Sunday, January 30, 2011

Growing Like a Weed

My grand baby Olivia, aka Baby O just keeps getting bigger and cuter every time I see her!

Speaking of growing like a weed ... it's been so warm here the past few days, parts of my grass are turning green and I actually had to chase a Fly out of the house. Also saw a Wasp looking in my window. Weird stuff for January.


--- SynergyMoney: made a new serial premium spend yesterday also, so that's 2 days in a row now. Besides the 2% daily earning, am also receiving 1/4 of my principal back every 15 days. And 15 days seems to go by real fast for me :)

--- Ad2Million: I believe Carrie finally got the script changed so that you really CAN place a withdraw every 3 days now instead of 7. Am still scratching my head though, wondering how or why allowing us to w/d more often helps her work load? Ah well, doesn't matter. The programs doing great and am seeing a lot of continued support from members also. Thanks guys!!

--- GBC/Easy40Plan: Asked Gord the other day to buy me a new $40 board spot and pay my $15 PIF for February from my account balance. He did that today and I still have a few bucks leftover. Yippee! Thanks everyone for your contributions to the PIF fund. Whether it's $6, $10 or $15, every little bit helps so that another drawing can take place soon.

--- Goin surfin over at Mcfads.
Hope to take it easy the rest of the day.
Oh and since it's Sunday ...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's the Weekend :)

A friend sent this to me in a different format, but I couldn't get it to work here. So here it is, as a youtube video. (Thanks Paul)

Heading off soon to visit Baby O.
Have a wonderful Saturday :))

Friday, January 28, 2011

Good Morning Colorado

It's a beautiful day here and the sunrise on the mountains was breathtaking. Supposed to be in the 60's today. Good golfing weather for sure, LOL Am sorry for you folks out east that are knee deep (or waist deep) in snow right now. Hopefully my weather will be coming your way soon!


Before I update, was just informed that SureFireSurf is CLOSED. Well, I never played in that one anyway. I didn't care for the Admin's attitude when he first opened it. But that's just me. It did have a good long run, over 80 days I hear, so it lasted longer than most high risk surf sites these days. RIP SFS.


--- SynergyMoney: need to check my account. Will update later.
OK it's later and I just purchased another Serial Premium position to run for another 60 days. So if you can't tell, I have trust in Synergy and Ivan and hope to be eating steak soon (instead of kielbasa & rice), har!
Also we should be seeing a change in the profile of the site soon. I think you guys will like it :)


--- Ad2Million: Here's a great post from the MMG forum that I read last night. If you'd like to see ALL that is being said there (and it's good) you can check our thread HERE. Of course you need to register in MMG if you'd like to comment also. Definitely a good group / team there.

This program without question can continue for quite some time but we all need to make sure we are doing our part to make that happen. I had a number position in my head that I was going to stop reinvesting and strictly withdraw. Then I realized how unfair that would be to others including the new people that joined. So when I do decide to make a withdrawl its always followed by days of reinvesting. Personally i am fine with the amount that I earn daily from this program but I reinvest so others can enjoy what I have been able to over the past 5 months.

I myself repurchased 5 more positions yesterday and requested a little payout. Would have liked to put it all back in, but I could use a few bucks in my pocket as well. Happy Cycling Everyone! We're doing great!


Was just chatting with Gord and advised him to use my "earnings" in GBC - Easy 40 Plan to buy me a new 40 Spot and pay for my February PIF also. Yes, it was that much! Thanks to all who are contributing to the PIF pool. I hope my new spend will help to push someone else off the board to "pay" status. Yippee!!


McFads is doing fine. Gettin my sites seen by others and earning a little along the way. Just for the record, your "rebate" does not show after surfing. It'll show up the next day after you surf. So just think of it as being a day behind, always. But keep surfing for the credits and rebates, ok.


Every day is a challenge, ya know?
I went to my email where I house my "Alert List".
Had 10 new "JoinAlertList" emails and about 15 SPAMS.
Either those spammers are just fk'ing stupid or some IDIOT is selling that email address. Well in any case, I thank those who really DO wish to be added to my Alert List, and F-U to those who just want to spam it.

Can I do the song now? Please Please Please?
Ummmmmm Let me think about it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Having a hard time thinking about 'work' today :(

My Freak is missing and I think I know what happened to him. Those who are long time readers here may remember me talking about the "Freak" Cat who adopted me. Well without going into too much detail because it upsets me, he didn't come home last night like he normally does. No sign of him this morning either. Then I get a call that says "there's a black cat with a fluffy tail lying on the side of the road". Oh Nooooo :( Why do cats have to roam so much? Why can't they just stay closer to home where they know there's always a good meal, a warm bed or lap to cuddle up on. Well I suppose no human can answer that question. Am just feeling really bad today. (sigh)

--- OK, going to try to get my mind busy.

--- Ivan of Synergy Money is going to have a surprise for us on Friday. I know what it is but I'm sworn to secrecy. As for the program, it's still doing great and he sent out a good update on it yesterday. Membership is growing and our reserves are growing as well. Also will be having a Valentines Day contest in February.

