Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Tribe Has Spoken

Well I don't what to say. You Win? LOL

Remember on Saturday the 8th when I mentioned Positive Surf? I wasn't very optimistic about it and said I was only going to use it to promote my other sites.
I still don't know who the Admin is although he does drop into the MMG forum now. Not that it means anything, just that he comes in to answer questions.

I have learned that he's paying for Advertising the site along with paying the monitors. I even received an Ad for it from one of the Forums I'm a member of. So the guy IS putting out some bucks to promote his site. Which makes me wonder ... would he do that if he was only thinking short term?
Well I don't know, and neither do you.

So to make a long story short, I HAVE just added the banner for Positive Surf on my side bar, and will report what I see and hear from now on. I really had no intention of ever mentioning it again BUT thanks to you gamblers out there, who joined under me in these first few days ... guess I owe it to you to keep an eye on it. OK then, have fun, good luck, don't bet the farm, and happy surfing.



tony said...

Hi blondie, can go either way with positive surf as we know, is he getting ready to run off, we will never know until the end comes lol.Im tony from capitalinvestmentmonitor, I have been reading as i said on the forum,your blog for quite some time, but been a bit shy in saying hello, HELLO! I can tell you the admin isnt paying me heaps for my services , but so far surfing is good and the maxivote will help i think in site growth.Thanks for letting me waffle a little on your wonderful site!

blondie said...

Hi Tony (wave)
No reason to be shy around here.

Yeah it's funny how we never know what's going to last and what's not. As I said, I held back on 'promoting' the site but others wanted to try it so ... might as well leave the link here until the bitter end. LOL

Glad you stopped by to say HELLO :)
Don't be a stranger now.