Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1st, 2015

Here I am after a long hot slow summer.
Starting to cool off a little now but this heat still makes it hard to move around too much.

Haven't blogged about paying programs in a long time because, quite honestly, I've only been involved in one that is keeping me extremely content.

AdClickXpress (a.k.a. the program that never dies) has kept their word and still paying 6% Daily week days and 3% on weekends since June 5th. Payouts are fast, surfing (clicking) goes fast and from what I can tell, everybody is pretty happy with ACX this time around. So Congrats to the ACX Team and all involved. Thumbs Up for sure.

Happy Birthday to Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees who turned 69 today. Sure wish his brothers were still around too but... it is what it is.

Here's one of my favorite's from 'the old days' and even in 1997, they did a great job performing it (plus you just gotta love the ending).
Cheers :)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I Would Be Blogging but...

Every time I sit down to write, I'm at a loss for words or just can't sit still long enough to really get anything done. Shame on me.

Anyway, I did post a new Banner today for Ziggy Ads. Looks like fun and doesn't cost too much so hey, why not?
Also doesn't launch til the 21st 22nd so we've got time to check it out more.

Hard to believe it's Mid-July and I have not watered my back yard once this year. it's been so wonderful with the regular rain coming around that it's saved me tons of money on my water bill and my grass is green. That's just crazy!!

Happy 5th Birthday Orae :) 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there.

Hope your day is relaxing, fun and full of surprises!

So how's everybody doing?
I was up at the butt crack of dawn today and have plans for later in the day.

As you all know by now, AssetOrder is Game Over.
It did well running for 3 weeks and paying instantly but you know. nothing lasts forever. Especially a HYIP.

UTCycler is holding it's own. We're earning daily and payouts have been quick too. Yes I know the daily earnings have been a bit wacko but soon they should settle down to a steady flow (we hope so anyway). Hope you're enjoying it and "Don't Forget to Surf".

ACX continues to do exactly what they said they'd do and I've been really impressed with the outcome this time around. Bought a couple more Ad Packs and Media Packs today, did my surfing and I'm all set until tomorrow. Simple :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Good Morning!

Now I know I've told you before about the Big Chicken in my neighborhood. Well he lives 2 houses down from me.
This is that time of year where it's too warm to close the window at night but too cold to run a fan in it. So every morning, promptly at 4:00 AM, this is what I hear...

Bless his feathery little head but I sure wish he could wait until 6 AM. Wonder if they make "sleep masks" in Rooster size? lol

Is everybody doing OK in UTCycler?
Did you receive the update sent out last night?
It may have sounded a bit confusing and some members are still not sure what time of day they need to surf SO for today, the Admin has Turned OFF the surfing requirement so that everyone can be paid their daily Rev Share. Which today was 5.1%. Not too shabby :)

ACX: I just keep surfing and earning and getting paid which I normally receive within 2 days or so after request.

AssetOrder is doing a bangup job so far too and I do love those Instant Payments! Keep it up Admin and more power to you!
** As of June 16th, GAME OVER.

ShowBizHits, it's Thursday and that means entering Surf Code "clover" will earn you 75 ad credits after surfing 25 sites. Piece of cake. Thanks Gals.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

UTCycler Update

Well I was gonna write something about this launch but this email update pretty much says it all:

Dear Partner,

Thanks for supporting this program, we are very much greatful.

Today UTCycler was officially launch and AD SHARES purchase button enabled. The launch was fine however it is important that we address some important issues noticed

1) Referral Commission: Ref com was not correctly credited however we would manually resolve all issues with ref com to make sure our members are rightly rewarded for their efforts.

2) Compounding Button: This is to be ignored. If you have bought AD SHARE all you need to do is surf the required number of website and be ready for daily earning.

We are still studying the launch and havd started fixing issues with ref com, however we sure need time because it is a manual process.

Thanks for Now,


AssetOrder has been doing really great and since it's over 14 days old now, I am officially in profit, YaY!
I do have a few more 'spends' running and enjoying every one of them.
Great Job Admin!

ACX continues to perform well and my pay is quite nice. Yes I've been purchasing ad/media packs on a regular basis and still enjoying the 6% daily earnings on the newer ones and 5% or 4% etc on the older ones.

