Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Time for the Easter egg hunt and the little ones checking out all the goodies in their Easter Baskets.
We'll be carting a basket over to Olivia later on today.
Hope you all have a Wonderful Easter and don't eat too much sugar!
(ps, O has some yogurt and string cheese in her basket keeping that chocolate bunny chilled, lol)


Sol-R Engergy site is loading slow today. Not just for me either. Read about others having problems. But it did eventually come up and withdrawals are available. Ego is still not instant but STP appears to be fine.

ProfitClicking: saw someone post a payment proof that was in the Basic queue since Jan 23rd. Well OK. Mine are there waiting since Jan 26th so ... we wait.
But in the meantime, Premiums are paid pretty darn fast so I'll keep my focus on that for now.

ClickPaid: I put some banner Ad's out for CP yesterday. I don't promote like I used to but with this one being brand new and just now getting more comfortable, I don't think it'll disappear overnight like some do.
I have enough in my account to withdraw but haven't decided if I should take it out or let it ride into a new Click Pack. Hmmm

One last note:
Phinanci: heard that all are paid including pending's from last Friday :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Bunny Comes Tomorrow

If you're here before 6 PM MDT, check my page views.
I just hit 20K for the last month before it resets for the day. That's a first!!!
Thanks a bunch to all my friends and readers who visit me daily. WhooHooo, High Five and all that good stuff, lol
OK, 5:59 PM my final number was:
 20,078 before the reset. Thanks everyone!

RAF and ismAI: there are a couple of new notes in the NewsWire to keep you updated.

Sol-R: still doing good. EgoPay instant w/d is Off at the moment. Probably just another glitch but STP's are still Instant. Ego will be paid manually in 24-48 hours I believe it is.

ProfitClicking: well I'm happy as heck with PC's new Premium system. I know some of you PC members out there don't want to hear that but when Premium opened, I went for it and I'm glad I did.
Also more and more members are posting about hitting the buckets in the Basic system too. So hang in there, things seem to be getting better.

ClickPaid: as I mentioned yesterday, I bought a few more Click Packs right before my daily earning came through and I did receive the 2% on that newest spend as well. Today and tomorrow will be 1% though since it's the weekend. This one is also coming along nicely and I'm glad I got in at the start.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Living here in this online neighborhood as long as I have, sometimes makes me overly cautious. I know good things don't last forever and I do tend to be a worry wart. So if something doesn't sound quite right at first, I'll bite my tongue long enough to think it through before passing judgement.

Sol-R Energy: is doing great and I've completed 68 days on my first spend. With the 90 day maturity coming closer, (here's where the worry wart comes in), will it make it? Will it complete 90 days and continue on? Always a celebration for those that do and I truly hope this is one of those times. Admin has been doing a fantastic job so hat's off to him.

ProfitClicking: published a comment in yesterday's post from a member who once again got a Basic Bucket withdrawal to go through. Have also heard from others via email having the same success. Congrats to you all!
I have not tried for the basic bucket much but have been enjoying the Premium part of the system instead. It's been good so far and I do hope it continues that way.
* 3% in Premium goes fast! Half way there already!
Today is $7.50 paid. $7.50 to go, and that's just on one.

ClickPaid: will be opening their Premium and Premium Plus memberships soon. I got a glimpse of that on the last call but am waiting to see it in writing before I decide which is best for me.
So far I have a few active referrals and some of them have a few active referrals also.
Thanks you guys for joining with me and trying it out :)
I haven't withdrawn from CP yet since I only started with $50, but wanted to thank you all in advance in case I forget.

* Changed my mind. Guess I was just feeling the love, lol
Went in and purchased 5 more click packs. Hell, you can't win if you don't play. Kind of like the Lotto.


The Rican Sites:
If any of you are interested, here's a skype note between Admin Russell and our own Gummibearu from the MMG forum.
It may shed some light on the ID requirement for Rican.

