Friday, May 17, 2013

Same Stuff, Different Day

Quick Note: the new 2% daily program that I mentioned a while back was launched yesterday. I had a brief look at it and was not impressed after all the hype that was given to it. So without going into detail (which might tick people off) I'm just going to put it to bed.
Actually, giving it more thought, wonder if they had the Beach Boys in mind when they launched it? LOL

ProfitReference: received my earnings cash out yesterday and a little RC today. Thanks Admin and fellow players.
On Sunday I will have completed 3 rounds in the 3 day plan.

NEO Mutual: I did receive my payments from Neo today also. Less then a day pending. Fabulous!

ClickPaid: this was posted yesterday but I missed it.
Remind me to check their news when we question something.
(ps, just purchased more click packs using click pack earnings)

Greetings IBOs,

Click Paid just completed our first maintenance run in our withdrawal system. This process ran approximately 48 hours during which time withdrawals were temporarily paused. The maintenance is now completed and withdrawals have resumed on schedule.

Getting your money to you as efficiently as possible is our top priority. We constantly fine-tune our system to make this happen. You can help by letting customer support know when you have issues and making sure your payment processors are linked properly.

It is our pleasure to serve you!

-- The Click Paid Team

First gear, it's alright 
Second gear, I lean right 
Third gear, hang on tight


Glenn Shimabukuro said...

Hi Blondie:

I love your blog and the opportunities you talk about! You got me interested in ProfitReference w/ the info you provided. I could join straight from the site, however, since you provided the valuable info, I'd appreciate it if you post your affiliate link.



blondie said...

Thanks Glenn,
My links to each program are always in the banners on the side. (sorry that I've gotten lazy about posting them throughout the message area.)

If you click on the PR banner, the URL should end in a "blondie".
Thanks for asking :)

Glenn Shimabukuro said...

Thanks Blondie for pointing me in the right direction re. your ProfitReference link. I'm in and looking forward to PR's compensation plan.


blondie said...

Thanks Glenn,
Have a great Sunday!