Friday, May 31, 2013

What's For Lunch?

How about SPAM?

Sorry, just needed a giggle after sifting through my email today. Am sure I sounded like that one gal (or guy)...
"I Don't Like Spam!"

Speaking of spam, sure wish these amateur promoters would learn where the "Blind Copy" button is, and then learn how to use it!

New Program: still scheduled for Monday to the best of my knowledge. Remember it will be a Hybrid so something for everyone. Stay tuned.

Saw an additional note about the Rican programs posted in the forum but I didn't verify it. I assume it's legit:
Message reply from Richard Cannon in Facebook

" We are keeping the RAF dbase as is - just changing the name to ismAdsIncome and the ismai dbase will be brought into the RAF dbase. Those with no ismmagic account will have to create it so that it can be the central profile for all our sites now and in the future. Each persons sponsor will be the most active sponsor if there are two - so the active sponsors will always benefit"

Now if you didn't see the long update posted yesterday, go read that first. And don't ask me questions yet. We're all wondering what July will look like when they re-open.

Gold Alliance Fund: got paid today.

NEO Mutual: got paid today.

Private Program: got paid today.

Whoa! That was easy. What's next...

Click Paid: if all goes well, the first click packages I purchased are going to expire after my surfing is done on Sunday.
Click Paid has been an easy ride and it sure would be nice if it stays that way ;)

Just in from Gold Alliance Fund:

Subject: GAF Winners! New Contest! Representatives!

Dear Valued GAF Members,

This week we have had the pleasure of hearing from many of you about how we at GAF have been changing your lives over the past 3 weeks. There were many inspirational stories shared and we know our true success lies in the support we receive from such great members!

We have added the 10 winners’ testimonials to the site and you may view them here. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners. You have all received a $45 investment on us!

Giving is one of the reasons we started GAF and it’s what inspires us daily to deliver our best to our members. Starting immediately we are launching our new contest! We are giving away another ten $45 investments to those who post the most unique payment proof on any of the forums that can be found on our ratings page. If you were a winner in our testimonial contest you are more than welcome to partake again! Please submit you entry with a support ticket, with Forum Post as the subject. Include the forum you posted in and your forum user name in the ticket. The competition ends Sunday midnight EST, so be sure to place your withdrawal Saturday as we don't process payments on Sundays.

Yesterday, I participated in an interview with David Vonte, owner of David News. His questions were very common to the questions we receive through our contact forms, support tickets and support inquiries. I understand when talking about GAF to others, questions arise that you may not know the answer to. This interview lets me explain it to them for you. A marketing tool you can easily send your people to for answers to their questions.  GAF CEO Interview click here.

Lastly, we have been receiving many requests to assist people in their native dialect. As such we are launching our Representatives program. We will have a page added on the website that will allow potential members to get in touch someone locally or that speaks a specific language that can explain GAF in more detail. To apply for a representative position please submit a support ticket from your back office with one short paragraph stating why you would make a good addition to our representative program, include languages spoken, as well as your contact details that can be shared publicly.

From all of us at GAF we wish you a joyous weekend and we look forward to reading your payment proofs on the forums.

Yours Sincerely,
GAF CEO and Staff


“Silence is golden, and gold is up these days, so silence is a solid investment.”
― Jarod Kintz

Thursday, May 30, 2013

RAF and ismAI News, plus more

Too windy to go outside today so I guess you're stuck with me. Glad I did some lawn fertilizing yesterday in between the rain showers.

Gold Alliance Fund
Dear GAF members,
The best testimonial contest has now ended and the response to it was phenomenal! The 10 winners who will each receive a $45 investment credited to their account will be announced on Friday. Thank you for your submissions and we wish you the best of luck!

And if you weren't able to participate in the contest for some reason, don't worry; there's a new surprise competition waiting for you in the forthcoming newsletter!

Yours Sincerely,
GAF CEO and Staff

I didn't join the contest since I only became a member on the 21st. Hardly enough time to be 'life changing'. But that's OK and I'll be looking forward to the new surprise, whatever it is.

