Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Almost Done Outside

Spent another day outside until the wind blew me back into the house. At least my front yard is full of flowers now. In the back yard planted two tomato plants, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, dill and of course a little catnip for the boys. The only thing I have left is a few sunflower seeds for the neighborhood squirrels. Voila!

GoldAllianceFund: just joined but it's late and I need to start dinner. Will do a write up for you guys tomorrow. I decided on the first plan since you can withdraw more often, less risk that way. Will tell you all about it as soon as I wake up and get moving. Promise :)

ProfitReference: doing fabulous and tomorrow I'll have another 3 day plan expire. Will cash out my earning and go back in for another round.
Nice to have the Admin active in the MMG Forum also. Gives it that 'personal touch', ya know?

NeoMutual: daily $ received and will let it ride until later in the week when I normally request my withdraw.

ClickPaid: heard that someone else got the 'daily limit' reached message when trying to place a w/d. I think I only got it once and when I switched to another pay processor, it went right through. Hopefully this doesn't get any more frequent than is has been so far.
Withdraws are still pumping out fine and fast.
- 4:58 PM my time, requested a withdraw with NO problem.

ProfitClicking: nothing new as far as the eye can see.

RAF and ismAI: same :(

- Read something today that I enjoyed and want to share with you. Hope the writer of the newsletter doesn't get angry with me for posting this. I won't tell you his name though and will keep him anonymous. (That should avoid me getting a spanking, lol)

Why are some successful online while others fail?

Success is not about guessing - SUCCESS is about Planning!

I plan to succeed in every program I ever join and fund!

Some programs I add funds and 100% withdraw because I 
'think' they will be high risk!

Most programs I add my funds.. 
THEN EVERYDAY I buy more 'ad packs' from my daily earnings 
plus I withdraw everyday as well - otherwise how do I know 
if they are paying or not?

Most programs I think long term.. I never know how long they
will last so I do not try and work that out.. I want to make
sure that if the program is paying then I am earning as well, 
regardless of how big my account balance will become, that is
not important.. what is important is that I have daily income
generated by daily earnings.. once the program stops paying
I do not look at my balance and scream.. 'wow is me, all that 
money is lost'.. what I see is how much profit I made and be
very thankful for that!!

So.. when you 'think' a program will last and is run in an
honest way all you do is..
1/ add your funds
2/ buy more from daily earnings
3/ withdraw some each day to get into profit

NEVER put in small and compound for many weeks or months <<< THAT
is how you lose your money.. time after time!


Brian said...

Hi Blondie,
Good luck with your garden. I also grow my own veg in summer but we are going into winter here in New Zealand so the garden is more or less dormant.

I have been reading your blog for about 3mnths now but this is my first post. Thanks for all the good information that you post daily.

Have a great evening.

blondie said...

Thanks Brian,
Always nice to hear from readers.
Stop by anytime and feel free to post.
The way my body feels after all that work, almost wish it was going into winter season here too, lol

dr.capoon said...

Glad you have joined G*A*F. I've been there from day one, but now I feel more comfortable in it, I mean having you there.
Btw. Payouts are speeding in G*A*F, every time shorter waiting.
Todays went through in less than 20 minutes.
Let's hope for a good ride there.

blondie said...

hehe dr c :)

Well I learned of GAF when it first opened but wasn't quite ready to join at that time. I'm here now and also think we'll have a good ride.