Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11 Introducing Kyra-Serene

I've been really distracted today, which is OK since there are no fires to put out anywhere I look.

So for a change of pace, I'd like to introduce you to Kyra.
Does the name sound familiar?
It may if you were a regular reader of John's 9planetreviews blog. This is his daughter and as you will see below, she's very talented. She's the one in the black dress at the start of the show.
Wow! am just blown away!
John would have been so proud to show this to you all.
Thanks to Kyra's mother for letting me know about this clip.


Stephany said...

Thanks Blondie... Sure do appreciate your support.

Here's another video link you might like to her YouTube channel where she sings Cabaret style.

Keep an eye out world, she's on her way.

Cheers and Happy 2011!

blondie said...

Yes I saw that one yesterday also, but it was so hard to hear and see her, that I decided on this one instead.

I've got her youtube bookmarked so anything new I'll be mentioning for sure :)

Thanks again for sharing!
Cheers :))