Monday, June 8, 2015

UTCycler Opening Tomorrow

Just a reminder that the Ultimate Traffic Cycler (UTCycler) will be launching tomorrow at 11:00 AM EST.
The daily revenue of this program will work as follows:

UTCycler will strive to pay 5% daily for 25 days however it is possible to go lower or higher on exceptional days. On days when we receive a lot of advertising requests, we will share up to 6.5%. On very slow days we will share 3% or 4%. But since we have set a capped amount at 5% (for regular days) we also made the minimum sharing 3% meaning you will not earn less then 3% daily revenue share no matter how slow any particular day may be.

If you decide to purchase an Ad Pack(s), remember you will need to surf 3 sites daily. Free members will need to surf 10 sites daily.

Here's a note I wrote in the MMG forum today so that folks don't feel the need to rush in when the countdown clock strikes zero.

Regarding the launch tomorrow, I know it's set for 11 AM EST but there is absolutely no reason why anyone should feel they need to be the "first one in" to buy a position (or positions). 

This is Not a program where it's based on a first come, first serve basis.

This is a Daily Rev Share and everyone will earn at the same time each day on each of their positions.

So in other words, whether you purchase at 11:30 AM or 2:30 PM, you'll still receive your earning for that day.

* Just trying to avoid overloading the server at launch *

Any last minute questions before tomorrow?
Let me know and I'll give (or get) you an answer as quickly as I can.
Cheers, Good Luck and have fun to those of you who are participating :)

Friday, June 5, 2015

TGIF Updates

As posted yesterday, UTCycler will now be launching on Tues, June 9th due an STP delay. You can fund at any time but I prefer to wait until the launch time gets a little closer. Maybe it just gets me more excited that way, LOL

AssetOrder is doing extremely well and today is my 11th day of earning 9% (on my first spend that is) which means, tomorrow will be a profit day on that first spend. Great Job Admin!

It's only been 10 days since ACX raised their daily sales commission to 5%. Then today I got an email from them notifying us that it's now 6%! Yes, I bought a few more ad packs to keep it rolling. Why not eh?  

New Variable DSC Rate is 6% Per Day

As of today, all new Ad or Media Packs purchased with New
Money will earn 6% a day (3% on weekends).  It's amazing
that ACX can continue to pay huge daily earnings with our
New "Breakthrough" Variable DSC Program!

So, what does 6% a day really mean?

It means Members who purchase now will earn 36% a week.
that's 100% in less than three weeks and 150% in just 30 days.
WOW!!! 150% in One Month!!!


Thursday, June 4, 2015

UTCycler Launch Postponed

Short on time right now but wanted to mention the UTCycler Launch has just been postponed until Tuesday. Oh TG, I have other things that absolutely need to get done tomorrow anyway.

"Greetings and thanks for being a part of Ultimate Traffic Cycler.

We bring to your attention that the official program launch has to be moved to 11:00 AM EST on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 due to the STP Approval button not being enabled. 

We already received the button but due to some changes we are required to go through the process again. This usually takes one business day and we are hopeful this would be approved by Friday. However given the delay it may not give enough time for members intending to participate via STP. Members who intend to use any other payment processors to fund their account can proceed as funding buttons have been enabled.

UTCycler is a sure and secured advertising and earning community. This shift in launch gives members last minute opportunity to share their links with others, promote and share this amazing program with everyone.
Thank you for your time and commitment to UTCycler.

UTCycler Admin Team"


RIP my friend. Cheers :) 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Bunnies and Squirrels and Ducks, Oh My!

We've had rain, rain and more rain here for the past month and I love it! Bought some flowers and veggie plants that I need to get outside and plant tomorrow. I should have done it a month ago but it's been just too cold overnight. Crossing my fingers that Jack Frost is gone for the season.

UTCycler is still on schedule to Launch on Friday, June 5th at 11:00 AM EST. I will be here for the launch but need to leave shortly thereafter. Have an appointment that I cannot miss.

Now you may think I'm crazy but I decided to put the ACX banner back on my side bar. Why? Well because they're doing fantastic right now so I don't see any reason why I shouldn't brag about them.
Currently earning 5% daily M-F (2-1/2% S-S)and payouts have been daily also. So what's not to like?

