Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Rican Update

Update as promised
written by Richard Cannon , May 09, 2013
I don't want to make this a long, drawn out update because we need to get back to making the payments. I am training new people to do this so that we can process the payments more quickly and so that I don't have to be there for payments to be made. I have been badly organised and not able to do all that I wanted to.

The meeting yesterday allowed us to explore the possibility of giving everyone an account with Rican and where we issue you with a card to which payments can be made and this card can be used to make payments like any other Prepaid Card and can also be used to draw out cash at ATMs. The other option is that you can link your own debit card to the account and we can pay directly to your card. This card could also be used for purchases on our sites or others as you can use your account balance to do so and in most countries you would be able to load the card either directly from your bank or by a few other methods. We would not store any of this information. This option would allow us to do without the Payment Processors in general apart from some countries where we would need to keep using them for members to purchase. In all countries, however, we can pay to these cards. There will be a charge for the card but it would be much less than the current fees that are being taken by the Payment Processors.

We will also be using ismMagic as the centre of all Rican Companies and their activities. ismMagic will become the portal to everything we do and will do and will allow you to earn from all our corporate activities and not only our sites. This way everyone will get updates on everything, support for their questions and problems and a direct means of communication to the Rican Personnel.

I will go into this in much more detail in a few days so as to let you know how long this would take but please know that our partnership with this new company could also take the shape of us being part owners of their Group and will also provide Rican Group another income stream.

We have been working on this for a while now and are very happy with the discussions and agreements that are being put into place.

I know that there are many that have lost faith so we will be organising a meeting here in the UK in the next week or so for a few members to come and explore what we are doing and see for themselves - I think this is more than necessary and will serve to show that we still have nothing to hide.

Payments will resume tomorrow morning and will continue until we have caught up the backlog. I am sure that by training new people at the same time that this could actually be accomplished by the end of next week.

I appreciate your constant support and am sure that as we catch up our members will rewarded for their patience.


OK, from the top:
NEO Mutual: received 2 payments today, 1 for my daily earnings and 1 for a little RC that was in LR. Thanks Admin and referrals :)

ClickPaid: for the 2nd (or maybe 3rd) time yesterday I got the daily limit reached message when trying to withdraw. But that message only pops up when they're doing the payouts for that particular processor. Whew!
It did go through a little later so no worries, just something for you to be aware of.

ProfitClicking: speaking of 'daily limit reached', that's the only thing I've seen for weeks now. I do have 5 withdraw requests in both Basic and Premium so am waiting out the queue.
Oh how I miss that ugly old JBP site that worked like a charm.

Just got word of a new HYIP opening tomorrow.
The plans sound reasonable and it could be fun.
Will write it up once it's available.


HermitJim said...

Let's hope this all works out well. Right now anything would be an improvement!

Brad Tramell said...

Lets hope they really do what they are saying :) I have 500$ pending withdraw between rican and adsincome :)

Henry said...

Rican was (I expect for all of us)my favourite...Now sadly it reminds me of a autobiography I once saw, written by a surgeon, with the title

"In search of complications"