NEO Mutual: all is running smooth and requested my weekly payout today. Yes I do them weekly to save on pay processor fees.

Profit Reference: have seen some payments posted in the forum today. That's good news for sure. If you're still waiting on one, I do hope you're on his list to be paid soon.

Click Paid: was just going to do my daily surfing and noticed this:

Greetings Click Paid IBOs!

We hope your week is going as well as ours! Today we have more great news: Live Trainings are now an active feature on the Click Paid website! The link to the scheduled trainings can be found on the Dashboard side navigation menu under My Knowledge Center -- Training Programs.

Please take advantage of this great opportunity to improve your own experience and follow up with your team members to make sure they are aware. Our trainings are custom tailored to fit the experience of all of our members, and are the quickest way to get you earning big!

Keep having a great week!
-- The Click Paid Team

written by Russell ISMmagic, May 30, 2013 

ismAdsIncome & RAF Restructure 

To say that the demise of Liberty Reserve created a severe financial issue for us would be the understatement of the year. Many facing such an issue would have closed their doors and walked away; we do not see that as being morally acceptable and will restructure ismAI and RAF to ensure their ongoing viability for the benefit of the members. 
All earnings, re-purchases and e-wallet transactions will be rolled back to the 31st March 2013. 

We will calculate a “combined balance for each member” based on 
1.+ Referral commission to 31st March 
2.+ Earnings to 31st March 
3.+ Capital Balance, being unexpired portion of active units as at 31st March + external purchases after 31st March 
4.- Withdrawals paid (including withdrawals to the e-wallet up to 31st March). 

The balances for both sites will be combined then split into 
1.Free balance = purchases via external processors less withdrawals to external processors if greater than zero. This balance will be available for members to withdraw. 
2.The rest will be converted into units. 

There will be two sites ongoing, your balance will be added to 
1.ismAdsIncome for non EU members 
2.RAF for EU members. 

Both sites will have $10 units paying profit share of 1.5% per day for 100 working days (Mon-Fri)
Each $10 unit will attract 3000 x 3 ad credits on (the applicable) site + 500 ismMagic “Magic Points” 
You will have to be a member of ismMagic to access either site. 
Earnings on the restructured units will commence from 1st July 2013. 

Referral Commissions will be 
5%, 3% & 1% on new purchases 
3% & 1% on re-purchases and e-wallet purchases 
All ongoing referral commissions may only be used to purchase ad units. 

We are working on a “card option” for withdrawals until this is in place we will continue with Solid Trust Pay and EgoPay as our processors. We have looked at other processors but including these will only create added complications. 
We will change the generation of the Magic Code to be done from within ismMagic and a single Magic Code will be used for all Rican programs. For that reason all tickets relating to lost Magic Codes will be deleted. 

Russell ISMmagic
Support Ticket Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, May 30, 2013 

Support Tickets for 

1. Purchases (excludes re-purchases & ismRican e-wallet purchases)not received. 
2. Approved withdrawals not received 

Will be dealt with as part of our re-structure calculation. 

Please note withdrawals paid into members LR accounts, that were subsequently lost as a result of LR's closure are NOT our responsibility.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Unfortunately, that's what I've been doing today.
Not a lot. Just a little, lol

Speaking of Spring Cleaning, that seems to be what
Profit Clicking has been doing as well.
Did they say more adjustments? Not sure how many more we can take at this point!

Total ProfitShift Account Balance Adjustment

As some of you may have already noticed, basic account balances are being adjusted in order to sustain the financial health of Profit Clicking, including its ability to pay withdrawals on time and other key factors.

This is all in keeping with the plan Frederick Mann has directed management to implement as soon as possible, and is expected to last a few more days.

Please expect more adjustments over the next few days.
Thank you for your patience.
Here's To Your Success!
Profit Clicking Support Team


Gold Alliance Fund: doing fabulous. Received another pmt today so am that much closer to my break even point :)

NEO Mutual: tomorrow will be my weekly cash out day.

