Friday, March 15, 2013

March 15th Huh?

Phinanci: Did you see yesterday's post? No? OK go read that first.
There was a little glitch with the calculations and will be fixed in 24 hours. Then the requests will be enabled again. We apologize for the inconvinience.
Team Phinanci
Personally I think this is really great that Phinanci is allowing members who were not in profit to earn and withdraw until they get themselves to the break even point. You hardly ever see this happening in this biz so three cheers for the Admin!

PS, not everyone received the email yesterday so if you're a promoter with downline in PHI that may be at a loss... please let them know to check their accounts. Thanks


RAF: site is down right now for maintenance. Nice of them to include the Official News Wire link to the opening page. Saves me the trouble of searching for updates :)
- Later in the day, site is back up and looks just fine. Daily earnings have been credited also. Thanks R & R

-- Made a new spend just now and received the following:
The Ad Unit(s) have been added to your account.
1.5% daily profit will be added each day at 2pm(UCT).
ISMAdsIncome Admin thanks you for your continued support.

So my first thought was that something got messed up during the update. My second thought is that the daily % needed to be lowered for sustainability. Either way is fine and I certainly won't panic over it. Will wait for the next Admin News to let us know what the real deal is.


Sol-R Energy: 54 days down / 36 days to go.
That's the stats on my first spend. Once I reached my BEP, I starting putting funds back in the program each day as well as cashing out a bit.
Everyone plays these games differently and the way I'm doing it just makes me happy.


ProfitClicking: Premium: I'm treating this as a new program.

I never divorced myself from PC. We were just separated for a while.
So now my Premium Ad Pack spends are...
- earning 3% daily
- earnings are credited daily
- ref comm's are instant (TY members)
- and payouts have come in 24-48 hours
So what's there to complain about?
I'm not going to bad mouth them because of the past.
Of course I hope the "Basic" system comes around and starts working again, but in the meantime I need to eat. So am hoping the new Premium will keep paying just like the original JBP did when I first joined. Good Luck to all of us :)


Sadly realizing what the date was, I just sent a Donation to Tri-County Collie Rescue in memory of my good friend Bill Stewart.

Can't believe it's been 2 years already.
Miss you lots Bill :(

Yes Collie Rescue accepts PayPal if you'd like to help.

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