Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

happy mothers day photo: Happy Mother's Day happy-mothers-day-4_zps48804c2d.gif all the Mom's out there!
I'm just chillin this morning but will be out later for a BBQ with the kid's and of course my beautiful little grand daughter.
Hope you all have a great relaxing Sunday!

Profit Reference: getting more attention in the forums so that's a good sign. Tomorrow my first 3 day spend will mature and I'll decide what to do with it at that point. Nothin like planning ahead eh? LOL

Neo Mutual: on hold for the weekend, sort of.
Later today we'll get our Monday earnings. Then we'll skip a day, then back to daily starting Tuesday.

Click Paid: requested a payment last night which I should have today or tomorrow. So far so good. Hope they stay that way :)

Nothing new at ProfitClicking or RAF at the moment, so that wraps it up for now.
Enjoy your day! It's beautiful here, sunny and warm.
Looking forward to getting my daily dose of Vitamin D.


babe said...

happy mother's day blondie :)

blondie said...

Thanks babe!
Hope you have a great day also!

Henry said...

Mother's Day (Mothering Sunday) occurs earlier in the year here...

2011 Mothering Sunday in UK in 2011 - 3 April
(Mother's Day in US in 2011 - 8 May)"

...So I asked my ex-wife, when I read your post, if I had missed sending her a card on Mother's Day...

"You missed it a month ago" She said.


Happy Mothers Day Judy!

I hope today was a very special one for you.


blondie said...

Henry, just got home and read your message. Thanks for the giggle!

Hey Randy,
Yeah had a good time and came home with enough socks to last me several years, lol
Gotta love the stuff kids pick out for gramma.

Mike Holloway said...

Hi Blondie

Rican / Magic - I now see that the Withdrawal Process is far more Complex !!!- I mean to use the ID + Address Proofs its much more than transferring funds to an e-wallet (as I had thought from the instructions under "Withdrawals" Page in Rican.)
I do have 2 x $45 Withdrawals in 2 levels there already ...
Mike Holloway

Joris Tripler said...

Hi Judy,

Did you see that also? In my basic account in ProfitClicking since yesterday my 'active ad packs' & 'current sales commissions' everything is at zero.... before that i had some 4000 active adpacks.

Some of my referrals have the same problem and thought there had been an unannounced profitshift but i think problem/bug since they worked on site yesterday to improve TE.

another thing is since the beginning of may my referral commissions from my firstline is set back to 5%
en my secondline is set back to 2,5% yes i have already send in a ticket on may 5 but still no answer.

Do you have the same problems?

best regards,


Borg said...

Hi Blondie,

I wanted to wish you a (late) Happy Mother's Day.

I also would like to inform you that I have received a premium withdrawal of $57 after 20 days of waiting.



blondie said...

Mike, you might want to stick with the 2 - $45's in RAF for now. Since they're doing a lot of changes, you might not need all that ID stuff in the future. Just my 2 cents but I'd hold off on it.

Joris, I think they've been working on the site which caused a LOT of accounts to disappear. That's happened before so I was not surprised.
The RC change happened in April and I wrote a brief note about it on Apr 24th here in my blog.
Wait it out for a day and check again.

Gabriel, that's great news!
I have one Premium pending 20 days also as of today.
Would be nice to see something moving for a change, lol
Thanks for the note.