AssetOrder is right on track also. I've cashed out quite a bit already, instantly, but also did a little re-purchasing to keep it building.
Just couldn't resist this one and I'm really glad that I got involved.

Here's a few of my friends that always come by to entertain me. Between the peanuts and the gerbil food, they do seem to love my front yard, lol

Thursday, May 28, 2015

New RevShare Opening Soon

Been super busy today but wanted to be sure to let you know about a new RevShare program opening next Friday, June 5th.

I won't go into too much detail since it's all on the front page of the site but...

The name is Ultimate Traffic Cycler and it's a RevShare plus a bonus cycler at the end.

It opened today in Pre-Launch for registrations only and will officially launch on June 5th.

- Ad Packs will cost $2.50 but minimum deposit is $10.
- ROI is 125% of each completed ad pack.
- Accepts: STP, Payza, PM, Bitcoin, Payeer and OKPay.
- RevShare will be capped at 5% daily for 'Ultimate' members.
- Free members can earn 3% daily.
- You DO need to surf 3 or 10 sites per day and
- There is NO Repurchase Rule!

Please give a holler is you have any questions.
Cheers :) 

Monday, May 25, 2015

New Program - Asset Order - Looks Good

A new program opened today that I decided to join.
It's called Asset Order and pays up to 9% Daily.
No surfing required.
Instant withdrawals.
Accepts Payza, Payeer and more.

In other news,
AdClickXpress is still doing exceptionally well.
Takes less than 10 minutes per day to do my clicking.
Have been earning 4% daily (2% on weekends).
Payouts have been super fast and getting faster.

** Effective May 26th, ACX is now paying 5% daily M-F!

So who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
ACX seems to have quite a few new moves and they're all going in the right direction for now :)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hello Hello... Anybody Home?

Hello Hello... Anybody Home?
I'm ready for my Peanuts!

Hi there,
Sorry I've been neglecting my blog page but there's not been anything real exciting to write about lately.

Yes that is one of my squirrels looking for her dinner. She's a regular and always comes around at my own dinner time. So I've gotten into the habit of waiting for her before closing the front door. She's a cutie!

Advertzer is planning a debt swap (whatever that is) so we'll see how that goes down once it's done.

MoBrabus is still chugging along giving me a few pennies a day for my surfing.

Same with Digadz. Digs seems to be on auto-pilot these days and I can usually predict what I'll earn for my ad viewing there.

The only program that's taken me by surprise during the last month has been AdClickXpress. Believe it or not, it's my top earner at the moment.
Their 2% DSC (daily sales commission) was doing well and cash outs were paid daily. Then they raised it to 3% on new purchases and now today, up to 4% daily.
How long will this last? No one knows but I have been taking advantage of their new and improved pay plans, quick payments and withdrawal rewards.
Now please don't shoot the messenger. I'm just reporting on my own progress :)

Now for you Horse lovers out there, here's a cool video that was filmed here in Colorado just a few days ago.
This is the first time I've heard about this event and thanks to my friend Paul in HI for sharing it with me.

Looking at their town reminds me of the Andy Griffith show. Mayberry. Maybell. Hell I'm ready to move! LOL
(ps, might want to Full Screen this one)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15th

Yup, it's April 15th...tax return filing day for the USA.
Just wouldn't seem right without the Beatles to remind us why we are taxed so much, lol


Advertzer continues strong and adding new things on a regular basis.
I know I told you before that I was going to help with their forum but I backed out of that. It was just too time consuming and I realized I didn't have the patience for it.
Anyway I continue to do my surfing (clicks) daily and keep purchasing new ad packs in order to stay at the level I am comfortable in.
Also Kudos to the Admin for the extremely fast payments made!

Digadz: is it just me or is every day like groundhog day there? Every day I get the same dollar amount of value ads as the day before.
Well I suppose that could be BeeJay's instructions to his crew while he is unable to work and monitor the site stats.
I don't mind, but I am getting anxious for a change up.

MoBrabus is back on track and doing good.
Since they reopened the first of this month I have paid for another months membership fee, am back to doing my daily surfing, requested a cash out, got paid and have been purchasing new $5 ad packs along the way.
Their down time wasn't the best time but I'm happy to see them come back to life now.
** Thursday 4/16/15: Payza has been added as an additional pay processor.

