Monday, March 11, 2013

Sleeping Like a Baby

That's me. Waking up every two hours.
Been stressing out about Tax time again.
But I guess I better got on it and get it over with. Still got a little over 30 days to go so maybe if I dedicate an hour a day it won't seem so bad.


ClickPaid: still not functioning as it should be.
I did receive .55 cents today though on CP earnings.
So thinking that it might be working, I added $10 to my wallet and bought another Click Pack.
Nope, not showing yet :(
Again I wonder, why did they open this site prematurely?


RicanAdFunds & ismAI: from the News Wire:

Testing Updates
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 11, 2013 
I will not be available to answer any support tickets this afternoon as I am testing some new updates that when implemented will make our admin and payment processes more effective.

Liberty Reserve Withdrawals
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 11, 2013 
Richard is back at work today, although still not fully recovered. He will be processing the small backlog of LR withdrawals as fast as he can.

All other withdrawals should be up to date.

We are testing the new LR Mass Pay process that will speed up LR withdrawal processing. The current LR interface only allows us to make 20 payments at a time and is very labor intensive.

I noticed some forum members are still waiting for their payments. Now I believe if you give these guys a little more time, they'll take care of business as soon as they can.


Sol-R Energy: bought another unit with earnings. Tomorrow I'll cash out.


ProfitClicking: my dashboard numbers aren't matching the Ad Pack details in Premium. Well, we're used to that right?
Other than that, I am seeing some modifications to the site but won't get too excited about it until those withdrawals start coming again.
You'll be the first to know :)

PS, I see they've adjusted the Notification emails we get:
You have received $1 from your referral xxx xxx purchasing Premium Ad Package(s)!


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