Had a little talk with Russell regarding the implementation of the new rule. I wanna share it with you guys and hopefully it can provide some insight into the situation

[3/27/13 11:54:18 AM] Gummibearu: Hows it goin Russell
[3/27/13 11:54:43 AM] Gummibearu: Just wanted to discuss this new requirement for IDs
[3/27/13 11:56:32 AM] Russell Chapman: Hi
[3/27/13 11:58:06 AM] Gummibearu: A large majority of people are disappointed to see a that submitting personal IDs are now mandatory
[3/27/13 11:59:03 AM] Russell Chapman : the limit for money laundering is as low as $1900 in the EU.
[3/27/13 11:59:33 AM] Gummibearu: Even if we submit our IDs how are you going to verify that it is real?
[3/27/13 11:59:54 AM] Gummibearu: If someone were to submit an ID from a rural village in Inda, how are you going to authenticate it?
[3/27/13 12:01:30 PM] Russell Chapman : There are online agencies that can do that. We can use their data checking services.
[3/27/13 12:02:14 PM] Gummibearu: There are numerous companies that are decades more mature than RAF that do not require personal IDs
[3/27/13 12:02:51 PM] Gummibearu: Paypal doesnt even require personal IDs
[3/27/13 12:04:47 PM] Gummibearu: What im trying to say is, what assurances does the member have?
[3/27/13 12:06:41 PM] Russell Chapman : It does if you live in the EU, want to verify the account to withdraw more than $1900 per annum. That is les than $10 per day.
[3/27/13 12:07:09 PM] Gummibearu: Alright, so what assurances does the member have that their stuff are in secure hands?
[3/27/13 12:09:03 PM] Russell Chapman : It will be downloaded and kept offline. We have to comply with UK data protection rules.
[3/27/13 12:09:58 PM] Gummibearu: Payment processors like STP and Payza already verify our accounts with personal IDs
[3/27/13 12:10:14 PM] Gummibearu: Why is there a need to verify it again in Rican?
[3/27/13 12:11:23 PM] Russell Chapman : Because we allow people to purchase with one processor ID and withdraw to another, plus move funds from one program to another.
[3/27/13 12:11:52 PM] Gummibearu: so why dont you change that rule?
[3/27/13 12:12:03 PM] Gummibearu: keep everything together
[3/27/13 12:12:25 PM] Russell Chapman : Becuase it is one of the things members like about RAF
[3/27/13 12:13:19 PM] Russell Chapman : + new system is an anti fraud measure
[3/27/13 12:14:23 PM] Gummibearu: so ur saying if you remove that rule of depositing/widhrawing with multiple accounts, there wont be a need for verification?
[3/27/13 12:18:04 PM] Russell Chapman : We are not going to remove that feature + it is an anti fraud measure + it ensures we will meet all money laundering requirements. Verifiacation will become mandatory.
[3/27/13 12:18:13 PM] Russell Chapman : The decision is made.
[3/27/13 12:18:28 PM] Gummibearu: I understand the decision is made, im just trying to understand the reasoning behind it
[3/27/13 12:19:43 PM] Gummibearu: a large majority would rather you remove that feature than keep it and require verification
[3/27/13 12:20:11 PM] Gummibearu: that feature isnt a big deal at all, 95% of programs dont even have it, many people can live without it
[3/28/13 12:21:11 PM] Russell Chapman : There is post on the blog that clarifies reasons for ID verification
[3/28/13 12:21:49 PM] Gummibearu: Alrighty then
[3/28/13 12:22:01 PM] Russell Chapman : I am receiving lots of questions regarding this issue. The reasons for verification are:
1.To comply with all money laundering legislation
2.To comply fully with UK tax legislation
3.To ensure we can continue to take payment from one processor and pay out to another
4.To ensure we can continue to offer the e-wallet
5.Anti fraud measure
[3/28/13 12:22:17 PM] Gummibearu: Aight got it
[3/28/13 12:22:58 PM] Gummibearu: the site is gonna be down till Apr 15 right?
[3/28/13 12:23:06 PM] Gummibearu: are earnings gonna be credited during the downtime?
[3/28/13 12:24:21 PM] Russell Chapman : don't know where that coame form. Yes says so on the blog
[3/28/13 12:24:41 PM] Gummibearu: alright cool
[3/28/13 12:24:56 PM] Gummibearu: thanks


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Better Late Than Never

OMG, just realized I didn't blog today!

Re: RAF and ismAI: if you didn't get to read all of the News Wire yesterday, please do so when you have time. Lots to talk about and discuss but I need to let it sink in first and keep an eye on future updates as well.

Sol-R: continues to be a rock star.