There's one more thing I'd like to mention to you but not sure if I should. This is one of those "I hate to admit it" kind of statements but feel that I should tell you about it in case you were not aware.

Well, let me ask this...
When was the last time you checked your AdClickXpress account? You might want to take a peek at it especially if you have (or had) referrals who were active at some point in time.

ACX recently started a "Withdrawal Rewards" bonus where you get paid for posting your payments. Also a new 3% daily earning on new purchases. Plus on the Media side, withdrawals have been lowered to $5 minimum so it's much easier to cash out.

I won't go into any more detail since ACX is a sore subject for some, but I can tell you their current plans are working and I've been real pleased with the results.

Almost forgot to show you my Ducks. You just never know what's going to land in my backyard these days.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools Day? No Jokes Here

Has anybody been to the new Advertzer forum yet?
It's a little confusing at first but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

I was just there posting a payment proof and noticed this little note in the lower right corner of the forum:

Welcome Our New Mods WoodyBalto - Blondie - Lubyanyj - GingerSnap

Yep, that's me.
They asked me a few days ago if I would be interested to help Moderate the forum. Ahhh, sure I would. Figured it could be fun.

Also, if you're confused on How to Post in the forum, Woody made a short tutorial on how to do that. Take a peek and you'll see it. It actually helped me out too, lol

I see MoBrabus is coming back to life. So starting now... don't forget to SURF daily once again.

Still doing my daily digs at Digadz and although it's slowed down, it's stable. Payouts continue to be super fast too!

Hey I bought a new pair of shoes today. I'm really excited since they were long overdue... trust me, lol

Friday, March 27, 2015

OMG It's Friday Already?

Not sure how the week got away from me, but it did.
Well, at least I've managed to get my tax returns done before the last minute this year. Guess I should pat myself on the back for that, eh.

Advertzer is doing great and I'm really glad that I got involved with them. The daily clicks you need to do don't take very long at all. The payouts are super fast and have all been sent to me in a matter of hours.
The only wait time is if you need to submit a support ticket for something. That's one area they need to work on but overall, I'm really happy with it :)

Digadz is hanging in there even though earnings have slowed to a crawl. I'm still at the same level that I've been at for months now and am able to cash out every so often. Hopefully when the site finishes with it's improvements, things will pick up again.

MoBrabus will be returning on the 31st so am keeping my eyes open for that.

That's about it for now.
I ditched a couple more of my side banners earlier this week because I'm pretty sure if you put funds into those today, you'll never see a return and I hate to see that happen to anyone.

You guys remember the Big Chicken wandering around my backyard awhile back?

Well last night, sitting here at my desk, facing the front window I hear this loud "wah wah wah" type of sound. Looked out front to see the Big Chicken running down the middle of the street screaming.

Holy cow, what's going on?

Right behind him is his owner (my new neighbor) along with a few of his friends running after the chicken. Of course the closer they got to the chicken, the faster the chicken ran and the louder he screamed.

So the BC ran across the street, up and down the lawns and driveways, under bushes, around cars etc until finally he ran towards my house.

Now by this time, I'm out of my chair, standing at the window, watching his moves, laughing my ass off and the next thing I know... BANG! The damn chicken tried to fly (jump) through my front window.

OMG poor chicken! Is he OK?
Yeah he's fine and his 'daddy' quickly grabbed him and took him home.

Now all that excitement was sort of fun for my quiet little street BUT you should have seen the look on my Cat's faces when it was all over! I swear it took them a good hour to settle down and stop watching the window for that crazy big flying chicken, LOL

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Bogey Girl and more...

My little Golfer Olivia got her first bogey yesterday.

Was a Par 3 and she sank it in 4.

Pretty good for a
4-3/4 year old, eh.

Did somebody say
scholarship? hmmm

Down to business now but you know... I shouldn't wait so long to update here. It's hard enough for me to remember what I did yesterday so trying to go back four days is a real chore. lol

Advertzer - glad I decided to make peace with myself about Advertzer and get in on the fun.