--- Today is Ad2Million's 5 Month Anniversary. Who'da thunk it eh? An advertising cycler, paying 2% daily non-stop for 5 months and no signs of slowing down. Wow is all I can say! Congrats to Carrie who's doing a great job keeping up with the daily routine, and Congrats to all the happy members, including me.

--- Alright, Let's try this one:

Yep, another surf site but not a high earning one like the others that are here today, gone tomorrow. This one should last quite a while and it's brand new as of last night. May be a good place to Advertise your stuff. So after auto-surfing 115 sites today, I'll be adding my programs as soon as they're approved.

Gord did a good write-up on it in his blog and you can Read It Here. So of course, join under the sponsor of your choice. I'm not greedy about referrals and Gord's actually done all the legwork on this one, so am just sort of tagging along for the ride.
Have fun with it and Happy Promoting.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heavy Snow

If you think you had bad weather this winter, I just got off the phone with a friend who lives in North Dakota near the Canadian border.

He said that since early this morning the snow has been nearly waist high and is still falling.
The temperature is dropping way below zero and the north wind is increasing to near gale force.
His wife has done nothing but look through the kitchen window and just stare.

He says that if it gets much worse, he may have to let her in.


DANGER Will Robinson !!!

If you receive an email from Gmail that says "Your account will be suspended" in the subject line, and reads something like this ...

Hello, Blondiejudy

Your profile will be blocked in response to a complaint received by the administration 01/26/2011.
According to provision 13.3 of Terms, Google may at any time, terminate its Services for account.

You can refute the statement, by following this link:
(link obviously removed)

If this complaint has not been rejected for 2 days, your mail account will be blocked.
Complaint ID: 254148246.

Google Team

NOTE that it was sent by: Reply-To:

That's a Q and not a G in the .com name.
Do NOT click the link in the email !!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

What To Say What To Say ...

Pretty sure Positive Surf is toast.
Admin is not around and not answering support tickets. People have been waiting for days on pending payments. It's not lookin good, that's for sure.
I personally have given up on it. At least I got to do a little promoting for other programs for the small amount I spent. RIP

-- All morning I've been talking to myself about our programs. But now that I sit down to write, am drawing a blank. Well let me see

-- Synergy Money, in an hour or so, one of my Serial Advanced plans will expire. Once it does, I'll add to it (if need be) and make another new Serial Premium spend. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... Ivan's doing a fantastic job running this show for us. So it's up to us members to make the most out of a good thing. Am I right or am I right?

-- Ad2Million ... 4,114 members as of right now. Smokin hot I say .. smokin! haha

-- GBC ... received my weekly profit share as I do every Sunday. Thanks Gord and PIF contributors!

-- Been chatting with an Admin of a program that's been around for awhile now. I was not made aware of it until yesterday. It's a bit confusing to me but everything is confusing until you understand it right? So once I get a handle on all of it, I'll share it with you. Promise.
PS, I need to be sure it's going to work for ALL of you. Not just those who are promoters and go getters. You see? OK


And though I hoped for something to find.
I could see no maze to unwind.

Conquistador your stallion stands
In need of company
And like some angel's haloed brow
You reek of purity
I see your armour-plated breast
Has long since lost it's sheen
And in your death mask face
There are no signs which can be seen

And though I hoped for something to find
I could see no maze to unwind

Conquistador a vulture sits
Upon your silver shield
And in your rusty scabbard now
The sand has taken seed
And though your jewel-encrusted blade
Has not been plundered still
The sea has washed across your face
And taken of it's fill

And though I hoped for something to find
I could see no maze to unwind

Conquistador there is no time
I must pay my respect
And though I came to jeer at you
I leave now with regret
And as the gloom begins to fall
I see there is no, only all
And though you came with sword held high
You did not conquer, only die

And though I hoped for something to find
I could see no maze to unwind


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Did You Say Kielbasa?

Been busy today chatting with a friend as we dissected new programs and put the kielbasa on all of them. Heck I'm OK with what I've got going on now (program wise) ... except for one and I'll mention that a little later.

In the meantime, have a read at Gord's Blog today. He wrote a great article that I couldn't agree with more.

-- Synergy Money ... am only a couple days away from another quarterly principal payment being returned and I have every intention to roll that into a new serial plan. Should have a bit of profit left over for myself too.

-- Ad2Million ... will reach 4000 members any minute now. I personally have 125 positions and received a nice payout this morning of $285.00. Maybe I can breathe a little easier for awhile now. It's been kind of a stressful two months for me. So Thanks to Carrie and all our active supportive members :))
PS: My first positions from launch day have now cycled
150 times earning me $30.00 each! WooHooo!!

-- You know, if I'm not here, I spend a lot of time reading and posting in my favorite forum. Today was doing a bit of checking on Positive Surf. Looks like payments are sporadic and haven't seen the Admin in the forum for days. Never received the 'update' he said he was working on either. Well, what does that tell you?
I know what I'm thinking and for your sake, or anyone who has money tied up in there, hope am wrong.