ProfitClicking: some of my friends and referrals are having great luck with Basic bucket withdrawals. Congrats to them!

ClickPaid: is doing just fine, but will discuss later.
Have had my head wrapped around other things today.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gotta Love Those Updates... Or Not

But first I gotta sneak a picture in... 
Our future little hockey player in training.
"Happy Gilmore" you got competition, she can golf too!

RicanAdFunds & ismAdsIncome: Love the updates!!

written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

Our intention is for RICAN businesses to provide long term earnings for us and our members. The last 6 months has been a steep learning curve for Richard, I and our team. During this period ismAdsIncome, ismMagic and RAF have been subject to hacking, theft and fraud. Our members have been generally shielded from any such losses with us taking the hit.

We are now at a stage where the hackers are failing in their attempts to steal money, so in their frustration, they resort to crashing the server every day so as to undermine the confidence of the members.

The actions being announced today are designed to secure the long term future of our sites and your earnings. We accept that there is some short term pain in this process but ultimately each member has a choice "shout scam as some are doing" or "support us and continue to earn long term". Choosing the first option will help nobody including yourself, choose the second and you will be smiling for years to come.

Important Updates
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

We will be issuing updates to cover each of the following today

RAF Long Term Plan
Money Laundering and Member IDs
Site Availability
Support Tickets
Referral Commissions
Withdrawals & Earnings

Within these announcements there will be some news that you may not like but fundamentally the GOOD NEWS is that those who choose to support us in this difficult period will be earning an ongoing income in years to come.

Back to me: Updates continue to be added so you should check the News Wire regularly instead of waiting on me.
And there are a LOT OF UPDATES TO READ!


Sol-R Energy: still going good and I've got another 25 days before my first spend matures.

ProfitClicking: been seeing quite a few posts in the forum from members "hitting the bucket" for withdrawals in the basic plan. The queue withdrawals in basic are slowly being paid but most are still waiting since the end of January.
Premium payments are going out steady from what I have read.

ClickPaid: speaking of payments... my upline received his first payment from ClickPaid today. Congrats! I have not requested one yet and am not playing with a lot of money at this point. Was holding back to see if this would be a good new venture or not. Seems to be coming along albeit a bit slow.
There is a call tonight that I may or may not be able to listen to but will surely get the scoop on what was said as soon as I can.

"Greetings members!

Here at Click Paid, it is our goal to maximize your experience and earnings. We are working around the clock to complete our master plan and incorporate exciting methods to further this goal. Our mission is to provide an an amazing and reliable opportunity; one that will really kick start careers and give people residual benefits.

Join us, as we share this exciting enhancement to our current referral structure.Discover how to  go Viral and rapidly Increase Your Dividends. Click Paid is a very attractive long-term solution for anyone looking to make a career on the internet -- people like YOU. We will be unveiling this commission increase on our live call Wednesday, March 27th at 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 6:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, hosted by Frederick Mann.

We will also be discussing Click Paid, the success our members have experienced, and our goals moving forward. There will be live questions and enlightening discussion. You don’t want to miss it!

See you on the call!

-- The Click Paid Team"


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Short Updates

Thanks to you all for the great comments in yesterday's post. If you've not seen them, feel free to scroll down and read what others are saying (besides me, lol). Appreciate them all :)

RAF and ismAI are both online again.* YaY!
News from the News Wire:
Withdrawals Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 26, 2013 

Richard will be processing withdrawals today.
PS, site is still iffy. Tried to purchase some ad packs in RAF using my Rican E-Wallet funds, but no go. Got an ugly error message.
PPS, Good News! Just saw a payment posted for RAF in the MMG forum!
* Well it was UP when I wrote that. Six hours later, down again. Can't imagine what they're dealing with but sure hope it gets worked out soon.

Sol-R Energy: EgoPay Instant Withdraw is back ON.
I'll be using that a little later on today.

ProfitClicking: site is opening now, a little on the slow side.
I read that the premium withdrawals are being limited similar to the basic. Perhaps not as difficult to get one in, but they are doing limitations which kind of bums me out. I didn't think they'd do that so quickly after opening the Premium, but what do I know. Dang :(

ClickPaid: still too soon to tell if this will be a good program to get involved in or not. Yeah, I'm already in and did buy some ad packs but with the slow to get moving launch and this beta test thing... only time will tell at this point.
I do see daily changes and additions to the site, so keeping my fingers crossed that my guinea pig instinct didn't let me down.

