Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Synergy Money

If you can't get into Synergy Money right now, not to worry. The site has changed its IP address and is being propagated as I write this. So just check back later. That's what I'm gonna do :)
Oh and if you ever need information like this, Ivan is a regular at the MMG Forum. So you can always go there and see what's happening. That's what I did today.

4:30 PM MST: OK, am back home and SM loaded fine for me. If you're still having trouble, just give it time. We don't need to worry about Synergy at all. It's in good hands.
Thank you Ivan for all you do :)

Dear blondie,

As you may have noticed there was a little downtime today of the Synergy Money site. It was caused by the firewall system which now has been re-set and all services are put back to normal. However, during the investigation time the host has implemented a new IP for the domain which lead to the necessity of a DNS
propagation. Some members are able to access without problems but some might experience certain difficulties. Give it some time for the site to properly propagate again in your area. You can also try re-booting your computer.

**Two new feature**
There are two new features added today. Under the "Referrals" page you can see your upline name and email address. Also, on the home page of your member office you can see your Member Level. We have 3 member levels – “Free” “Active member” and “VIP”. The explanation of each is given in the FAQ section.

Thank you for your patience and synergistic efforts.

Working together we can produce an enhanced effect greater than the sum of the individual effects.




Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie:
Thx for posting Ivans email,,,,,for some reason i never received it !! Site is back, payouts done, all back to normal !!
Hope your flu is subsiding and see you in the forum !!


blondie said...

Hi Allan,
You're welcome.
Wish I had thought to post it in MMG too.
Did today. Better late than never eh? LOL

Feeling a bit better than yesterday.
Thanks for asking.
Later :)