On 2nd thought, I'll let my gut do the talking. DO NOT UPGRADE anymore in Positive Surf. Got me a bad bad feeling that he made a big mistake at the start. He paid everybody and their brother to join this thing. Now, with all the HAR's out there, whoops. It happens. You know it and I know it.

-- Today is 22, which makes me think 222. Or maybe 2:22. Kielbasa. Yep, that's it. I'll explain some day. Maybe. There's just too many things I don't understand or can't forget.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Dave :)

Just a quick Happy Birthday post for my Son today.

Yes, today's his birthday and we're supposed to go out later for pizza and beer, unfortunately am not feeling 100% back to normal yet.
But I didn't want to miss this day in my blog, soooo

Happy Birthday Dave !!!

What would I do without you?
(probably have a lot less gray hairs, LOL)

Love you kiddo,


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Better All The Time

I feel better. You feel better?

- Synergy Money is doing fantastic! Ivan is such a workaholic with all the updates, improvements to the site, and of course his fast payouts.
There is something that bothers me though, so I'm just gonna spit it out. We had some big promoters in the beginning. Some were real cheerleaders and I don't see them around anymore. Am guessing I know why.
I just don't understand why anyone would want to take advantage of this program. It's the best thing since sliced bread and it's getting better all the time. So to the folks who aren't coming back, it's your loss. I'm enjoying the heck out of making my 2% daily! (big smile)

- Ad2Million ... what can I say? Just submitted another testimonial, not because I had to, rather because I wanted to. Carrie's doing a great job and am thankful for all the supportive members there too :)
I wish she'd pay more attention to some of those testimonials though. One that I read yesterday made absolutely no sense with regards to this program. Maybe the dude who wrote it was smokin pot and forgot where he was, LOL

- Two more PIF Winners over at GBC this week. That's a total of five for the month so far. Nice!!
Congratulations to members Phoenix14 and castello for winning 40 Board positions from the PIF Pool draw today!
That was posted on Tuesday. Yippee!

- So how you guys feeling about Positive Surf? Am a little nervous about it myself since it just completed it's first 12 days yesterday. Said I was gonna buy a new spot, but I didn't yet. I still have one running for another 6 days. Might just let it go for now, keep an eye on the forums and see what happens. (shrugs)
Don't worry, am not a HAR. If it continues steady and rising, I'll continue to support it also.
BUT looks like he's a bit later than usual with the payouts today. A-oh :(

- BTW, just because I don't mention a program often (that you see here on the side bar), doesn't mean it's not working. It just means it's working slower than the things I talk about daily. So if you don't mind waiting longer to see results, they all work. You just need a lotta patience. And I DO mean lotta.

- Speaking of such, will remove Product Shares now. It's not moved for a long time and I don't want you to get trapped into the same situation as me. Don't get me wrong, it's a fine program but ... it's just not moving like I hoped it would. K


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Synergy Money

If you can't get into Synergy Money right now, not to worry. The site has changed its IP address and is being propagated as I write this. So just check back later. That's what I'm gonna do :)
Oh and if you ever need information like this, Ivan is a regular at the MMG Forum. So you can always go there and see what's happening. That's what I did today.

4:30 PM MST: OK, am back home and SM loaded fine for me. If you're still having trouble, just give it time. We don't need to worry about Synergy at all. It's in good hands.
Thank you Ivan for all you do :)

Dear blondie,

As you may have noticed there was a little downtime today of the Synergy Money site. It was caused by the firewall system which now has been re-set and all services are put back to normal. However, during the investigation time the host has implemented a new IP for the domain which lead to the necessity of a DNS
propagation. Some members are able to access without problems but some might experience certain difficulties. Give it some time for the site to properly propagate again in your area. You can also try re-booting your computer.

**Two new feature**
There are two new features added today. Under the "Referrals" page you can see your upline name and email address. Also, on the home page of your member office you can see your Member Level. We have 3 member levels – “Free” “Active member” and “VIP”. The explanation of each is given in the FAQ section.

Thank you for your patience and synergistic efforts.

Working together we can produce an enhanced effect greater than the sum of the individual effects.



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Had To Show You This

I felt so icky yesterday, still struggling to get rid of this dang cold. Checked my email and...

Congratulations, you have earned a commission at ad2million!
Your direct referral has spent $850.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $85.00!
Great job and thank you!
ad2million Team

Holy Cow! Sure brightened up my day in a hurry, LOL
Many Thanks to Don who made that purchase. You all have no idea how much I appreciate every single one of you!!!