Click Paid: paid last night, twice. One was requested on the 27th and one on the 28th. They were both paid. TY Admin.

Profit Reference: oh where or where has the Admin gone?
Oh where oh where can he be?
Seems to be MIA for the last couple of days. Well I don't know what the state of affairs are in PR but sure would be nice to get an update about it.

Announcement: I did get word of a new program coming sometime on Monday. It's not the kind you have to rush to get into. So if you're at work or away from your PC, no worries.
All I know so far is it's a HYIP/PTA/Cycler Hybrid. There are no Ad Packs to purchase and it's just $1 to get xxx number of advertising credits. So the deposit is done more like a HYIP than a PTA.
That's all I know at this time so don't ask for details, lol
I'll share more with you as soon as I can.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quite a dilemma caused by LR :(

Gold Alliance Fund: added their update in Sunday's post.
The weekend is over and daily earnings have started up again.
Thanks Admin :)

Also TY to drcapoon for this post in the forum:
G*A*F has opened a FB group : (

So now besides Skype support, members can join G*A*F Group. It s a closed group, so you need to send a request for your participation.

Oops, guess I should have read their update first, but Thanks to drc for bringing it to my attention:

Dear Valued GAF members,
We would again like to remind you of the testimonial contest that ends tomorrow at midnight (Wednesday May 29, midnight EST). The 10 most inspirational testimonials will each receive a $45 investment from us. Winners will be announced Friday.
We would also like to remind our Liberty Reserve members that have not yet taken advantage of the 20% bonus offer; this offer is not time-sensitive, as it is official now that Liberty Reserve has been seized by judicial authorities. You will also become eligible again to earn referral commissions because of an active investment in your account.
And last but not least, we at GAF are happy to announce the launch of our Facebook group! The link for the" target="_blank">GAF Facebook Group
is located on the ‘Ratings’ page. We hope to see you all there!
We wish all our members a joyous, profitable week.
Yours Sincerely,
GAF CEO and Staf

NEO Mutual: update from John came in a few minutes ago:

Fellow crowdfunders

We have received official information, that the Liberty Reserve payment system is indeed gone. For more information we refer to the United States Attorney Office of the Southern District of New York.

Fortunately, only 23% of our depositors are using Liberty Reserve. Unfortunately, as a young enterprise, we cannot by any means reimburse these funds, without jeopardizing our entire project.

NEO Mutual is a community project and seeking funding on that basis. It is essential for us to act responsible and in the interest of the majority of our contributors. For this reason shifting funds from Liberty Reserve to any other payment system is not an option.

We will of course try to recover some of the funds deposited via Liberty Reserve, once and if there is a receiver announced. For now, your Liberty Reserve account balance stays in your NEO Mutual account, but will not earn compensation.

Sorry folks, I hate to be the messenger of such bad news, but the situation is beyond our control and considered as a Force Majeure event, according to our Terms of Service.

What we can do however, is to motivate you to continue working with NEO Mutual in the future, using a different payment handler and recoup your losses.

This offer is valid for former Liberty Reserve depositors only:

Deposit from $20 - $499 and get 20% bonus, from $500 - $5000 you will receive 25% bonus and for deposits   over $5001 you'll receive 30% bonus.

There is no time limitation and all you have to do to claim your bonus is to fund your eWallet and once done please open a support ticket and let us know your transaction details. The bonus will be added to your eWallet and not to any active contribution.

With best regards,


Click Paid: haven't seen any drama there, which is a good thing, and earnings and payments continue as usual. Purchased a few more click packs yesterday and requested a payment.

Profit Reference: as you may have noticed, I put PR "On Hold" in my banner listing. As much as I would like to see ALL of our programs survive the Liberty Reserve closure, I don't know that all of them were popular enough to be able to pull through. Once the LR news came out, I noticed slower than average payments from PR so decided it would be best to 'hold off' on new spends until we get word on what's really happening. I'm sure you agree.