The site is really easy to navigate and the Admin's have been doing a bang up job keeping us updated on the improvements. Actually doing the daily "clicks" takes less time than other sites of similar nature.

To those of you who have joined as a free member or with a small spend, be sure to catch the "Flash Ads" link on the top of the page after you log-in. There you can find ads to click for small amounts and make a little extra without losing any of your BP's.

Oh and be careful of the "Games" listed. I heard that you can lose BP's real fast if you're not careful or don't win.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mid-Week Updates

OneRevShare had a flawless launch yesterday and revenue share earnings moved along at a good pace. Today of course, things are settling down and getting to a more 'normal' speed.
I did earn enough to request a cash out yesterday, so I did and was paid overnight. Thanks Admin :)

Speaking of being paid overnight, in OneLineAd I completed another Stage 1 and my first Stage 4 sub plan yesterday. Also received payment for that in less than 24 hours of request. Excellent!

Mo Brabus, sure could use some updates from Admin's. Earnings there have been at a standstill for a long time now. Really anxious for this to start moving again and hope for the best.

Same with Digadz and the updates. Of course I'm doing my daily digs (clicks) and receiving cash or points for that but weren't we supposed to see more changes by now? hmmm

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunny Sunday

Advertzer launch delayed until March 19th.
They are waiting on Payza approval.

Back in the saddle with Advertzer.
I'll tell you about it later.

OneRevShare still scheduled for Tues, March 17th
and they accept STP, Payza, PM and BTC.

Bright and sunny here today. High of 78F.
Pretty incredible for March and we sure are enjoying it!
Beautiful day for Golf too.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Epic Cancelled

EpicAdProfits launch called off.
Please read the below and request your refund if you pre-funded:

Hello !

Payza disabled our Payment buttons and asking us to co-operate with them by giving more details and extended website review process. Already 2 Business Days passed.

Also Database damaged due to recent attacks. So, We kindly request all users to send their Transaction ID and Payment details to epicadprofits@gmail.com to get refund

Lor of refunds done. Don't open tickets, Just send details to epicadprofits@gmail.com

We will update more soon.


Admin team

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

To Be Or Not To Be

Have you heard anything from EpicAdProfits?
I have not and have no idea if it's still scheduled to launch tomorrow. I've not seen anything new from the Admin in emails or in the forum.

The pay plan was something that he said would be changed before opening, but it still looks the same to me on the site.

Just sent him an email asking what's going on.
Will let you know if he responds.

* Later in the day:
He showed up at the MMG forum and said:
some bugs in script..unable to circulate newsletter. will send the update today.
You can track his updates HERE in case they come too late for me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Program set for March 17th

One week from today OneRevShare will launch.
I had originally debated on playing in this one but since the Owner-Admin is the same as OneLineAd, I decided to go for it. OLA has been doing very well and running flawlessly since it opened on February 24th.

Now OneRevShare is not a subscription type program.
It has 3 different plans to chose from. Or you can play in them all if you like. 
- Min deposit is $3 and min cash out is also $3
- Daily withdrawals
- Plans cost $1, $3 or $5
- They accept STP, Payza and PM
- No surfing required
- Each plan is separate. You do not have to start in plan 1.
- Profit share will be distributed every 60 minutes.
All of the above can be found on the Details and FAQ pages.
Originally set to launch in the wee hours of my morning, it has been changed to a decent 11:00 AM EST (actually EDT) opening. Whew!
OK then, hope to see you there.

Speaking of OneLineAd, this morning I completed another Stage 2 sub which bought me another Stage 3 sub AND I'm also climbing the ladder to complete a Stage 4 (final) sub plan. Now that's good news and it only cost me $1 per day :)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's Time to Spring Forward ...

and it's not even Spring yet!

I don't like daylight savings time. Never have.
It's bad enough that we have to do it, but doing it 2 weeks before Spring even starts is just plain wrong. (shaking my head)

Re Advertzer, check the "How It Works" page.
I know I told you I'd discuss it more but you guys are smart and can read that page in a couple of minutes. Sounds very similar to Digadz and PaidVerts to me. Although I'm not a member of PV, I do know a bit about it.
In any case, I'll be watching for updates before they launch.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

New Program Added

New program added to my side bar banners today.
If you participate in and enjoy PaidVerts and/or Digadz, you might like this one too.
I'll write more about it tomorrow soon.
It's late here and I'm sort of pooped out, lol
G'Night :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Another Snowy Week

Another cold snowy week here in the Rockies.
Well, that's to be expected. It is March after all.