As for Ad2Million, things are still looking great through my eyes. Lots of new members join daily, cycling has been the steady 2% since the start, and Carrie is still doing payments as fast as she can. What more could you ask for?
PS, just re-purchased 5 more positions ;)


Speaking of 2% Daily ... Synergy Money has also been paying me 2% daily since it's start. The only difference here is that you DO receive your initial spend (your principal) back over the course of 60 days, IF you're in the Serial plans that is.
Ivan just sent out an update which sounds very promising. We are almost to 600 members now and continue to grow daily. I have been really happy with this program... appreciate all the thought that was put into it, all the work that Ivan is doing for us now, as well as the results I'm seeing in the form of dollars. So keep up the good work (and word) and try it out if you haven't already. That's my suggestion :)


Gord paid out 6 members yesterday from the GBC / K-game boards, and he's got more coming up soon too. Also more PIF drawings. Man that guy doesn't rest much, haha Congrats to all who recently got paid!


Positive Surf ... requested my 3rd cash out today for this first 12 day period, which expires tomorrow. Once paid I'll put some of it back in for another round, if things are still going well that is. I'll let ya know.


Seems like Alert Pay (as a pay processor) is the way to go with these programs nowadays. Most of them accept AP and it's a very trusted pay processor in my opinion. Those programs that ONLY accept Liberty Reserve ... I wouldn't touch em with a 10 foot pole. Not even a 5. Those are the sites that have SCAM written all over their foreheads. Just be careful out there, OK


My friend Paul who lives in the wonderful weather State of Hawaii sent me THIS CLIP the other day. Funny stuff. "Hawaii, you're a pussy!" hahaha. Hey Paul, you can come out here anytime and enjoy the snow with me. Just don't eat the yellow snow!!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, yuck :(

There's just something about Monday's.
I always have a hard time getting motivated on Monday's, and today's no different.
Into week 3 with this cold I caught, and no signs of it going anywhere. I suppose it could be something worse than your average cold. But I'm not one to rush off to the Doctor every time I have a sniffle or sore throat.
So am just trying to relax and hope it goes away soon.


- Got a nice payment from Synergy Money today, eighty some dollars. Enough to buy some good cold medicine, LOL. Thanks Ivan and members :)
You know, I have twice the amount of active spends there now as I did when we first launched. So what does that tell you? It tells you that I'm not out to HAR (hit-n-run) or take advantage of the program or it's members. Play nice with others, that's what we're taught, right?

- Re-purchased 5 more positions in Ad2Million also. Got a couple more days before I can request another payout. And Carrie still hasn't changed the member area for that. It's still on a 7 day limit. FYI

- Just heard Gord is doing some payments to GBC members as we speak. But I'm not due one this time. Maybe soon though, since I have several of those puppies running at the K-game.

- I guess Positive Surf is doing OK. But if you're trying to win the contest for the most referrals this week, be aware that once your free referrals join, they must 'activate' their account in order to be counted, IF they stay free that is. OK.

- I'm tired. Can you tell?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Sunday :)

Trying to relax a little today but this internet stuff never sleeps, LOL

- Just made a new Serial Premium spend in Synergy Money. Only needed to add a small bit to what was in my cash balance to do that. So once again, I'm in for yet another 60 days. Yes, I have quite a few of them running now. Coolness :)

- Ad2Million just keeps going and going. Thanks to my referrals (new and old) and all active members for keeping this one at the top of the cycler list.

- Received my profit share from GrandBankClub today, as we always do on Sunday's. Thanks Gord and of course, all the members that are contributing to the PIF pool of funds.

- Positive Surf is doing a referral contest now through the 21st. Oh I dunno. Might make for a lot of spam out there since you can win the contest with the highest amount of 'free' referrals you get as well as 'active' ones, (roll eyes). Well I'm not going to hound anyone to join. It's just not worth it to me. Sure I'd like to win, but not at that expense, ha.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well ... We're Here

Because we're not all there.

Goofy song, I know. You ever feel like that though?
Not necessarily over love, but over anything that causes you extreme stress.


- Will be purchasing another Serial Premium tomorrow in Synergy Money. Hey, it's doing great from where I sit. No complaints and Ivan is taking care of business perfectly. Thumbs up!

- Carrie still needs to adjust the script in the member area of Ad2Million for withdrawals. It's still set to 7 days even though the new update says we can request every 3. Not a big deal and I'm sure she'll get it done soon. Other than that, everything is going great there too.

- Gord will be doing his profit share calculations in Grand Bank Club tomorrow :)

- Positive Surf ... the site is down for me sometimes, but if I wait a bit, and check again, it's back up. Am surprised at the interest in this one. Guess there are more gamblers out there than I realized. It's all good. As a matter of fact, I added another new spend there yesterday. So I guess I'm guilty too. LOL


Since I've already lost my mind, might as well continue.
Gord wrote an article today about SPAM in his newsletter. Which made me think of all the spam I get daily. So to you spammers out there ...
I do NOT want or need: Viagra, Cialis, penis enlargers or sex enhancement pills.
I did NOT win the British Lottery, the Microsoft give-a-way, the new BMW car, or any of the other lotteries from around the world.
I am NOT giving you my bank account information so that you can send me that Ten Million dollars to hold onto for the "Duke of Earl" until he can arrive in my country.
Oh there's so much spam out there. More than what's in my cupboard, that's for sure. LOL

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do you remember my Idiot post? LOL

Someone actually submitted a comment today to my Idiot post from August 11th. Since I'm sure not many people read back that far, I'll respond to him or her here.

