Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nothing Day

Oops, don't know what to say today.
Nothing exciting at the moment.
Let me think.

OK this is interesting.
ClickPaid: every day when their server time changes days, the site goes down. Now why is that? Doesn't make much sense and you would think they could get that fixed. But anyway, I'll check again later and so should you.

That New 2% Daily program that I've hinted at is supposed to launch tomorrow. Waiting to learn a lot more about it before I do anything.
UPDATE: launch is delayed until early next week. That's all I know. I'll keep you updated. Just be careful out there, OK?

My Private Program is doing great. Been paid 7 days now.

NEO Mutual is also doing great. Requested a couple of payments today which I should receive tomorrow.

ProfitClicking: got a note from a friend that she was paid a Queue payment via EgoPay from a Feb 1st request. Really? Mine are still pending from Jan 26th. Congrats to her!

Rican: weren't we supposed to get an update to the update today?

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