OK, that's all for now.
I need to get moving and call the plumber I guess.
Hope he can get that sewer line cleaned out without having to replace the underground pipes. Had that done a couple of years ago and it was costly :o
Have a great day!!

Sol-R Update just received:

I want to start off by thanking each and every one a lot for there patience with the recent egopay issues.

As you may or may not know, we had to disable instant withdrawals for EgoPay, as well as temporarily stop processing EgoPay withdrawals.
This was due to an issue on EgoPay's end which was causing multiple payouts when someone withdrew. Luckily we caught this in time and had we not restricted these payments while we fixed it this could have been damaging.

Fortunately we were able to come up with a solution to help prevent this in the future and we were able to turn Instant Withdrawals back on.

You will only be able to withdraw once per hour now. So please keep this in mind if your trying to perform multiple withdrawals.

Also, we disabled the cancel withdrawal button for EgoPay. This was put there for convenience if your withdrawal ever goes pending. In light of the recent issues we thought it best to remove this feature.

We appreciate everyone who supported us during this time, you are all amazing.

Now it's back to business as usual so look forward to our next newsletter!

Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited team.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Stanley Cup

Dave: "I asked if I could pick it up... they shot me down."
Jessica: "The way you hugged it, they probably thought you were going to try and run off with it!" lol

Was babysitting last night so Dave & Jess could go to the Hockey game where they had a special promo that allowed fans to see the Stanley Cup up close and personal!
Was surprised that they let them touch it and kiss it, but when David asked if he could pick it up... no way ray!


I'm having a rotten day.
The sewer line in my house just backed up, again.
FEMA is making me jump through hoops before sending me a refund of a cancelled flood policy that was replaced with a cheaper one.
I didn't get enough sleep last night since I was out late.
My checkbook doesn't balance, my favorite programs are offline, and the worst spammer in the MMG forum just became a lifetime supporter!
Oh good grief... better days are coming, right?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday in the Snowy Rockies

Feeling better today. Took a couple of Advil PM's last night to help me sleep. Woke up to a cold 5 degrees F plus the foot of snow we had yesterday. Well that's OK, supposed to be in the 60's by Friday :)

RAF & ismAI: since it's Sunday not sure if Richard will be sending out any payments. He may to get caught up but I've not seen any posted in the forums yet. Just remember to watch the NewsWire for updates.

Sol-R Energy: paid myself yesterday and have seen payment proofs sent from Admin manually through EgoPay. EP Instant Button is still shut OFF so if you request, it will go to pending until Admin does his thing.

ProfitClicking: I've been getting reports that the green light has been opening more often in the Basic system. That's great news and congrats to all who have gotten a Basic withdrawal into the bucket.
Personally I haven't tried and am just waiting on my queue withdrawals from January. Which reminds me, have read that the old queue w'd's are starting to be paid also. From Jan. 22nd I think it was. Or maybe the 23rd. In either case that's good news for sure.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dang New Years Resolutions

Hate to break my new years resolution so need to post something, right? Let me think on that.

It's actually been a rough day.
Been reading posts from a PC cheater in one of the forums, so

Do Not buy or use any BOT for ProfitClicking that guarantees you to get your withdrawals out faster. It's not worth the risk and against their terms of service.

Speaking of forums, there always has to be a smart ass know it all who goes thread to thread with his or her knowledge (cough) warning people in those programs what they think is happening. Hog wash! These members do not have the experience to be 'calling the shots' and need to find something better to do.

I'm not saying that I know everything either but when I see kids in these forums who are playing with Daddy's money, I just have to wonder.

Sorry for the rant, it's just been a bad day.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Friday Friday

RAF and ismAI: please check their News Wire for the latest updates. All sounds ok to me. Poor Admins... so much work involved.
- am also seeing plenty of payment proofs being posted in the forum. Excellent!
- sites are back online and daily earnings have been credited.