Epic Ad Profits did launch this morning but had a bit of trouble. The hourly rev share is working now but the cycler is not. Also read that RC has not been credited to uplines. It should all be fixed by tomorrow, early AM.

One Line Ad: got paid overnight from OLA. First one since the re-opening. The Stages have been moving along just fine too. Kudos to Admin.

Monday, March 2, 2015

No Surprises

EpicAdProfits will open tomorrow at 9 AM EST.
There has been a change in how it's going to work and the details are in the Details page link on the site.
Please Read That Page Carefully.

- revenue sharing is capped at 12% daily
- a new repurchase rule has been put into place
- minimum withdraw is $10

but you can combine your repurchase funds and cash balance funds to make new purchases so... again I stress for all members to read the Details page more than once so there are no surprises at launch.

As mentioned before, the Admin "redhammer" is active in the MMG forum and here's his post from this morning if you're interested.

Am happy to report that in OneLineAd I have completed my first Stage 3 unit and now have a Stage 4 in the running. Been moving along really nice since it reopened.
This is not one of those programs where you had to be first in line to earn since it's a daily subscription and we're all purchasing on a daily basis.

On a personal note... my clothes washer broke a few days ago. Not quite sure what I'm going to do about that yet.

But at least I can watch "The Bachelor" tonight to take my mind off of my worries. Only 1 more episode and then the final rose next week.
BTW, this has to be my favorite bachelor so far, farmer Chris from Iowa.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

EpicAdProfits - 100% Hybrid Revenue Sharing

Got wind of this one early today and after doing some chit-chat with others decided it would be a good place to be right about now.


The Admin here is known as "redhammer" in the MMG forum and will be active there if we need any help or have questions.

The main page of the site pretty much says it all and on a personal note, I really like the colorful webpage.

Looks like launch will be March 3rd early in the AM for me and there is a countdown clock on the site.

I read that he's waiting on STP approval and I sure hope that's a done deal before launch.

In a nutshell:
EpicAdProfits has a hybrid compensation plan.

Each advertising pack = $10 ONLY
- You get advertising credits
- You get One position in super fast 2x1 straight line cycler worth $5. Upon completion and cycling out, each position will pay you $8
- You get One position in our Revenue Sharing Earner Plan worth $5. One position of $5 will pay out up to $8!

- No surfing is required to earn.
- No sponsoring is required to earn!

Sounds good to me.
Looking forward to the opening in a few days.
Cheers :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Daisy Duck

Mo Brabus is doing some house cleaning today and making the site better for us all. I stole a post from a forum member re the updates.
(yes, my packs are moving again (earning) so am purchasing again too. looking good my friends.)

"In a nutshell, the 10 page surfing requirements have been temporarily turned off for all members. They are eliminating the confusion to have one ad pack vs having multiple ad packs that say founder, standard, etc...

The software changes could take about two weeks to complete but once it's finished, there will only be one ad pack option like you see now available to purchase. When the update is complete, the system will automatically detect if a member if free/standard/Founder and know if they have to surf to earn.

Those who purchased no surfing ad packs will have their wallet credited back soon. They can then use that to purchase the standard ad packs.

It simplifies things so we only have one option to buy."


DigAdz - been doing my daily Digs and earning daily also. With all the new plans coming, I hope to see more action here before long.

OneLineAd - the launch for their new plan yesterday ran perfectly. I purchased my daily sub and it 'cycled' in no time which created a new position in level 2, and that one cycled for me today. Also since this IS a daily sub plan, each day my $1 goes in to buy a new one to keep it moving along. All in all, I'd say this launch was a true success.

Yesterday afternoon, there was a knock on my door. Was some young guy with a long ponytail. New neighbor I think.
- Can I help you?
"Yes, I had my pet duck outside to get some fresh air and she tried to fly. I think she landed in your backyard. Can I go back there and look for her?"
- Sure go ahead. There's no gate so you can just walk right in.
So he walks through the foot of snow back there and sees his duck in a huge snow drift up against the side fence.
"Daisy. What are you doing there? Did you get stuck in the snow? LOL"
Now of course she was quacking up a storm the entire time until he picked her up and she knew she was safe again.

