Monday, March 4, 2013

Definitely Monday :(

My blog disappeared again last night, but I brought it back.

MMG forum is down. coming back slowly.

RAF and ismAI are down. back up!

ClickPaid is telling me I have the wrong password.
- 3 hours later, I can log in now.

The only thing that came up for me was ProfitClicking
and Sol-R.

It's been a strange morning.
Feel like a fish out of water.

Thanks to those who notified me of my blog status overnight.
Appreciate your concern, I really do!


RicanAdFunds and ismAI:
News from Richard's skype about withdrawal today:
[11:38:19 PM] Richard Cannon: I am working on withdrawals now - we were in meetings all day and all withdrawals will be finished by tomorrow. The meeting were very important about improving RAF - dveloping Rican and the other companies that we will be starting before the end of the month and also the dvelopment of new programs. I have finished STP, PM and EP now just have LR to do and that will be completed by tomorrow am uk time.

Heads Up: ismAIOnline Days: 201 days
My 200th day will be tomorrow.

RAF: breaks the 10 million mark:
Online Days: 160 days
Total Members: 34798
Total Paid: $8 740 970.80
Users Online: 104
Purchases: $10 022 295.00


ClickPaid: got logged in and seeing some action.
Is it real action or 'testing' action??? Will keep checking.
-- must have been testing cause when I login now, it goes to the rank page just like yesterday.
I was able to check a few things but when I went to purchase, it threw me out again. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.


Today made me tired.
I watched it snow for 2 hours, then the sun came out and melted most of it. But the mountains still look like they're getting hammered. Good for the skiers   at least.

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