Sol-R Energy: just made another re-purchase and realized my first spend is at 61 days paid / 29 days to go.
I also noticed the EgoPay auto w/d is still turned OFF but heard that Admin is doing them manually. So if you're waiting on one, sit tight.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Sorry for sending out this newsletter a little late, but we have been hard at work on the site to fix an issue.
A Delay in the response from the egopay servers in the past 24 - 48 hours was causing some members to receive multiple withdrawals. Until we resolve this issue fully we have disabled egopay instant withdrawals and there is a slight delay in processing manual withdrawals as we work out the kinks.

We expect to have this resolved shortly and we apologize for any inconvenience this causes.


Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited team.


ClickPaid: started listening to Frederick's call the other night but had to leave. Not sure if anything new or exciting was mentioned so I might go listen to it now. Will let you know if I learn anything :)
- on second thought... am not going to post anything here.
Things that are being discussed are still futuristic in my opinion. I'd rather wait until the basics are running properly before thinking about the future of this program.

OK this is weird. I did hear Frederick say on the call that they were getting caught up sending out the activation links.
Well it's true. My good friend Robert just got activated and he joined on February 24th!
Whoa! That's crazy slow but wanted to give you a heads-up in case you or any of your referrals have been waiting also.

Apparently the Update below came out this afternoon but I never received it. Am borrowing this copy from an MMG forum member:


Greetings Members!

Click Paid is moving forward by leaps and bounds, and we’re sharing the momentum with you! The big news is that the stabilization process for Click Paid’s release is complete! The launch went smoothly, and restricting account activation is no longer necessary.

All Members have full access to the dashboard, are able to purchase click packages and earn instantly! Click Paid is currently in Beta Phase and we expect full functionality within the next few weeks. With all members it’s now Click... View... Paid! 

We are watching the system to ensure members are making money easily! We see incredible success and positive feedback in rave reviews from you our members!

Our top priority is to provide you a streamlined, profitable, and positive experience! We invite your feedback through surveys, support tickets, and customer service, to make Click Paid theBEST opportunity for everyone!

Your success is our success!
-- The Click Paid Team


Was watching TV, someone said 'soul survivor'.
Wait. That was a group, I think. Let me go pull up youtube and check it out. 
Sure enough, my memory isn't that deteriorated yet, lol
Hope all my mature friends enjoy hearing this again.
ps, hope you have external speakers for this cause you really do have to blast it to enjoy it :) 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Better Late Than Never :)

Short on time today so I'll be brief.
I usually like to blog in the morning but I've been busy all day and just now got back here. Answered some emails and checked my programs. That's about it.

ClickPaid: I left them yesterday with 12 clicks reserved in my Traffic area. Today I have a big fat red -0- so had to surf. It stopped my surf after 3 so that tells me we can't reserve any anymore and will need to surf 3 daily in order to earn.
Don't know if you're seeing the same that I am or maybe they're fixing the site and it's not 'changed' for everyone yet. Will check again tomorrow.

Sol-R EnergyI read that EgoPay was kicking out too many withdrawals when only 1 was requested, so Admin needed to turn the auto-pay feature OFF.
I did however get an STP w/d just now, with no problem.
If you've received more than one EgoPay w/d unexpectedly, please do the right thing and send it back. Thanks :)

RAF & ismAI: are slowly getting caught up with payments. In the meantime, my numbers in my back office are right on the button. Thanks R & R.
PS, don't forget to check their News Wire daily. Posted here on my side bar for your convenience.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring

Going to be warm here today but another snow storm coming through starting tomorrow that's supposed to last through the weekend.
Fine by me. We need the moisture.

RAF and ismAI: as posted in their News:

Support Tickets, Calls and Mass Pay APIs
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 19, 2013

Apologies for not being able to deal with support tickets or take calls recently but we have been working on fixing the Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money mass pay APIs. These were working and continued to work on a test server but stopped working on our server.

I am pleased to report these are now fixed, so we will be able to start paying members again on LR & PM.

I can now get back to resolving some support tickets, but will NOT take calls this week unless previously agreed.

- Later in the day, good news from Richard:

Admin Richard post on Facebook
QUOTE You will have noticed that we have finally got LR mass pay working again :) - thanks to Russell and his team for getting it working again. I will be working on payments from now until Friday when I hope to have everything up to date

- Nothing new to report on my end.
I have a pending payment in RAF just like a lot of others, so will have a cool drink and chill until they get everything caught up.