But did he really just call her Daisy? hehe

I swear, as soon as he said that, I couldn't help but laugh and pictured this gal being stuck in my backyard. Seriously though, Daisy Duck. How cute is that?

Dang! Guess I should have asked him if he owned that Big Chicken too but didn't think about it at the time.

Monday, February 23, 2015

OneLineAd re-opening on Tuesday

Well, I decided I will play in OneLineAd when it opens tomorrow. The starting cost is reasonable at $18.00 which includes your $3 membership fee and $1 daily subscription for 15 days.

This launches tomorrow at 10:00 AM EST and funding is open now. So my plan is to fund today and purchase my $3 membership so that tomorrow I'll be ready to buy my $1 subscription as soon as the countdown timer hits zero.

Plus I think it was nice of them to give those who were not at BEP their lost funds back to get them started in the new round.

Dear OneLineAd Member,

We did, as promised that old database has been restored and members who were below break even point have got credited remaining balances back in their respective payment processors and available in the members' area with One Line Ad.

We would like to inform once again, new Compensation Plan is “First ever straight line cycler with daily subscription payment”. A member need to pay onetime upgrade fee of $3 and $15 required to purchase each daily subscription ad pack to cover 15 days payments and generate more and more passive income to all OneLineAd family.

As you are aware, OneLineAd team always reward top sponsors, hence we are announcing referral contest and the rewards for top 3 sponsors as follows:

1St Position will be rewarded with $50.00 Added to earning balance

2nd Position will be rewarded with $30.00 Added to earning balance

3rd Position will be rewarded with $20.00 Added to earning balance

Member registrations are improving minute by minute and we are happy to inform you that more than 45% members have already funded their accounts. We are observing the speed of funding and how members are eager to enjoy the ride of our One Line Ad unique daily subscription based straight line compensation plan.

No more waiting… we are happy to share every moment with you. All the members can generate more and more passive income with www.OneLineAd.com

We encourage each and every member to grab this Unique opportunity.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturdays Question

OK, I just have to ask...
Does anyone plan on playing in OneLineAd when it reopens?
I played in the Beta test and can't say that it got me all that excited. The script IMO is not very user friendly and difficult to navigate. Plus I get the feeling that not very members will be there this time around. Of course I could be wrong.
So let me know if you plan to go another round or not. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do.
** Comments are welcome :)

Got Paid overnight from Mo Brabus YaY!
They only do payouts once per week on Fridays so was happy to see my first payout from them.
This was moving like gangbusters when it first opened in Beta but has slowed down since. Well of course it will. The more units sold, the more it needs to spread around.
However this IS still in beta and not even in a pre-launch mode yet so I'm playing the game and keeping a close eye on their updates.

Digadz will have a new look soon and lots of other things that I'm really looking forward to. Of course I've been doing my daily digs, buying new ads and getting a little cash out along the way.

Oh, look what I just found. The new system sneak peek.

Monday, February 16, 2015

President's Day in the U.S.

A lot of folks have the day off from work today due to President's Day here in the U.S.
For me, it's just another cold and snowy Monday, lol

Lot's of news and updates are going out for MoBrabus but some are quite long so I won't post them here.
Members can log into their account and click on All Announcements at the bottom of their Account Overview page.
It's really a shame that their PayPal account is "on hold" due to some jackass complaining about their $5 spend but hey, the Admins are working to get that straightened out as soon as they can.
In the meantime, I went ahead and purchased a Basic Monthly Membership for $15.75 since I'm looking forward to a good program once all the kinks are out and the new combo credit packs are available. Not to mention all the other things they have in store over the coming days, weeks and months.

I was just watching the "Saturday Night Live" 40 year anniversary show. Two of the guys there were Chevy Chase and Paul Simon who are now 71 and 73 years of age. My how time flies.
Anyway, I was sort of hoping they would have done this tune together but they didn't. Sure is a funny video though :)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Something New for Friday

Here's something new that I've been playing with for the last couple of hours.
When I first joined, I never got the confirmation email but that's been fixed now.
I purchased some Ad Packs today and they completed immediately. What?
Thinking that something went haywire, I wrote to Admin and got it explained to me what was going on.
So now that everything seems to be working normally and up to snuff, figured it was time to share this with you.

