler: someone wrote an odd note in the MMG forum today, and I really enjoyed the answer from one of the very long time members. It was all about longevity and sustainability for the program. Good stuff!
PS, here is just one of the things I really like about this program: 
Your Withdrawal is In Progress
Your withdrawal has been added to the queue of outgoing payments,
You can expect a payment within 24-36 hours.

--- Been outside a lot today so I'll be back-at-it tomorrow. 
Have a great night! 


Susan P said...

Judy, sounds like a site that you were surfing opened up some other sites. It happens. Hope that's all that it was.

Happy Birthday Gord!! I hope you have a wonderful day lounging around in your boxers, watching action movies, and bbqing some good chow!

And Happy Birthday Missi! I don't know you personally but any friend of Judy's is a friend of mine. :)

blondie said...

Susan, Yes.
That seems to be what the problem was. It's never happened before so I was a little confused how to fix it since I'm not so good at Win7.
Thanks for your visit!
PS, I call Missi "kiddo" too since you all are younger than me :)

Gord said...

Good One!

Didn't know what to expect today and was afraid to open your

Thank you for the birthday wish.

Wrote a ditty a couple days about Forums and why I don't bother to read the majority of stuff there.

Yep ..Forums can be your best friend sometimes and stab you in the back on other occassions. I'm sure Admins out there know what I'm talking about.

Thanks again for the Birthday post and a good one about js as well. His wise words still come to mind as I work this business.


blondie said...

Oh there you are Gord!
Happy Birthday to You!!
I've been outside a lot today so feel like I'm missing something here.
I'll be back at it tomorrow though.
Have a Fun Birthday (in your boxers am sure) LOL

Nina Redza said...

Am I too late? You celebrated birthdays while I was sleeping.Lol!

Anyway, Happy Born Day,Gord and Missi and love the new number that's now attached to you.

Blondie, my birthday's on Oct 15. Don't forget me then. Haha!

blondie said...

Oct 15th ... really?
I think that's Gord's GBC anniversary AND also my Blog Anniversary! Will be here 4 years this coming Oct.
Incredible eh?