Friday, May 10, 2013

New Program Launched

I've been sitting here debating on whether or not to share the new program here or in private (like I did with the last one).
And I have come to the conclusion to share it here because I trust you guys.
We're all here to make a few bucks, and not for just one person to make a lot and leave the rest of us high n dry.
So with that said, if you decide to join I expect you to play fair. Don't try to hog the pot for yourself. If we all do our part and play sensibly, this program should do us well.
And remember, there are no guarantees in this business. Do not spend what you cannot afford to lose and accept the high risk going in.

I'll be back after I grab some lunch.
It's been a long morning, lol

OK back. Feeling better now.
As you can see it offers 3 different plans.
- Each one is paid after expiry.
- No surfing required.
- No sponsoring required to earn.
- Free members do not earn RC.
- Affordable $4 min spend.
- Accepts LR, STP, EgoPay and PM.
- RC is 5% on new deposits only. No RC on re-spends.
- Minimum withdraw is $1.
- One account per person is strictly enforced.
- Facebook and twitter are on the home page. That's kind of cool although I don't usually go there.
Be sure to read the FAQ's (Queries) and Terms before joining.
Join at your own risk, play smart not greedy and we can have some fun with this.

NOTE: there is a Q & A in comments below for anyone wondering about Dynamic IP's. (Thanks for sharing Henry)

My Private Program: doing great! As of today I am 63% towards my BEP and looking forward to profit. Of course I have been "playing by the rules" (wink).

NEO Mutual: doing fine and I won't request another payment until sometime next week. Was paid yesterday.

ClickPaid: also doing fine and received a payment yesterday.

ProfitClicking: seen some scattered payment posts from different dates and different pay processors. Not in any kind of order at all. Oh well, am still waiting there in line.

Rican Programs: seen some payment proofs today. Not for a lot, mostly for $45 or less. So they are working on them at least.


Henry said...

Thanks for the new programme info!

As my work involves me travelling a lot, I often use a USB modem (dongle) which has a dynamic IP which changes every time I log on. I have raised a support ticket about this, as their TOS limit each person to one email address and one IP - I'm not back 'till next Tuesday and my home broadband (static IP)...I'll report back when they reply.

Thanks for all the scouring for programmes that you're doing.



blondie said...

Hi Henry,
I don't think that will be a problem at all. My DSL changes my IP every time I log in also.
I think what they're worried about are those who refer themselves, thus earning their own RC and/or
those who create more than 1 account under different Monitors who offer referral cash back.

Saw one the other day that had like 20 accounts created merely to get the RCB from monitors. Ridiculous!

Anyway, I think you'll be fine.
Let us know when you receive an answer.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie !
I've bookmarked the site and will sign up and deposit on Monday or Tuesday,,,,max is 14k right? LoL,,just kidding :)
Looks like fun !


blondie said...

Hey Allanz :)
Long time no see.

You big players are gonna drive me to drink, LOL

Yes max is 14K but please don't make my hair turn grey!

It'll be fun I'm sure!!
Thanks for bookmarking and hope to see you there soon.

Henry said...

Got this answer from Profit Reference:

Hello Henry,
A USB modem with dynamic IP is not going to be a problem unless you set your security of your account to detec IP change. In that case you will be receiving email with email verification every time you login.
- Lucas

Might help anyone concerned about Dynamic IP's