Profit Clicking: we all know the Basic side of the system is currently on hold, and we've all figured out that there has been a major Profit Shift a.k.a. Restart.
Like many others I had a feeling that our Wallet funds would be affected but never thought it would be to the tune of having 1% left!
Well no one was getting paid anyway, so why not take 99% of the funds away and try to start over. But who will do that? Will anyone here put in new funds or do you think they're relying on new members only?
Been reading some interesting comments in the MMG forum that you might find entertaining as well.

RicanAdFunds and ISM: posted today in FaceBook:

Richard Cannon
The demise of LR has hit us very hard and along with the limitations developing with PM, EP and STP we have to realise that using Payment Processors is really not the best way of doing business, although many think that running a business like ours is not possible without them. In the short term we are currently looking at other Processors to be able to have options available to our members.

We are also looking into how we rebound from this blow and will obviously have to make some drastic changes which I, Russell and the team will be discussing in detail in an effort to create a viable solution to this situation.

Longer term, the Card option is the best but that will still take a few months to implement.

We have cancelled all pending and in progress withdrawals in order to get an exact position, member by member, so that we can see exactly what we need to do to get Rican and our programs back to where we were just a couple of months ago. When we resume full activity it will be with a clean sheet so that all can be paid in turn without any backlogs to slow us down.

We, like you, are tired of all these problems that constantly hinder us but unlike many of you who have given up on us and choose just to insult us, we have not given up on you and will not get away from our long term objective to help people change their lives through giving greater access to reasonable incomes.

Also, to quash some of the stupid rumours, we were never dependant on Profitable Sunrise, Felmina, Profit Clicking or any other program for our funding. Any mention of this kind of theory is totally false and usually promoted by those who have an IQ lower than your average garden pea.

Rican will continue, we will not give up and we will get back to where we were. Those that continue to support us will be very happy that they did and those that choose not to support us will be very happy that we don’t bear grudges and will pay them anyway.

Yet again, at this point in time we could quite easily close shop and move on – we choose not to, we chose to continue and though there will be changes we are making sure that these changes are as fair as possible and that we all work together to assure our longevity.

We will get back to you in the next couple of days to announce how we move forward. We thank you in advance for your continued support and for not posting negative comments that help no one.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

I'll be back later with some updates, or not.
Having trouble getting motivated today.
I don't really care for holidays and this is a sad one IMO.

Made some changes to my banners on the right. Might want to check before adding funds to anything.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Private Program: site is down. Here's their facebook message:
The site is still down as of now. Tech guys arent around yet. FEF is not running away so everyone please there is no need to post panic enhancing messages. OK? Stay relaxed. Its a Sunday. Do all your household stuffs prolly . Enjoy the family, then come back later to see if FEF site is fine.
I left the initials of the program in the note since I'm not sending out my link any longer. Figured there was no harm in doing so.

Later in the day: Site is Up and Running! 

Profit Clicking just cancelled ALL of my withdraw requests in Basic from January 26th and put the money back into my wallet. Now weren't those the same withdraw requests that were originally from last October, cancelled in January, then we had to re-submit them all?
Oh good grief :(

Also when you buy a Premium Ad Pack now, the option to use 20% of your Basic funds has been removed.

Gold Alliance Fund: it's the weekend. No earnings until the next business day. UPDATE:

Dear Gold Alliance Fund Member,

With the recent events of the payment processor Liberty Reserve going offline and news spreading that the owner has been arrested, we are forced to look at a compromise for our members who have made deposits through Liberty Reserve.

We have taken the time since Liberty Reserve went down to explore all possibilities that will benefit our members and not compromise our business. We have tried to view the situation from both the members view point, as well as from the management side and feel a compromise has to be made between the two points.

The funds GAF had in LR are no longer accessible for our traders to work with and as such we cannot make any profits from them. Simply converting all LR investments over to another processor will not be a feasible solution as this would in effect increase the interest rate we are currently paying our members. We are confident of sustaining the current rates which we have stated on our site. Increasing the rate will only increase the risk for all members.