Mo Brabus (meaning My Profit)

If you listen to the long explanation of the programs future, I think you'll be quite impressed although this doesn't fully launch until March.

In the meantime, we can purchase Ad Packs which are $5 each without worrying about the membership fees at this point.

I purchased 4 to start (a few hours ago) and they already completed at 120% ROI, so I purchased 4 more plus used my repurchase balance on top of that.

Here's my stats to show you what I mean:
  • Date: 2015-02-13 22:04:14
  • Share(s) Units: 4
  • Share Amount: $20.00
  • Amount Added: $1.578
  • Total Earned: $11.2004

Give a holler if you have questions although I'm in the learning stages at this point also.
Cheers and Happy Friday the 13th!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

OneLineAd delay

With luck, Digadz should be back to normal tomorrow.
Fingers crossed xxxxx

OneLineAd is postponed again.
Looks like it will be the 23rd until further notice.

Dear Blondie,

Greetings for today and warm welcome to all our new members.

We are glad to inform all our members that the programmers are on the verge to complete coding and the website will be updated with the new Compensation Plan along with the customized software on February 12th, 2015. We are super excited to offer something which is different and powerful to all our members.

This time One Line Ad will have a Beta Test because we want to offer flawless program to our members. Please note that Beta Test will be carried out on the same website and not the different link.

We will credit all the members' cash wallet with $100 just for testing and that will be a play money. Database will remain intact hence no members will have to be worried for their current balances in cash wallets. Please know that we have already taken backup of current database.

Now a brief information about the new Compensation Plan:

1) Daily Subscription based Straight Line Cycler
2) One time membership fees
3) Membership fees will be distributed 2 levels deep
3) Matching Bonus for sponsors
4) Daily Sub Wallet will be credited with little amount of funds from the earning
5) Members will be able to move their earning from Earning to Cash Wallets and increase number of Daily Subs.
6) Minimum deposit is set at $15 and minimum withdrawal is $7.00

Beta test will commence on February 18th and if everything goes well then One Line Ad will launch on February 23rd.

In our previous update we had mentioned that we will not launch Straight Line cycler but never mentioned that the new Compensation Plan will be based on a daily subscription payments. We did it purposely.

We are confident about the new income stream because as compared to Matrix cycler, Straight Line Cycler along with Daily Subscription Payments is far more superior because Straight Lines never get wider and Cycling speed of positions remains constant.

Kindly Stay tuned for the next update.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Weekend

Don't Worry - Be Happy - Smile

DigAdz has been down for a couple of days now. Another server move they say. I did notice the Server Time is now EST and although I can log into the site, I still can't click on anything without getting an ugly error message. Oh well, I'll try again later.

OneLineAd is scheduled to launch on Thursday. I haven't decided yet how many sub's to buy when this re-opens. Just remember this is a daily subscription program so however many you buy, you will need to pay for daily. We'll chat more about it when it's closer to launch.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

OneLineAd, Beavers and Hockey

Looks like OneLineAd is getting closer to sharing their new plan with us. From the banner preview below and the "details" on the site, appears to be an affordable Daily Sub Plan. Fine by me since I missed out on the last good 'daily sub' program.
(yes I know this banner doesn't fit my blog page but posted it anyway, lol)


Got a note from my old friend and fellow blogger of "Beaver's Blog" today. Said he has decided to take down his blog and thanked me for posting it here all these years.

Now that really makes me sad but I can also understand where he's coming from.

There are times when we put a lot of effort into investigating new programs for you, but it's just not paying off like it used to. Sure I know the reasons but I'll save that thought for another day.

We'll miss you "Will Beaver" but hope to still see you around from time to time.
Cheers :)

There's a Hockey Game here tonight which my son will be attending with one of his friends. He's always been a Red Wings fan even though he was born here in Colorado... he's got that Detroit blood in him, lol
So may the best team win!

Red Wings vs Avalanche
Today, 7:00 PM on NBCSFSDT
Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado
Red Wings