They asked if I was able to get my Alert Pay refund from the ProAdsClub surf site. And the answer is YES! It wasn't much, only $30 and it was sent to me pretty fast, a week or two maybe? Also I think that's the only time I've requested a refund from AP, even after all these years of playing on the net. But the fool admin admitted to us that he lost our money in another site, hence the word Idiot came to mind and I DID send AP his stupid note too, so they could see, first hand, that he WAS an Idiot. OK. ok


(to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree")

Oh Synergy Oh Synergy
You're always here to pay me
Oh Synergy Oh Synergy
You never fight or nay me

Sorry, was just entertaining myself, LOL. Synergy Money ... I have yet another Serial Premium expiring later today. Haven't decided yet if I should roll it into a new Serial Advanced OR add to it for a New Serial Premium. Well, I'll think about it let you know what I decide to do. Either way, I'm very comfortable putting money back into the program. All boils down to that "matter of trust" I wrote about on Monday. Cool :)


My Cat is staring at me. It must be lunchtime. BRB


OK, here's two of the reasons WHY I love Ad2Million ...

Your direct referral has spent $ 300.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $ 30.00!

Date: January 13, 2011 1:07 PM
Amount Sent: $240.00 USD
Sender Name:

Now I could talk about it until I'm blue in the face, but actions always speak louder than words. Kapish?


Positive Surf seems to be going OK. The surfing part runs smoothly and other than that DDOS attack, haven't seen any other problems. I did request a payout this morning, and will let you know when that's received. The only weird thing is, regardless of which pay processor your referrals used to purchase, you MUST withdraw to the pay processor that YOU bought in with. Now that part does make me a little nervous. I hope the Admin investigated that thoroughly before making that rule. Well, time will tell.
* Payment received. $20 something. I'll buy another position tomorrow before I surf. K


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2nd Post for Wednesday

This morning when I saw an Alert Pay Money Received email, I said hmmm... who's sending me money? Opened it up and it was from that sassy boxer guy Gord sending me $35.00 for completing my first $75 board in the GBC/K-Game. YaY!!!
Now I did tell him yesterday to keep $40 so that I can buy my strategy position and send me what's left. So for my Moose One spot, I am officially IN PROFIT now and still chugging along to the next big one! Whoopie!


Been having trouble seeing my screen the past few days. Could be cause of all the snow outside, the sun shining on it and blinding me every time I look out the window. Maybe I'll close the curtains and be a hermit today.


Going up the chart, Ad2Million has never let me down. Am about to request another sizable cash out from them today. But not-to-worry. You know I re-purchase on a regular basis to keep the funds in the program which helps to support it. Kudos!

Was just made aware of something. New payout rules which is fine and probably needed to be adjusted anyway. I do NOT see this as a red flag and I hope you don't either.

Withdraw and payout processing time:
We grow steadily everyday. To improve our work efficency, the payout and withdraw will be adjusted to as following:
    Withdraw: Once every 3 days.
    Payout processing time:
  • $10 to $99 - 2+ working days

  • $100 to $199 - 3+ working days

  • $200 to $499 - 4+ working days

  • $500 and higher - 5+ working days

  • No payout on Saturday and Sunday


And then there's my Synergy Money account. Every day I have a little more than the day before. I really do love these 2% Daily programs. Whether they're a cycler or a HYIP, they are just working great for me! I'll wait a bit longer to cash out and/or buy a new position though. I don't make $1 withdraw requests like some of the monitors do, LOL. Poor Ivan. All that work to send someone $1 to their pay processor. Oh well, to each his own. Who am I to judge anyway?


The Tribe Has Spoken

Well I don't what to say. You Win? LOL

Remember on Saturday the 8th when I mentioned Positive Surf? I wasn't very optimistic about it and said I was only going to use it to promote my other sites.
I still don't know who the Admin is although he does drop into the MMG forum now. Not that it means anything, just that he comes in to answer questions.

I have learned that he's paying for Advertising the site along with paying the monitors. I even received an Ad for it from one of the Forums I'm a member of. So the guy IS putting out some bucks to promote his site. Which makes me wonder ... would he do that if he was only thinking short term?
Well I don't know, and neither do you.

