Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Do you remember me talking about SynergyMoney and our New Year's Resolutions Contest in the MMG forum? No? Well, I guess I took too long to post 'my own' resolutions, so my pal Susan took the liberty to do it for me. Check this out:

"Here Blondie, I will help you:

Blondie's New Year's Resolutions:

1. Keep the cats happy with plenty of food and toys.
2. Keep writing my Blog.
3. Try not to say "Idiot!!!" too many times (unless they really deserve it, which they do so I don't know how successful I will be with this resolution).
4. Try to keep the ranting2.gif to a minimum.
5. Keep investing in Synergy Money.

There you go Blondie, that's one more thing off your plate! rofl4.gif

Here's mine while I am at it.
My Resolutions:

1. Keep the cats happy with plenty of food and toys.
2. Keep reading Blondie's Blog.
3. Try not to laugh too hard and wake up the cats when Blondie says "Idiot!!!".
4. Cover my eyes when Blondie ranting2.gif
5. Keep investing in Synergy Money. "

**Back to me. Does she know me too well or what? LOL
Thanks Susan. I hope you WIN the contest for today.
Actually, how could that post NOT win?


Speaking of IDIOTS ... you reminded me of something.

The day I sent my ALERT out for Ad2Million, way back on Aug 26th, I received this response from someone on my list:

"Shame on you for promoting this trash."

There was more in the note, but I don't want to bore you with the details. Now, since launch, this Ad2Million "trash" has 100% paid for my Christmas giving this year, (including the cat toys and (now headless) wiggle worm), had paid my credit card bills for several months and has helped me get a few other things caught up to date. So bottom line is, Ad2M has been a real blessing.

Now, to the person who called this trash ... well, let me just say you must have more dollars than sense and shouldn't judge what you don't know, understand, or are willing to take a gamble on.
I took a gamble and it was one of the smartest things I've done all year. So this one's for you.


I love good news, don't you?
Just went to GrandBankClub and read this:
Congratulations to member roberteb for winning the first PIF draw of 2011!!
WOW! Congrats Robert!!
And also today, I purchased a new Easy 40 Plan spot for myself.
I have quite a few running now and should be seeing some bucks coming back to my wallet (or purse) sometime this month. Thanks again Gord for running a good show! We DO appreciate you :))



Gord said...

Your articles get better and better Judy. Gotta' love it and I have a feeling your holding back with that "mooning" pic doin' the


blondie said...

Man you got that right !
You know I talk like a truck driver, so thought it would be best to let the butt speak for me.
Glad you enjoyed it.

Susan said...

Hi Judy, glad I could help you with those darn resolutions, LOL!

Love the mooning pic too, as that is what makes your blog so fun for me to read. :)

Here's to a fun and prosperous 2011!


blondie said...

Thanks again Susan

You know, I'm not much of a reader myself, so I suppose I like filling in with the pics ... gives you a visual of what I'm thinking.
Also kind of like a children's book.

That's me. In my 2nd childhood now. LOL
Happy 2011 to you too :))

debbie said...

Im making enough on Ad2million to pay 2/3 of my mortgage each month PLUS repurchase positions each week!
Too bad your commenter missed the boat on this one!

blondie said...

Wow! That's awesome Debbie!

And yes, it is too bad that person had to be such a stick in the mud. Ah well, guess we're better off without the negativity. (although I haven't had one reason to be negative in over 4 months)

Have a great night!

Randy V said... friend! Your blog gets better and better all the time. I love the resolutions and the pictures. I guess someone should have checked something out first before making such a "idiot" response.

Wow Debbie! 2/3 of your that's impressive. I want to do that too...even 1/2. Judy..tell me what to do!!! I always listen to you...I do!

Have a great week!
Randy V

blondie said...

You know Randy, not sure how Debbie got to that point. Maybe she'll come back and give you an answer. I can only speak for myself.
Might make for a good new blog article.
Let me think about that and you have a great week too!