Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So Busy This Week

I've barely had time to sit down here and do my thing.
Got a patio full of flowers saying "plant me, plant me" but my ground is clay soil and I about killed my wrist today trying to chop it up. I watered it so maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck digging a hole... or ninety.

My private program is doing great but I am not giving out my link and instructions any longer. I did for as long as I was comfortable bringing in new members who I thought would also do well 'playing by the rules'. Thanks for understanding.

ProfitReference: tomorrow will be my 2nd round in the 3 day plan completed and I plan to go back in for a 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. So far, so good :)

NEO Mutual: will request a cash out tomorrow.

ClickPaid: have heard from two members that their withdrawal requests are more than 60 hours old and not paid. I checked the FAQ but it still says "24 - 48 hours", so I hope nothing is wrong and they will receive it soon.
- Just tried to request a w/d myself to STP and received the "Daily Limit Reached" message. Well that's a first for me :( Tried for EgoPay and it went through. FYI

ProfitClicking: no, am not going to discuss the email we got from them today. Once we see something happening I'll be more than happy to share what's going on. In the meantime, it's in limbo once again.


dr.capoon said...

Concerning "Private one", those guys and girls there, and their withdrawals (like Boppy) are a pretty scary sight to watch.
Neither do I feel comfortable enough there anymore. But it is still nice to hang around (for those who joined earlier).
I fully understand you with not giving your link anymore.
Wise, it is!

dr.capoon said...

Sorry, forgot to add that a Profit reference is your "shot in the middle of the target".
That guy Lucas, is doing a wonderful job there. Giving us some extra possibilities (like those ads for Facebook, to advertise on social media), and still managing to flawlessly run the program at the same time is not a common thing in these days.

blondie said...

Hey drc,
I noticed those payments too in MMG. Thinking some of them may be pulling it all out then making a new spend, rather than RE-investing.
I also think we have a smart Admin who won't tolerate the greedy. Soon I'll be playing with profit after following my own rules for 16 days, lol

Yes, PR has been very impressive indeed! That Admin seems to have his act together also!
Cheers :)