So to make a long story short, I HAVE just added the banner for Positive Surf on my side bar, and will report what I see and hear from now on. I really had no intention of ever mentioning it again BUT thanks to you gamblers out there, who joined under me in these first few days ... guess I owe it to you to keep an eye on it. OK then, have fun, good luck, don't bet the farm, and happy surfing.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

I made the mistake of going out yesterday at about 5 PM to shovel snow. Colorado is a dry State and normally the cold doesn't feel that cold, but.... yesterday it was 7 degrees Fahrenheit (that's -13.88 Celsius) so when I went out to shovel, thought I was gonna die!
Not sure if it's my head cold that did it, or maybe I wasn't dressed warm enough, or maybe am just getting old... but when I was done, felt like my lungs were gonna collapse. Seriously, can't remember the last time I felt the cold that much!
Thank goodness I have a nice warm home to stay in. Doubt if I'd survive on the 'street' very long if I ever had to :(


Have you had the time to read the Testimonials in Synergy Money? There's a link for them on the front page now, and they're awesome! Everybody's happy... and when they're happy, I'm happy. YaY!!
I myself bought a couple new Serial Premium plans over the last few days. I'm in for the long haul. I know this program is being run properly and I'll be around "till death do us part" LOL
Thanks again to Ivan and all our wonderful members. Hope to see our HYIP make history.


Ad2Million ... well I think anyone who is a regular reader of mine is already advertising (playing) in this one. If not, why not?
Two weeks from tomorrow will be a 5 Month Anniversary for this. Are you surprised? Mmmm, I'm not. I am surprised that membership keeps growing like crazy every single day, which is telling me that happy members are sharing and getting their own piece of that RC Pie :) It IS a good pie ... can't argue with that. So Thanks to all who have joined and are supporting the program.


GrandBankClub ... that Gord never sleeps either. Every day there's news about PIF's, new board positions being bought and placed, and those next in line to be paid or already paid. Actually, GBC hit a milestone yesterday of placing it's 100th Board Position! You can read Gord's update HERE and notice that Blondie is mentioned there too. WhooHooo!


Monday, January 10, 2011

A Matter of Trust

Was chatting with a friend this morning and the word "Trust" came into the conversation. So I got to thinking about Trust here on the net... who I trust, what I trust and how I build my trust.

There are certain Admins of programs that I do trust.
I trust Ivan of Synergy Money. I trust Gord of Grand Bank Club, and I trust Pete of Team Cash Cow. I've known them all for a long time now and also know that they can all be trusted.

Then there is Carrie of Ad2Million, who I've learned to trust over time. I didn't know her from Jack when she first approached me about Ad2M, yet over the last 4-1/2 months, she's built the trust that she so rightly deserves.

Now I'm not one to normally "put my money where my mouth is", part of the reason being I just don't have that much money to go around, LOL. YET I find myself spending much more freely in both Synergy Money and Grand Bank Club because I know who these people are and I know they're running their programs exactly as they should be run.

So I don't know about you, but it's been paying off for me quite nicely :)

OK, guess that was my Editorial for the day.
Listen to the words of this song, and try to relate it to our programs (rather than love). You'll get my drift.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday and Anniversary and ...

Yesterday my grand "baby O" turned 6 months old. Just felt the need to show her off a little more. Happy Birthday Olivia !! xoxoxo


Today Synergy Money is celebrating it's 60 Day Anniversary!!
It'll still be an hour or so before my first day spends actually 'expire' and return my 4th quarter principal amount. Now since I'm in the Serial plans, and have been reinvesting into the Serial Advanced all along, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet today.
All I can say is this is the best HYIP I have ever been in!! Am not saying that because it might pay a higher rate or does faster payouts than others. But more so because I have faith in it. I trust the program, I trust the Admin and I trust our members. I know for a fact that Ivan is doing the best he can in keeping up with the day-to-day operations and he IS doing a wonderful job! Thank You Ivan :)
And remember, this is our baby. Yes, I said "our baby". By being an active member, this is my business too. And yours too if you're a part of it. This is a two way street and it's up to all of us to keep our baby healthy and growing. So again, Happy 60 Day Anniversary Synergy Money! And many more :))

UPDATE: via Alert Pay this time, I just bought myself another new Serial Premium for the next 60 day duration. Keepin the ball rolling. Thumbs up!


I just can't seem to keep up with Grand Bank Club's progress. So glad that Gord is running our game for us, LOL. For you non-players, here's a clue on what goes on there ...

Hello GBC Members

Congratulations to member TCCcorky123 for winning the latest PIF draw for a 40 Board position. A big GBC thanks goes to member TCCsnbest55 for purchasing a position through the Easy 40 Plan as well as new member... Regency doing the same.

Tomorrow is Sunday and time for another Profit Share calculation. This is usually completed early in the day but any PIF Pool Fund contributions that come in during the day will also be factored in.

Members Celticboy and Shirley50 got paid this morning and will update with the members next in line to get paid


Thanks again Gord for all you do! Can't wait to see the next one.


Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sometimes you feel like a Nut,

Sometimes you don't.


I guess I felt like a Nut today because I just joined a new Surf Site that launched last night. Now it is a 12 x 12 and you can join for as little as $7.00

So why did I join it?
To promote what's important to me.

Got an email about it this morning so off I go to investigate. I see the Admin is yet "another" new MMG member, (roll eyes) which doesn't sit well with me. It probably means he or she has been here before and doesn't want you to know who they really are.

But now that I think about it, there is another popular surf out there where the Admin joined MMG new and it's still running after 2 months, so am not sure if my theory is good or not. So I flipped a coin and decided for the small spend, that I could afford it to do more Advertising.

