Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2nd Post for Wednesday

This morning when I saw an Alert Pay Money Received email, I said hmmm... who's sending me money? Opened it up and it was from that sassy boxer guy Gord sending me $35.00 for completing my first $75 board in the GBC/K-Game. YaY!!!
Now I did tell him yesterday to keep $40 so that I can buy my strategy position and send me what's left. So for my Moose One spot, I am officially IN PROFIT now and still chugging along to the next big one! Whoopie!


Been having trouble seeing my screen the past few days. Could be cause of all the snow outside, the sun shining on it and blinding me every time I look out the window. Maybe I'll close the curtains and be a hermit today.


Going up the chart, Ad2Million has never let me down. Am about to request another sizable cash out from them today. But not-to-worry. You know I re-purchase on a regular basis to keep the funds in the program which helps to support it. Kudos!

Was just made aware of something. New payout rules which is fine and probably needed to be adjusted anyway. I do NOT see this as a red flag and I hope you don't either.

Withdraw and payout processing time:
We grow steadily everyday. To improve our work efficency, the payout and withdraw will be adjusted to as following:
    Withdraw: Once every 3 days.
    Payout processing time:
  • $10 to $99 - 2+ working days

  • $100 to $199 - 3+ working days

  • $200 to $499 - 4+ working days

  • $500 and higher - 5+ working days

  • No payout on Saturday and Sunday


And then there's my Synergy Money account. Every day I have a little more than the day before. I really do love these 2% Daily programs. Whether they're a cycler or a HYIP, they are just working great for me! I'll wait a bit longer to cash out and/or buy a new position though. I don't make $1 withdraw requests like some of the monitors do, LOL. Poor Ivan. All that work to send someone $1 to their pay processor. Oh well, to each his own. Who am I to judge anyway?



allanz said...

Great update Blondie !! SynergyMoney shows no signs of slowing down nor does Ad2Million. I dont see any red flags with Ad2Million,,,,,the new rules allow you to cashout more frequently, so if you set a pattern of requesting cashouts every 3 days(not necessarily the same amt. because we do repurchase), you will be receiving funds every 2-4 days.(depending on the amt. of request). Also, Carrie is doing such a great job and even previously to this update, it was stated that cashouts would take 2-5 days,,,,,,but never did. So we wait and see if she continues in this fashion. See ya in the forums !!

blondie said...

Thanks Allan,
and I agree and agree and agree :)
Also enjoyed seeing your testimonial on the Ad2M site. And to think, some people even complained about having to do one. hmmm
No no, not you. You've always been very supportive and we appreciate that.
Take care and yes, c'ya in the forums :)