- One more post from Richard via their Facebook page:

Another post by Admin Richard from Facebook
QUOTE Some request were cancelled by error during testing as I clicked on the wrong button - I am sorry for this but if you resubmit you will be paid :) The error in the mass pay modules was that two fields were reversed and so we were inputting the information in the wrong field so the PP rejected the requests for payments - a truly obvious and simple error that we overlooked for days - they are fixed now and I will continue to catch up from now on - thank you for your continued patience and support. Please enjoy reading the scam blogs as they really do make me laugh.


Sol-R Energy: cashed out little yesterday and made a re-purchase today. Simple as that. Thanks Admin!


Investment-Tracker Forum: just a reminder that it is re-opened and the Admin has some goodies there for you all :)

Hi guys
After debating about throwing in the towel regarding Investment-tracker attracting a lot of spammers i decided to give it another go. I have updated the version and added Q&A anti spam at registration.

I deleted a lot of members and posts so its back to scratch with the site.

It will be no frills, no spills just a good old plain site with one to one from me.

I have 100 free upgrades up for grabs

Also have a p2p for any of you guys with blogs or websites

I will be adding bits and bobs as we go and would like to ask you all back to as i really did appreciate your support when it 1st launched.

Hope to see you all soon


ClickPaid: just logged in and saw this note at the top of the page:
Clickpaid is Currently in Beta Testing & Stabilization Process. Please Submit a Ticket with Any Suggestions
Well, maybe they're right and I should start a "list of things to do" to help them get stable, lol
Seriously, I really should think about it and do just that :)

On second thought, maybe you guys could help me with a list. I'll get one started and then you can comment on what I missed. I can put it together and submit to Admin.
Sound like a plan? OK ... maybe tomorrow or when I have time.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What No Post Today?

Been terribly busy today and having problems with something.
So I am just dropping by to post that I don't have time to post, lol
Answered a couple of emails while I was here but that's all for now. Will do my best to get back on track tomorrow.
Have a good evening :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

To Lead By Example

RicanAdFunds & ismAdsIncome: today's updates and...

Processor IDs Approvals
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 18, 2013

Processor ID approvals are up to date.

The "Manage My Processor Page" now displays the due approval date for Pending Processor ID

written by Russell ISMmagic, March 18, 2013

Richard has started to process withdrawals this morning.

Our original target to be up-to-date with withdrawal payments was this Wednesday (20th March). As a result of the extra work of having to manually approve purchases, our revised target is Friday (22nd March).

Associated support tickets - do not send in support tickets asking when your withdrawal will be paid the answer is above. If your withdrawal shows as being paid but you have not received it, please send in a support ticket.

Purchase Approvals
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 18, 2013

Auto approvals for STP & Liberty Reserve are again working. EgoPay & Perfect auto approval will be fixed this week.

Richard is approving purchase now.

Related Support Tickets. - Do not send in support tickets, this week, relating unapproved purchases unless the purchase was made on or before 14th March.

I received my STP payment that I requested last Wednesday!
Nice way to start my week off :)
Thanks a bunch Richard & Russell and all of your/our supportive members!!

Also just realized the Rican E-Wallet is open again for transfers / purchasing. Having left some funds in there the other day, am going to spend that today on new RAF ad packs. Yippee!


Sol-R Energy: need to wait another hour before cashing out but I did make my spend for the day already.
* an hour later: another instant payment in my pocket!


Phinanci: saw the first payment post in MMG today!!
Congrats 'babe' and thanks for posting in the forum.


ProfitClicking: have been reading a lot of disturbing messages from members who would "never give them another dime" to play in the new Premium System. Yet some of those "promoters" are happily displaying their cash outs of RC while in the same breath bashing PC. I don't get it.

When I first decided to play in the Premium, I didn't mind being the Guinea Pig for anyone who was interested in the results. I did open the Premium wallet and made a deposit. Seeing that daily earnings were in fact credited daily, and withdrawals were in fact sent promptly, I did add a little more to my initial spend.
Once others saw that it was working, they decided to join in and are now seeing the same results that I am.

Also read another interesting note from a promoter who has several hundred referrals yet none of them have put money into the Premium system. Why? Maybe because all he's done is bash the program, the Admins, the employees and anyone else who is involved. So why would you get involved when your upline / sponsor is telling you it's trash?