Everything is on the front page for those who are interested. And remember, I'm not pushing this ... just playing in it.
Always Play at Your Own Risk :)

Here's my link. It's called Positive Surf.
I'm having trouble with the dang banner.
BRB lol

Positive Surf

There we go. Figured it out.
If you do decide to play, please be sure "blondie" shows as your referrer.
Thanks Much and Good Luck!


TOMORROW is the big day!

SynergyMoney will be at the top of my post tomorrow.

Why you ask?
Because tomorrow will be our 60th day of success! YaY!
Here's the note from Admin just received:

Dear blondie,

I would like to inform you that our 2nd month anniversary is tomorrow and not on the 10th because the month of December had 31 days.

We are almost reaching the 500 mark in memberships and steadily growing. However, we can increase this growth even more by the combined efforts of everyone. We pay 8% commission on the first deposit a referred member by you makes within the program and 2% on all additional deposits by this member.

Furthermore, you can support Synergy Money by posting a testimonial from the back office of your account and also by posting a vote on our ratings page

Or you can simply come and visit our public forum at the Money Maker Group

As always, thank you for your synergistic efforts and team spirit.

Working together we can produce an enhanced effect greater than the sum of the individual effects.



Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moving Slow Today

Still nursing this dang cold :(
Been taking the best of the over-the-counter drugs but still feeling like crap. Maybe the chicken soup I had for lunch will help. If not, then it's another shot of Nyquil tonight.


I checked my ROI in Synergy Money today and realized I was doing better than I thought. So I bumped up the date and made my new spend today.
Told you I was gonna do that when my 60 days was up. Well what the heck. I know the Admin's not going anywhere so I went ahead and made a new Serial purchase just a few hours ago. Right on!
Oh and thanks again to all the folks who have joined me there. Without good members (and a superb Admin), this wouldn't be possible for any of us :)


You know, even after 4+ months of Ad2Million emails, I still get excited when I get one like this:
Your direct referral has spent $ 250.00 and
you have received a direct commission of $ 25.00!
Just goes to show that when a program is running well, and word is getting out, folks are still joining like crazy (over 3,000 members now) and giving it their best shot. Can't blame them for that. I'm so frickin happy with Carrie and Ad2M, I would dance if I knew how or if I felt better today. LOL


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not Just For Cows

I have a horrible head cold.
Have been blowing my nose and wiping it raw for the last 3 days.
Looking around the house for something to soothe the now very tender skin around my nose and above my upper lip.
Where's the Vaseline when you need it anyway? Can't find any, dang.
So continuing my search, I found some good ole Bag Balm*.
Rub in on, feels great. YaY!
So it's not just for cows anymore!
Works for old bags too, LOL


Someone wrote to me last night right before I sent out my Alert, and he said:
Thanks for adding me to your alert service. I'm looking hard for another good one like Synergy and A2M. It's out there.......somewhere."
Now that's what I like to hear... a satisfied reader.
Anyway I did mention to him my other favorite which is Gord's Grand Bank Club / The Easy 40 Plan, and bottom line is the K-game. It's a European based board game, and Gord is doing all the leg work for us. We just make our spend, give him the reins, and away we go :)
Here is his Basics of a Board post that may interest you.
Check it out if you haven't already. Link on the right and you don't need to be a member to read his blog posts on it. We're getting close to having 100 positions just in our own little team, and that is very cool.


Just read about Hermit Jim's Mom being sick and going to the hospital. I agree with Jim, hospital's suck and I avoid them at all cost. Anyway, I hope your Mom is feeling better soon Jim. Give her my best :)


Getting back on track ... Ad2Million has over 3000 members now. That's just amazing! Funny how these things can branch out, like tree limbs. Plant one seed in the ground and it just keeps growing and branching out for as long as we continue to feed it.
Hats off to Carrie the Admin and of course, all of our faithful members.


Been seeing a lot of Paid Posts for Synergy Money in the forums as well. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... you won't find a more honest and hard working Admin than Ivan. I've know him for a few years now and am really pleased with the way he's been handling "our" program.
Next week will be our official 60 day Anniversary (birthday). Can't wait for the final round of my Serial Plan's to kick back that last 25% of my principal. I've been re-spending them all so far, but this time I may do something a little different. Rather than buying a new Serial Advanced, I may just add a little to it and go for the gusto again, the main Serial, the big daddy of them all.
Just like the Lotto, you can't win if you don't play.


Speaking of Lotto, I heard on the news that 2 people won Mega-Millions last night. And one of those winners lives in the State of Washington. Now I have a couple of gal friends here on the net that live in Washington. I wonder if one of them won? And if they did, would they remember all their good internet buddies? hmmm


*Bag Balm is a salve developed in 1899 to soothe irritation on cows' udders after milking. The product is officially only meant for animals and is inspected as such by the United States Food and Drug Administration, but it's also often used as a treatment for chapped and irritated skin on humans and can be found in places such as drug stores, ski resorts, online vendors, needle-work stores, and of course farm and feed stores. Its uses are many, for example "squeaky bed springs, psoriasis, dry facial skin, cracked fingers, burns, zits, diaper rash, saddle sores, sunburn, pruned trees, rifles, shell casings, bed sores and radiation burns.


Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Do you remember me talking about SynergyMoney and our New Year's Resolutions Contest in the MMG forum? No? Well, I guess I took too long to post 'my own' resolutions, so my pal Susan took the liberty to do it for me. Check this out:

"Here Blondie, I will help you:

Blondie's New Year's Resolutions:

1. Keep the cats happy with plenty of food and toys.
2. Keep writing my Blog.
3. Try not to say "Idiot!!!" too many times (unless they really deserve it, which they do so I don't know how successful I will be with this resolution).
4. Try to keep the ranting2.gif to a minimum.
5. Keep investing in Synergy Money.

There you go Blondie, that's one more thing off your plate! rofl4.gif

Here's mine while I am at it.
My Resolutions:

1. Keep the cats happy with plenty of food and toys.
2. Keep reading Blondie's Blog.
3. Try not to laugh too hard and wake up the cats when Blondie says "Idiot!!!".
4. Cover my eyes when Blondie ranting2.gif
5. Keep investing in Synergy Money. "

**Back to me. Does she know me too well or what? LOL
Thanks Susan. I hope you WIN the contest for today.
Actually, how could that post NOT win?


Speaking of IDIOTS ... you reminded me of something.

The day I sent my ALERT out for Ad2Million, way back on Aug 26th, I received this response from someone on my list:

"Shame on you for promoting this trash."

There was more in the note, but I don't want to bore you with the details. Now, since launch, this Ad2Million "trash" has 100% paid for my Christmas giving this year, (including the cat toys and (now headless) wiggle worm), had paid my credit card bills for several months and has helped me get a few other things caught up to date. So bottom line is, Ad2M has been a real blessing.

Now, to the person who called this trash ... well, let me just say you must have more dollars than sense and shouldn't judge what you don't know, understand, or are willing to take a gamble on.
I took a gamble and it was one of the smartest things I've done all year. So this one's for you.


I love good news, don't you?
Just went to GrandBankClub and read this:
Congratulations to member roberteb for winning the first PIF draw of 2011!!
WOW! Congrats Robert!!
And also today, I purchased a new Easy 40 Plan spot for myself.
I have quite a few running now and should be seeing some bucks coming back to my wallet (or purse) sometime this month. Thanks again Gord for running a good show! We DO appreciate you :))


Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 ... Bring It On

- SynergyMoney is doing fantastic! Only 8 more days to reach our first 60 days of operation. Ivan's been doing a great job keeping up with all the payouts, support tickets and improvements to the site. And being the new year, I would hope to see a lot of new members coming in now too. There are folks who don't like to join programs in the Nov/Dec time frame due to so many scamming for holiday money. But not the case here. Told you when we started, this will be run fairly and will run for as long as we support it. Thumbs Up!
PS, for those of you who are interested in the Contest results, here are the winners from New Year's Eve. And don't forget, we're doing a New Year's Resolutions contest now through the 7th (at the same place).

- Ad2Million: no stopping this baby. She just keeps running and cycling and paying without lifting a finger. (well maybe one finger to push the withdraw button, hehe). Being the New Year, I can imagine folks coming back to forum threads or blogs (like mine) looking to make some bucks the easy way. Well, it doesn't get much easier than this. And if you promote it, get a few referrals under your belt... even better. I just made a $25 RC myself on a referrals new purchase. Doesn't get any better than that!

- GrandBankClub: gotta love the way Gord is sharing profit with us these days. I logged in and Paid for my January PIF last night and noticed today, that I have enough in my account to purchase a new $40 spot on the board. Wow! Thanks to all who are purchasing and paying their PIF's also. Remember it helps everyone in the "game", not just me. LOL

- Product Shares: hmmm Well unless you can really use the products or can get a lot of referrals on your own, don't join this just for the profit share. I'm sure it'll last a long time but if you're diving after the quick buck, this is not the place to do it. K

- Same goes for F5M ... should pay off in the long run. And I do mean loooooong run, LOL. It's moving of course, but very slowly for those who aren't "go-getters". Personally, I'm lazy and not a go getter. So I'll just wait it out and see what happens next.

Finally warming up here today. I see some of the snow actually melting off rooftops. My poor furnace (heater) has been working overtime the last few days to keep me warm. Maybe today he can have a little rest.

Good bye old man winter.
Don't let the screen door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11 Introducing Kyra-Serene

I've been really distracted today, which is OK since there are no fires to put out anywhere I look.

So for a change of pace, I'd like to introduce you to Kyra.
Does the name sound familiar?
It may if you were a regular reader of John's 9planetreviews blog. This is his daughter and as you will see below, she's very talented. She's the one in the black dress at the start of the show.
Wow! am just blown away!
John would have been so proud to show this to you all.
Thanks to Kyra's mother for letting me know about this clip.