Payments have still been going out for all other processors since they were not affected in any way. If we were not committed to our members we could simply have closed down. This is not what we want to do. Our first commitment will always be to our members and giving them financial stability, which is something severely lacking around the world today. Nothing gives us greater joy than hearing from our happy members on forums, monitors, through emails and recently through the testimonial contest we opened.

We are aware that other investment programs issued newsletters immediately, stating how they will deal with this situation. Looking at their statements we can't help but feel it was a rushed decision, not taking into consideration both members and their business, which we feel, will eventually leave one of the involved parties at a loss.

After running the figures and much debate on our goals, we have settled on the following, which we believe will benefit both GAF and its members.

Those who have deposits in LR can now deposit using any of the other processors listed and receive a 20% bonus added to their new investment. This does not count for people who had not used LR and will only be available up to the original amount invested from LR.

For example, a member who had deposited $1 000 from LR, can now deposit to any other processor and will be awarded with a maximum bonus of $200. This will be done manually and with over 2000 members who invested using LR, it will take some time to complete them all. Please submit a support ticket after making your new deposit and be patient as we tend to you.

In making this compromise for our members we ask only for your continued commitment and support. Nothing motivates others like reading from happy members on forums, monitors and blogs. Share GAF with the world while we keep sharing the profits with you. Our first commitment will always be to serve you.

GAF CEO and Staff


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Liberty Reserve News

Logged on this morning and started hearing news about Liberty Reserve. I quickly checked my account balance (which I have on paper) and TG I didn't have much in there at all. Here's the article that is circulating:

So what will become of our programs that use LR?
Don't know at this point but I'm sure we'll receive a lot of updates about it.

Oh and here's a link to the MMG forum re: the LR situation:

Thanks to mm for sending me that.

ProfitClicking is no longer using Payza.

Profit Clicking no longer uses Payza directly, but we do have a Payza solution.
Members can use their EgoPay account to send and receive funds between their Payza and Profit Clicking account. If you have money in your Payza account and would like to load your Profit Clicking wallet, simply transfer the desired money from Payza to your EgoPay account. If you would like to process a withdrawal from Profit Clicking to your Payza account, request a withdrawal to your Ego Pay account and then transfer the money received to your Payza account. If you do not have an EgoPay account, click here to set one up.

Note from our Private Program:
I was removing LR withdrawal requests to somehow clean the admin panel but I accidentally put a check on some STP requests and they got returned to the account balance. If you have an STP request which was returned to your account balance, please make a request again.

Lets reserve some hopes that LR will be back in business again. For the meantime, all LR requests will be removed and returned to your respective account balance.

GoldAllianceFund: received another payment last night and have decided to cash out today's earnings also. I'm not going to be around later to check things out so might as well make my request before I forget, lol
Everything is going real good here and I just hope that the LR situation doesn't have much of an effect on this program or any other that we're in.

ProfitReference: my 15 day plan expired today and I re-purchased using the principal, but put it in the 3 day plan this time. Fifteen days just seems like too long of a wait, lol. Thanks for an excellent program Admin :)

Friday, May 24, 2013


Gold Alliance Fund: was first announced here on Wednesday and below is their latest update. Even though I joined later than some, I get the feeling that I'm in the right place right now. (thumbs up)

Dear Gold Alliance Fund Member,

Today marks Gold Alliance Fund's second week of being online! It truly feels like only yesterday that we started this journey to change people's lives financially for the better. 

To celebrate our members support and loyalty, from today until Wednesday the 29th of May 2013, we are requesting that you submit your testimonial of how GAF has changed your life! To do this, please submit a support ticket with your testimonial from your account page. The ten most inspirational testimonials will each receive a $45 investment.

Our number one priority will always be the security of our members and the funds they have entrusted to us. As such we have implemented a password strength checker on the signup page and will be working on adding other small security improvements over the weekend. You may have noticed that a support ticket is now needed to change most account details including payment processor information.

We are also pleased to announce that a calculator button will be added soon for you and your referrals to calculate profits. You may start using this feature immediately by clicking here

Thus far we have given out over 50 birthday presents and look forward to giving out many more over the next year!

