Friday, March 8, 2013


ClickPaid: the 2 Click Packs I purchased 3 days ago are finally showing! So I guess when I surf now I can earn on them. Will check into that later.


RicanAdFunds & ismAI

Richard Cannon
A new day smile.gif Am I feeling better? NO !!! But I am progressing with payments and will continue to do so today for both sites RAF and ISMAI - I am sorry for the delay but I am doing as much as I can and we will be all caught up by Monday evening UK time even with the weekend payments. I truly appreciate your well wishes for me and your patience and support - RAF is only as great as its' members - thank you smile.gif

Poor Richard. I remember having sinusitis a long time ago. It was painful as heck and I could barely get out of bed. Hope he's on some sort of antibiotics to get rid of that infection.
Take Care Richard!


Sol-R Energy: just made a repurchase in Sol-R.
Will cash out a little later after my daily credit comes in.
As mentioned yesterday, plan on doing the 50/50 and see how that goes.


ismMagic: just checked my account and saw that I received $11 something for this months magic payment. So what I did was transfer $11 to rican e-wallet. Then I went to ismAI and moved $4 from earnings to e-wallet. Then I went to RAF and purchased a new $15 position from my e-wallet funds.
Did that all make sense?


Basic: still waiting on 5 pending w/d requests since Jan 26th.
- I have not been purchasing ad packs. If they ever start paying again, I'll consider buying again.
Premium: the "Transfer" funds button which didn't work yesterday has been removed today.
- there is still no place to Withdraw funds either.
I contacted Live Support and she told me that those buttons should be available in the next few days. Yeah OK. lol
- What surprised me though was I received 3 days credit on Ad Packs purchased yesterday. Well, just another glitch I imagine.

Oh and for the record, Yes I am reporting on PC.
That does not mean I am promoting PC.

When things were good, in JBP, they were very good.
Now... am just playing with a few dollars and wondering if PC can turn things around.

Stay tuned :))


HermitJim said...

I sure am liking the folks over at RAF. Good program, as far as I can tell!

If Sol-R works out as good, I'll be a happy camper! Thanks for the updates!

blondie said...

Yep, Richard and Russell are great Admins and I'm happy to have found them.

Didn't even realize you joined Sol-R until today.
Remember it's a hyip Jim so do get your seed money out before too long.


Wesley said...

I have ot jump in and agree with Jim and Judy that RAF is the bomb! Richard and Russell are rock stars! Loving their program and great attention to service of their members.

blondie said...

Thanks for jumping in Wesley.
You don't do that very often which just goes to show how much we ALL love RAF :)