So anyway, I am expecting another payment today and plan to purchase more Ad Packages also. Hey... as long as they're supporting me, I'll support them.

PS, still no change in the Basic system though which does bother me but maybe if the premium picks up speed, it will affect the basic in a good way? One could only hope.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday in the Rockies

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Didn't buy a corned beef brisket this year so almost forgot what day it was. Sorry about that.

Hope you all have a Luck of the Irish Day!

Cashouts are available again. Await more clarifications later today.
Team Phinanci

RAF and ismAI: received daily earnings in both. Thumbs Up!

Sol-R Energy: made another purchase, now am waiting for the top of the hour to receive daily earnings.

MMG Forum has been up and down the last day or so. I normally enjoy checking in there to see what's being reported on our favorite programs from many people who I consider friends.
However, when there are new guys or gals posting who think they know everything, but don't know crap... it gets pretty annoying to say the least. Way too often I have to bite my tongue and hold myself back, lol. Sure wish newbies would use the forum to learn from, like I did, instead of trying to act like a know-it-all and give bad advice to others.

You know what? It's been a week since the DST change and it's still messin with my head. ProfitClicking updates (day change) are an hour later than before along with my blog stats. Hope I get used to it soon. But honestly, this sort of sucks, lol

Saturday, March 16, 2013

RAF Updates and more :)

Hello World, 
Re yesterday's post about RAF and the possible % change.
It was just an error and I did receive my 2% today right on schedule!
Thanks Richard and Russell.

This was in response to the question about it:

Thank you for information. I believe it is now fixed.
Saturday, 16 March 2013 13:03 Russell ISMmagic

Richard Cannon
I am getting back to work now that I feel a little better - please accept my apologies for being sick - it was not a good time - we are working on the site right now and doing all we can to get up to date - please remember that I never said we wouldn't have problems and issues I just said we would sort them out - thank you for your continued support, patience, understanding and for all the wishes and prayers that you sent :) Thank you :)

[3:58:26 AM] Russell Chapman:
The new mass pay api iss on the live site. We are just fixing auto approval issue now. Richard will be able to try out the new api tomorrow.

[4:00:09 AM] Russell Chapman:
We did say that we would be up to date with withdrawals by next Wednesday (20th March) having loaded the new code by today (15th March).

That was good news and yes, I have one of those pending's as well. No worries here :)

Also went to spend the money I moved to e-Wallet the other day (from ismAI) but it's not available yet. So waiting on that too.


Sol-R Energy: this one sure is doing good and I'm enjoying every moment of it. Here's their latest update:

Hope everyone is doing well!

We have a couple exciting things to announce today.
We'll start with the launch of our support ticket system.

This has been long overdue but we have now implemented a support ticket system to improve our support even more.

From now on you can visit and click submit a ticket to request support.
In addition, we have implemented a knowledgebase that we will be adding to with common questions. So please search for your question here before submitting a ticket. You can view this from the same link.

Now, onto our final winners of the Maxivote Contest!
Without further delay, here they are:
03/06/2013 - djaqib
03/07/2013 - zmvegh77
03/08/2013 - brainynetwork
03/09/2013 - richpinoyelite
03/10/2013 - mlugz98
03/11/2013 - sol34
03/12/2013 - allwynviegas
03/13/2013 - zappycat

Each of these winners has been awarded a bonus of $20.
Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone that participated.

Keep an eye out for our future newsletters for new and exciting news!
Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited team!


ProfitClicking: I see a good handful of my referrals are doing the same as I am and purchasing Ad Packs in the Premium System of PC. Thanks you guys!
I myself purchased more Premium Ad Units today using 20% of my Basic Wallet Funds.
Here is the Instructional YouTube Video I posted on Thursday if you're still confused on how to fund and purchase in Premium while using your Basic Wallet funds to help with that expense.
I'm not one to get excited prematurely but... if this new Premium works out, I will be one happy blonde camper, LOL

Basic: of course I haven't forgotten about the basic plan and am still waiting for those queue withdraws like everyone else. But in the meantime, might as well go where the going is good.


One last note: Phinanci: looks like their glitch didn't get fixed yet so please be patient just a little while longer. Withdrawals will be open soon :)


Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15th Huh?

