Monday, February 16, 2015

President's Day in the U.S.

A lot of folks have the day off from work today due to President's Day here in the U.S.
For me, it's just another cold and snowy Monday, lol

Lot's of news and updates are going out for MoBrabus but some are quite long so I won't post them here.
Members can log into their account and click on All Announcements at the bottom of their Account Overview page.
It's really a shame that their PayPal account is "on hold" due to some jackass complaining about their $5 spend but hey, the Admins are working to get that straightened out as soon as they can.
In the meantime, I went ahead and purchased a Basic Monthly Membership for $15.75 since I'm looking forward to a good program once all the kinks are out and the new combo credit packs are available. Not to mention all the other things they have in store over the coming days, weeks and months.

I was just watching the "Saturday Night Live" 40 year anniversary show. Two of the guys there were Chevy Chase and Paul Simon who are now 71 and 73 years of age. My how time flies.
Anyway, I was sort of hoping they would have done this tune together but they didn't. Sure is a funny video though :)

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