From all of us at Gold Alliance Fund, we wish you a wonderful weekend.

Thank You,
GAF CEO and Staff


Profit Reference: one more day til another 3 day plan and my 15 day plan expires! Getting exciting now and I do intend to repurchase with some and keep a little for myself too.
** This was sent at 3:50 my time, 5:50 PM EST:
We will undergo a short maintenance in which the site will not be accessible for about 1 hour.
We are moving to a better server that can provide faster performance of the site and better security.
Lucas Beck
We are back online. It was quicker than we thought.
Please check your accounts if everything is in order.
Thank you,
Lucas Beck


NEO Mutual: paid last night from my weekly request.
Doing awesome.

Click Paid: waiting on last nights w/d request but sometimes they do take 24-48 hours to process so am not concerned about it.
** 24 hours later... PAID! 

- OK, I shouldn't have watered the grass with my socks on. Got soggy feets now, lol. Back later, need to finish up my planting.

- Done. Got my sunflower seeds planted, finally, so now the little squirrels will have something to munch on come fall. YaY!

My buddy Gene sent me this note today. I found it humorous so am posting it with his permission. Although the part I put in bold does interest me.

Profit Clicking:
Greetings from the lovely BC Canada. Green and sunny here today.

I put in a ticket and told them they are not paying on anything and basically, they suck. ;)
Here is the reply................for what it is worth.  Two half pennies and a rock, perhaps.

A customer support staff member has replied to your support request,
with the following response:

--------------------START OF STAFF REPLY--------------------

Hello Gene,

Thank you for the inquiry.

We apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing.

Profit Clicking's goal is to provide a better experience to all of our members. We are always looking for ways to improve our member's satisfaction.  PC has every intention in paying its members all withdrawal requests in their Basic and Premium account system.

We are aware that withdrawal process is not working perfectly at the moment but, we are doing our best to work all of this out as quickly as possible.

We recently posted an announcement regarding our Basic system:

The Basic System is currently under extensive system maintenance, we don't have official information yet with regards to your pending withdrawal in the Basic System. Please check your message center in your dashboard from time to time for further updates and announcements regarding this.

I know to thank you for your patience may not be what you want to hear, but we do appreciate you hanging in there with us while we improved the system.

We greatly appreciate your patience in this challenging times.

Eugene C.
Help Desk Staff
Profit Clicking Member Services

Thursday, May 23, 2013

All Day...

my mouth has been moving but it's not connecting down to my fingers yet. You ever have a day like that? You know you need to do something but just can't seem to get started. And this morning was a looooong time ago.

Phinanci Update: (see, I didn't forget about them, or you)

** Clarifications**
After all deposits are paid off, Phinanci will close doors and not open again.
We are processing them slowly and steady.

All active deposits were activated to start from 6th of March and credited with 0.25% every day from that date.

We will be giving some bonuses as time and funds allow.
All accounts are being credited with 0.25% for 400 days.
Cashouts are only possible every Friday of the week.

 ** Contact**
As our support system is taken down, you can contact us at Phinanci@live.comPlease re-send your support issue to the aforementioned email so that we can help you.

** FAQ**
We have updated the FAQ page. You can check it from here All necessary info that reflects the restructure is there, as well as at

Best Regards,
Team Phinanci
Follow Phinanci on Twitter and Facebook

GoldAllianceFund: received another payment in record time today! Not 3 minutes like yesterday, but pretty darn fast! Thanks Admin :)

ProfitReference: still have 2 more days before another 3 day plan expires. Oh and my 15 day plan should be expiring then also. Can't Wait!

NEO Mutual: requested a cash out today which I should have tomorrow.

ClickPaid: did my daily surfing and watching my money grow. What else is there to say?

ProfitClicking: still waiting to see what they've got up their sleeve for their miraculous comeback.

Speaking of miraculous comeback, wonder what's going on at the RAF and ismAI sites lately? Anybody have info on that?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New (sort of) Program Announced

I have a good friend that has been poking at me to join this one. You all know I don't join every hyip or program that comes along and it takes some confidence on my part to join something and then share it with you.

