Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturdays Question

OK, I just have to ask...
Does anyone plan on playing in OneLineAd when it reopens?
I played in the Beta test and can't say that it got me all that excited. The script IMO is not very user friendly and difficult to navigate. Plus I get the feeling that not very members will be there this time around. Of course I could be wrong.
So let me know if you plan to go another round or not. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do.
** Comments are welcome :)

Got Paid overnight from Mo Brabus YaY!
They only do payouts once per week on Fridays so was happy to see my first payout from them.
This was moving like gangbusters when it first opened in Beta but has slowed down since. Well of course it will. The more units sold, the more it needs to spread around.
However this IS still in beta and not even in a pre-launch mode yet so I'm playing the game and keeping a close eye on their updates.

Digadz will have a new look soon and lots of other things that I'm really looking forward to. Of course I've been doing my daily digs, buying new ads and getting a little cash out along the way.

Oh, look what I just found. The new system sneak peek.

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