Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gotta Love Those Updates... Or Not

But first I gotta sneak a picture in... 
Our future little hockey player in training.
"Happy Gilmore" you got competition, she can golf too!

RicanAdFunds & ismAdsIncome: Love the updates!!

written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

Our intention is for RICAN businesses to provide long term earnings for us and our members. The last 6 months has been a steep learning curve for Richard, I and our team. During this period ismAdsIncome, ismMagic and RAF have been subject to hacking, theft and fraud. Our members have been generally shielded from any such losses with us taking the hit.

We are now at a stage where the hackers are failing in their attempts to steal money, so in their frustration, they resort to crashing the server every day so as to undermine the confidence of the members.

The actions being announced today are designed to secure the long term future of our sites and your earnings. We accept that there is some short term pain in this process but ultimately each member has a choice "shout scam as some are doing" or "support us and continue to earn long term". Choosing the first option will help nobody including yourself, choose the second and you will be smiling for years to come.

Important Updates
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 27, 2013

We will be issuing updates to cover each of the following today

RAF Long Term Plan
Money Laundering and Member IDs
Site Availability
Support Tickets
Referral Commissions
Withdrawals & Earnings

Within these announcements there will be some news that you may not like but fundamentally the GOOD NEWS is that those who choose to support us in this difficult period will be earning an ongoing income in years to come.

Back to me: Updates continue to be added so you should check the News Wire regularly instead of waiting on me.
And there are a LOT OF UPDATES TO READ!


Sol-R Energy: still going good and I've got another 25 days before my first spend matures.

ProfitClicking: been seeing quite a few posts in the forum from members "hitting the bucket" for withdrawals in the basic plan. The queue withdrawals in basic are slowly being paid but most are still waiting since the end of January.
Premium payments are going out steady from what I have read.

ClickPaid: speaking of payments... my upline received his first payment from ClickPaid today. Congrats! I have not requested one yet and am not playing with a lot of money at this point. Was holding back to see if this would be a good new venture or not. Seems to be coming along albeit a bit slow.
There is a call tonight that I may or may not be able to listen to but will surely get the scoop on what was said as soon as I can.

"Greetings members!

Here at Click Paid, it is our goal to maximize your experience and earnings. We are working around the clock to complete our master plan and incorporate exciting methods to further this goal. Our mission is to provide an an amazing and reliable opportunity; one that will really kick start careers and give people residual benefits.

Join us, as we share this exciting enhancement to our current referral structure.Discover how to  go Viral and rapidly Increase Your Dividends. Click Paid is a very attractive long-term solution for anyone looking to make a career on the internet -- people like YOU. We will be unveiling this commission increase on our live call Wednesday, March 27th at 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 6:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, hosted by Frederick Mann.

We will also be discussing Click Paid, the success our members have experienced, and our goals moving forward. There will be live questions and enlightening discussion. You don’t want to miss it!

See you on the call!

-- The Click Paid Team"



Anonymous said...

She looks like she could be good at face-offs. They could use her over in Edmonton.

I liked the first couple of RAF/ISM updates today, but the last one..not so much. Not sure if you've seen it yet.

blondie said...

Well she already knows how to Golf, so hockey may come easy. Kind of like "Happy Gilmore" in reverse, lol

The next RAF update was posted after I posted so I figured, enough was enough for today.

Well name and address isn't that bad. I mean that can be found in local area phone books. So I need to think it though also.

Thanks for stopping by :)


Hey Judy;

What a cutie! Its amazing how fast they grow up.

Keep her in golf...not just because I love it so much but its a great thing for a long time. I coached girls in golf and there is a lot of scholarships out there for the girls..but then there might be for hockey too!

Have a great week!


blondie said...

Thanks Randy,
Yep she's a Star!

Golf & Scholarships
Never thought of that.

She's got baby golf clubs now but she's getting too big for them.
I see a nice set of Junior clubs in her future :)


Brad Tramell said...

Me again lol, just informing that I just got a 100$ "BASIC" STP bucket this morning and now, 11 hours later, I received my 96$ in STP!!! :) :) Hopefully they just keep on rockin now! :D,,,,,And I hope Rican and Adsincome are OK....and hope the site is back soon, but I guess we will have to upload ID proof and address but thats alright if thats what it takes for this program to continue just as well as it has been :) I had about 150$ in withdraws pending between the two programs, I guess they will go back into the account, but thats ok with me, just as long as they are gonna stay running :)