This one opened on May 10th but at that time I wasn't really ready for a new program, so I put it aside for the time being. Looking at again yesterday and seeing how awesome it had become, I decided not to wait any longer.

GoldAllianceFund offers two different plans.
- 4.5% daily for 45 business days (including principal)
-- earnings on that plan are credited daily at Midnight EST
- 45% biweekly for 8 weeks (principal returned at expiry)
-- earnings on that plan are credited at Midnight EST after every 14 calendar days
- Pay processors are STP, EgoPay, LR and PerfectMoney
- Minimum spend is $10
- Minimum withdraw is $1
- Of course you can have multiple spends
- No fees for deposits or withdrawals
- They use the e-wallet feature
- You can make a new spend from your account balance once it reaches $10 (but first you need to withdraw it to e-wallet, then you can purchase from there)
- One account per person is strictly enforced
- RC is a modest 3% and 2% on two levels

All of the above is in the FAQ's along with:
21. How secure is Gold Alliance Fund?We provide an extremely secure environment to protect all of our investors sensitive information by using advanced 256-bit SSL encryption provided by GeoTrust. Our servers are firewall and DDoS protected by the leading expert of this industry.

After reading the FAQ's last night I was impressed. So easy to read and understand. They show you step by step how to make an investment in item #8. Wow, so easy even a blonde can do it, LOL

So after a quick read through, I put a couple of bills in the first plan. I prefer the daily earning (M-F) as opposed to the biweekly one, but that's just me. I like to see things happening every day rather than having to wait for two weeks. Plus I feel a little safer that way too.

Give a holler if you have any questions but I do think we have another winner here. Oh and remember, HYIP's are always a gamble. Play wisely, don't spend your food money or your rent money. You know the drill :))

Speaking of food money, am off to the store.
Will update on everything else when I return.

Just got home and requested my first payment from GoldAllianceFund. It took the Admin approximately 3 minutes to send my money to STP. Holy Cow! Other than "instant", that's got to be a world record! LOL

ProfitReference: completed another 3 day plan, re-spent my capital, cashed out my earnings. In for another round :)
Excellent update from Admin follows:

Profit Reference is 12 days online and soon approaching the expiries of the Executive plans. We have reached 100K in total deposits and we are moving steadily forward.

Be sure to join the fun at our hot Facebook group, where you can post your payment proof and chat with fellow members. You can also find me there posting actively and many friendly members are willing to give a hand in case you need direction on how to manage with the program.

Link to the group:

You can also find the group link posted on our Facebook page, which probably everyone already knows from the link posted on the front page. You can also post payment proofs there.

Link to the page:

Except on the official Facebook group, you can also post your payment proof on our official public forums. Also, feel invited there to share your strategy in Profit Reference. You can find me posting on the MMG forum.

TG (sticky):
MMG ( sticky):

Add us to your skype. We are always online.You can find the link on the front page.

Thank you for supporting
Lucas Beck (CEO and Founder)

Thanks Lucas for the fabulous job you're doing!

ClickPaid: speaking of breaking records...
Yesterday after surfing (which was about 5 PM my time) I requested a cash out. Last night at 8:31 PM I received it! Whoa!
Today I'm going to be re-purchasing a few more click packs. Just trying to keep the ball rolling (building) along with cashing out some profit.
Thanks ClickPaid team.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Almost Done Outside

Spent another day outside until the wind blew me back into the house. At least my front yard is full of flowers now. In the back yard planted two tomato plants, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, dill and of course a little catnip for the boys. The only thing I have left is a few sunflower seeds for the neighborhood squirrels. Voila!

GoldAllianceFund: just joined but it's late and I need to start dinner. Will do a write up for you guys tomorrow. I decided on the first plan since you can withdraw more often, less risk that way. Will tell you all about it as soon as I wake up and get moving. Promise :)

ProfitReference: doing fabulous and tomorrow I'll have another 3 day plan expire. Will cash out my earning and go back in for another round.
Nice to have the Admin active in the MMG Forum also. Gives it that 'personal touch', ya know?