Phinanci: Did you see yesterday's post? No? OK go read that first.
There was a little glitch with the calculations and will be fixed in 24 hours. Then the requests will be enabled again. We apologize for the inconvinience.
Team Phinanci
Personally I think this is really great that Phinanci is allowing members who were not in profit to earn and withdraw until they get themselves to the break even point. You hardly ever see this happening in this biz so three cheers for the Admin!

PS, not everyone received the email yesterday so if you're a promoter with downline in PHI that may be at a loss... please let them know to check their accounts. Thanks


RAF: site is down right now for maintenance. Nice of them to include the Official News Wire link to the opening page. Saves me the trouble of searching for updates :)
- Later in the day, site is back up and looks just fine. Daily earnings have been credited also. Thanks R & R

-- Made a new spend just now and received the following:
The Ad Unit(s) have been added to your account.
1.5% daily profit will be added each day at 2pm(UCT).
ISMAdsIncome Admin thanks you for your continued support.

So my first thought was that something got messed up during the update. My second thought is that the daily % needed to be lowered for sustainability. Either way is fine and I certainly won't panic over it. Will wait for the next Admin News to let us know what the real deal is.


Sol-R Energy: 54 days down / 36 days to go.
That's the stats on my first spend. Once I reached my BEP, I starting putting funds back in the program each day as well as cashing out a bit.
Everyone plays these games differently and the way I'm doing it just makes me happy.


ProfitClicking: Premium: I'm treating this as a new program.

I never divorced myself from PC. We were just separated for a while.
So now my Premium Ad Pack spends are...
- earning 3% daily
- earnings are credited daily
- ref comm's are instant (TY members)
- and payouts have come in 24-48 hours
So what's there to complain about?
I'm not going to bad mouth them because of the past.
Of course I hope the "Basic" system comes around and starts working again, but in the meantime I need to eat. So am hoping the new Premium will keep paying just like the original JBP did when I first joined. Good Luck to all of us :)


Sadly realizing what the date was, I just sent a Donation to Tri-County Collie Rescue in memory of my good friend Bill Stewart.

Can't believe it's been 2 years already.
Miss you lots Bill :(

Yes Collie Rescue accepts PayPal if you'd like to help.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Friday Eve & Phinanci Update

Starting to work on my tax stuff today so back n forth from the kitchen (where I have all my paperwork spread out) to my office here at the back of the house. Wish me luck :)


RAF and ismAI: seen quite a few payment posts today so it looks like Richard is getting caught up. Thanks for everyone's patience :)
Suspended Accounts - Duplicate Processor ID Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 14, 2013
When the new system updates are loaded tomorrow:

Attempting to add a duplicate processor ID will no longer cause the member accounts to be suspended.
It will give an error message "Processor ID .... in use by another member"

Once the new code is loaded I will purge the database of "Rejected" processor IDs and re-active all member accounts currently suspended due to duplicate processor IDs.


Sol-R Energy: money in - money out. Still working great.


ClickPaid: am putting this one on the back burner until it gets working properly. (sigh)


ProfitClicking: here's a cool video I saw posted in the forum where this guy shows you how the Premium System in PC works. It's not too long so if you were confused with my directions, maybe this will help you.
PS, I thought my Basic balance was big. Wait till you see his account!
PPS, bought a few more Premium Ad Packs last night and received another payment also. But please don't tell the warmongers out there that this is actually working, LOL


PHINANCI: just received:

This 15th of March (Friday), cashouts are available once again.

With great pleasure, we announce the start of the long awaited cashouts from Phinanci. We are truly happy we are able once again to process cashouts to our members.

We apologize for the silence in the last months but we had to make sure the selected investments were able to produce the necessary returns so that we are able to make everyone who is at a loss to a Break Even Point.

To give more time for people to react to this news, we are extending the first cashouts session until 17th of March (Sunday). Next week after that cashouts will be opened only on Fridays with a requirement of $1 USD.

All current active deposits are being credited with 0.25% for 400 days. We will try to pay higher percentage on certain days in order to speed up the process, if the opportunity permits. We also though on paying compensation bonuses only if are able to afford to do so.

STP and LR payments will be the only payment methods that will be used to process cashouts, mainly STP. Depending on how much funds we have available you might receive your request to STP or LR. It is compulsory to have your STP and LR data included in your profile.

We thank you for the patience, understanding and support.

Have a Great Weekend,
Team Phinanci