Friday, May 24, 2013


Gold Alliance Fund: was first announced here on Wednesday and below is their latest update. Even though I joined later than some, I get the feeling that I'm in the right place right now. (thumbs up)

Dear Gold Alliance Fund Member,

Today marks Gold Alliance Fund's second week of being online! It truly feels like only yesterday that we started this journey to change people's lives financially for the better. 

To celebrate our members support and loyalty, from today until Wednesday the 29th of May 2013, we are requesting that you submit your testimonial of how GAF has changed your life! To do this, please submit a support ticket with your testimonial from your account page. The ten most inspirational testimonials will each receive a $45 investment.

Our number one priority will always be the security of our members and the funds they have entrusted to us. As such we have implemented a password strength checker on the signup page and will be working on adding other small security improvements over the weekend. You may have noticed that a support ticket is now needed to change most account details including payment processor information.

We are also pleased to announce that a calculator button will be added soon for you and your referrals to calculate profits. You may start using this feature immediately by clicking here

Thus far we have given out over 50 birthday presents and look forward to giving out many more over the next year!

From all of us at Gold Alliance Fund, we wish you a wonderful weekend.

Thank You,
GAF CEO and Staff


Profit Reference: one more day til another 3 day plan and my 15 day plan expires! Getting exciting now and I do intend to repurchase with some and keep a little for myself too.
** This was sent at 3:50 my time, 5:50 PM EST:
We will undergo a short maintenance in which the site will not be accessible for about 1 hour.
We are moving to a better server that can provide faster performance of the site and better security.
Lucas Beck
We are back online. It was quicker than we thought.
Please check your accounts if everything is in order.
Thank you,
Lucas Beck


NEO Mutual: paid last night from my weekly request.
Doing awesome.

Click Paid: waiting on last nights w/d request but sometimes they do take 24-48 hours to process so am not concerned about it.
** 24 hours later... PAID! 

- OK, I shouldn't have watered the grass with my socks on. Got soggy feets now, lol. Back later, need to finish up my planting.

- Done. Got my sunflower seeds planted, finally, so now the little squirrels will have something to munch on come fall. YaY!

My buddy Gene sent me this note today. I found it humorous so am posting it with his permission. Although the part I put in bold does interest me.

Profit Clicking:
Greetings from the lovely BC Canada. Green and sunny here today.

I put in a ticket and told them they are not paying on anything and basically, they suck. ;)
Here is the reply................for what it is worth.  Two half pennies and a rock, perhaps.

A customer support staff member has replied to your support request,
with the following response:

--------------------START OF STAFF REPLY--------------------

Hello Gene,

Thank you for the inquiry.

We apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing.

Profit Clicking's goal is to provide a better experience to all of our members. We are always looking for ways to improve our member's satisfaction.  PC has every intention in paying its members all withdrawal requests in their Basic and Premium account system.

We are aware that withdrawal process is not working perfectly at the moment but, we are doing our best to work all of this out as quickly as possible.

We recently posted an announcement regarding our Basic system:

The Basic System is currently under extensive system maintenance, we don't have official information yet with regards to your pending withdrawal in the Basic System. Please check your message center in your dashboard from time to time for further updates and announcements regarding this.

I know to thank you for your patience may not be what you want to hear, but we do appreciate you hanging in there with us while we improved the system.

We greatly appreciate your patience in this challenging times.

Eugene C.
Help Desk Staff
Profit Clicking Member Services


Ben Clark said...

Hello again, Blondie, yeah i`m really happy with Profit Reference too, as i mentioned to you the other day the first HYIP i joined was Profitclicking, and the rest is history, but i have already made a successful withdrawal from Profit Reference, i used $90 of my money and invested it in another one called Allientus, and would you believe it went bad 2 days later? Not paying, and not looking good, maybe i`m jinxed, haha! I am going well with NeoMutual though, and as i mentioned Profit Ref. I have also just signed up to another one called Conten Trade, they look promising, they have been online for over 600 days now, so i`m just waiting for my withdrawal request from Neo to com through, and i`ll make a start with them. Also, i was going to ask you, do you know of anyone who does this as their main source of income? Thanks again, and have a nice weekend.
Regards from Ben.

blondie said...

Hi Ben,
No you're not jinxed.
You just need more information before you join the unknown.

Good Luck with your new one and thanks for NOT posting the link, else I would not have published your comment.

In answer to your last question, yes, me and a few others :)

Have a great weekend!

Ben Clark said...

Thanks Blondie, and no its ok, i had no intention of posting any links. Take care! Ben