NeoMutual: daily $ received and will let it ride until later in the week when I normally request my withdraw.

ClickPaid: heard that someone else got the 'daily limit' reached message when trying to place a w/d. I think I only got it once and when I switched to another pay processor, it went right through. Hopefully this doesn't get any more frequent than is has been so far.
Withdraws are still pumping out fine and fast.
- 4:58 PM my time, requested a withdraw with NO problem.

ProfitClicking: nothing new as far as the eye can see.

RAF and ismAI: same :(

- Read something today that I enjoyed and want to share with you. Hope the writer of the newsletter doesn't get angry with me for posting this. I won't tell you his name though and will keep him anonymous. (That should avoid me getting a spanking, lol)

Why are some successful online while others fail?

Success is not about guessing - SUCCESS is about Planning!

I plan to succeed in every program I ever join and fund!

Some programs I add funds and 100% withdraw because I 
'think' they will be high risk!

Most programs I add my funds.. 
THEN EVERYDAY I buy more 'ad packs' from my daily earnings 
plus I withdraw everyday as well - otherwise how do I know 
if they are paying or not?

Most programs I think long term.. I never know how long they
will last so I do not try and work that out.. I want to make
sure that if the program is paying then I am earning as well, 
regardless of how big my account balance will become, that is
not important.. what is important is that I have daily income
generated by daily earnings.. once the program stops paying
I do not look at my balance and scream.. 'wow is me, all that 
money is lost'.. what I see is how much profit I made and be
very thankful for that!!

So.. when you 'think' a program will last and is run in an
honest way all you do is..
1/ add your funds
2/ buy more from daily earnings
3/ withdraw some each day to get into profit

NEVER put in small and compound for many weeks or months <<< THAT
is how you lose your money.. time after time!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Too Busy To Blog :(

OMG it's 5 PM already and I am pooped! 
Been outside all day digging and planting flowers. 
Trying to catch up here answering emails and doing my stuff but that's about all I can handle at the moment.
Everything looks good from where I sit so...
Have yourself a wonderful day/night.
Cheers :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013


ProfitReference: just made a new spend while anticipating my latest 3 day'er kicking out in another hour or so :)
- Which it did and I was paid fast!

NEO Mutual: we'll see some action in a few more hours, meaning our daily earnings for Monday.
- Yep, got that too.

ClickPaid: has been doing well and I hope it continues that way. Some seem to think that what happens in PC has an effect on CP. Well it may, it may not. I'm not privy to that sort of information, so all I can say is that ClickPaid has been working just fine for me and lots of others.
- Requested a withdraw and it went right through.

ProfitClicking: I'm going to post a portion of their update cause I found it interesting. Also nice to see them acknowledging the big mess in the program. Be sure to jot down your numbers in Basic before they complete all this stuff so that you will know what the damage really is. Although I AM looking forward to being able to withdraw again. Well... we'll see.

Subject: (^_^) Over Half Completed Already!

Welcome to all our new members!

That.s right, the process Frederick
has planned for the Basic System, in
order to revive it from it.s non-paying
status is already half completed!

In just another 48 hours or so, the Basic
System in Profit Clicking will be running
like new, paying all withdrawal requests
within 24-48 hours again!

Note that when Frederick is done, most
members will not have the same amount of
money available in their Basic Accounts,
but at least the money seen in your
account will be readily available to spend
or withdraw, just as to be expected - read
about the Profit Shift for more information
about what we are planning:

Also please get proficient in earning
money in the PC Panel System - that.s
where a considerable amount of your
Basic System Assets will be located
after Frederick.s plan has been

Keep in mind that before Frederick
offered to help us, the Basic System
was not paying hardly at all - a huge
disappointment for everyone.

With Frederick.s help, we.ll soon be
able to make money quickly, and
recommend Profit Clicking to others
with a good conscience again!