Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PC - Like a Whole New Ball Game

ClickPaidOK, I bought 2 click packages yesterday that are MIA today. Went to the Support link and there's a banner blocking the words on that page.
What a flippin mess this is right now.
Someone just asked me about putting money in... NO! was my reply. Let them get the site functioning first then we can chat more about it.


RicanAdFunds: just requested my weekly pay check.
I know the Admin's have been busy so if it's not received tomorrow, I will just sit back and wait for them to get caught up. No worries here :)


Sol-R Energy: today was break even point for my first spend there. Well, almost. 45 days at 2.2% = 99%
Now I see the MaxiVote Contest has been extended.
Good Luck to you all and Congrats to all the Winners!
(ps, still luvin that instant w/d button, lol)

Hope everyone is doing wonderful.

We have been hard at work over here and I apologize for our delay in communication and announcing the newest winners. Also, as a thank you for your patience I have extended this contest until March 13, 2013!

So, without further delay, here are our latest winners of the MaxiVote contest who have received $20 each as a bonus to their accounts!
02/25/2013 - yallit
02/26/2013 - mipmee
02/27/2013 - lypsynch
02/28/2013 - 15natalia
03/01/2013 - zmvegh77
03/02/2013 - dflatt
03/03/2013 - profitteam
03/04/2013 - IceQueen
03/05/2013 - dollar99


For our new members who might not know what this contest is all about, here are the details again so you can join in on the fun.

Each day stop by, click the MaxiVote image in the sidebar and vote for us making sure to include your Sol-R Username.
Then head over to one of our forum threads on MMG or TalkGold and post up that you MaxiVoted, including your username!
Each day we will randomly select 1 member from the list of voters to receive a $20 bonus. We will announce winners that were chosen in our newsletter updates which will be sent out once or twice a week.
This will run until March 13th, 2013.

Only 1 vote per day per member will be counted. Additional votes in a 24 hour period are discouraged and won't be counted.

Here are our thread URLs:

Thank you!
Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Team


ProfitClicking: found the answer about the Premium ad packs.
Not the answer I wanted, but it is what it is.

(05:42:32) Tiffany G: Up to 20% of your Basic Wallet combined with Basic Gift Card balance can be used to purchase Premium Ad Packages. The remaining funding is required to originate from one or more of the five pay processors. Premium Ad Packages must be purchased with the funds in the Premium Wallet. You must fund the Premium Wallet to take advantage of both the Premium Ad Package system's 30 cents per day, 7 days per week Daily Sales Profits and the 24-48 hour $5000 per day withdrawals. To switch to the Premium system, you must click on the green banner that says "Switch to Premium Ad Package System." From there, you can fund your Premium wallet and purchase Premium Ad Packages. You can easily switch back to the Basic system by clicking on the same green banner, which will then read "Switch to Basic Ad Package System."

So let's make an example. If I want to purchase 10 ad packs in Premium, I need to spend 80% of fresh funds to do that. So $80 needs to be funded from one of my pay processors and the other 20% can be used from our existing 'basic' wallet or gift card funds.

Another Note: since the basic and premium wallets are separate, then those 'faster withdrawals' can only be requested from Premium wallet funds.

Are we starting over from scratch? Sort of seems that way.
(and no, I haven't decided what to do yet.)


While still thinking about that Hula Hoop and Hermit Jim being in his second childhood, (in yesterdays comments, lol) I went over to youtube knowing the song I was searching for. Sure enough, there is another Hula Hoop picture. Fun times :)

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Brad Tramell said...

Yeah, for me I will not be funding the new system, I have been building my account for a year and a half now, fighting through like 3 or 4 restarts, and have finally made it to where I wanted to be a year and a half ago, now they want us to start over?????what?? Not me I aint gonna fund it, that just ridiculous :( They better get things going right,lol I'm still waiting for that" you will be very rewarded if you have patience" they promised like 6 months ago! I guess we'll just have to see