Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Living here in this online neighborhood as long as I have, sometimes makes me overly cautious. I know good things don't last forever and I do tend to be a worry wart. So if something doesn't sound quite right at first, I'll bite my tongue long enough to think it through before passing judgement.

Sol-R Energy: is doing great and I've completed 68 days on my first spend. With the 90 day maturity coming closer, (here's where the worry wart comes in), will it make it? Will it complete 90 days and continue on? Always a celebration for those that do and I truly hope this is one of those times. Admin has been doing a fantastic job so hat's off to him.

ProfitClicking: published a comment in yesterday's post from a member who once again got a Basic Bucket withdrawal to go through. Have also heard from others via email having the same success. Congrats to you all!
I have not tried for the basic bucket much but have been enjoying the Premium part of the system instead. It's been good so far and I do hope it continues that way.
* 3% in Premium goes fast! Half way there already!
Today is $7.50 paid. $7.50 to go, and that's just on one.

ClickPaid: will be opening their Premium and Premium Plus memberships soon. I got a glimpse of that on the last call but am waiting to see it in writing before I decide which is best for me.
So far I have a few active referrals and some of them have a few active referrals also.
Thanks you guys for joining with me and trying it out :)
I haven't withdrawn from CP yet since I only started with $50, but wanted to thank you all in advance in case I forget.

* Changed my mind. Guess I was just feeling the love, lol
Went in and purchased 5 more click packs. Hell, you can't win if you don't play. Kind of like the Lotto.


The Rican Sites:
If any of you are interested, here's a skype note between Admin Russell and our own Gummibearu from the MMG forum.
It may shed some light on the ID requirement for Rican.

Had a little talk with Russell regarding the implementation of the new rule. I wanna share it with you guys and hopefully it can provide some insight into the situation

[3/27/13 11:54:18 AM] Gummibearu: Hows it goin Russell
[3/27/13 11:54:43 AM] Gummibearu: Just wanted to discuss this new requirement for IDs
[3/27/13 11:56:32 AM] Russell Chapman: Hi
[3/27/13 11:58:06 AM] Gummibearu: A large majority of people are disappointed to see a that submitting personal IDs are now mandatory
[3/27/13 11:59:03 AM] Russell Chapman : the limit for money laundering is as low as $1900 in the EU.
[3/27/13 11:59:33 AM] Gummibearu: Even if we submit our IDs how are you going to verify that it is real?
[3/27/13 11:59:54 AM] Gummibearu: If someone were to submit an ID from a rural village in Inda, how are you going to authenticate it?
[3/27/13 12:01:30 PM] Russell Chapman : There are online agencies that can do that. We can use their data checking services.
[3/27/13 12:02:14 PM] Gummibearu: There are numerous companies that are decades more mature than RAF that do not require personal IDs
[3/27/13 12:02:51 PM] Gummibearu: Paypal doesnt even require personal IDs
[3/27/13 12:04:47 PM] Gummibearu: What im trying to say is, what assurances does the member have?
[3/27/13 12:06:41 PM] Russell Chapman : It does if you live in the EU, want to verify the account to withdraw more than $1900 per annum. That is les than $10 per day.
[3/27/13 12:07:09 PM] Gummibearu: Alright, so what assurances does the member have that their stuff are in secure hands?
[3/27/13 12:09:03 PM] Russell Chapman : It will be downloaded and kept offline. We have to comply with UK data protection rules.
[3/27/13 12:09:58 PM] Gummibearu: Payment processors like STP and Payza already verify our accounts with personal IDs
[3/27/13 12:10:14 PM] Gummibearu: Why is there a need to verify it again in Rican?
[3/27/13 12:11:23 PM] Russell Chapman : Because we allow people to purchase with one processor ID and withdraw to another, plus move funds from one program to another.
[3/27/13 12:11:52 PM] Gummibearu: so why dont you change that rule?
[3/27/13 12:12:03 PM] Gummibearu: keep everything together
[3/27/13 12:12:25 PM] Russell Chapman : Becuase it is one of the things members like about RAF
[3/27/13 12:13:19 PM] Russell Chapman : + new system is an anti fraud measure
[3/27/13 12:14:23 PM] Gummibearu: so ur saying if you remove that rule of depositing/widhrawing with multiple accounts, there wont be a need for verification?
[3/27/13 12:18:04 PM] Russell Chapman : We are not going to remove that feature + it is an anti fraud measure + it ensures we will meet all money laundering requirements. Verifiacation will become mandatory.
[3/27/13 12:18:13 PM] Russell Chapman : The decision is made.
[3/27/13 12:18:28 PM] Gummibearu: I understand the decision is made, im just trying to understand the reasoning behind it
[3/27/13 12:19:43 PM] Gummibearu: a large majority would rather you remove that feature than keep it and require verification
[3/27/13 12:20:11 PM] Gummibearu: that feature isnt a big deal at all, 95% of programs dont even have it, many people can live without it
[3/28/13 12:21:11 PM] Russell Chapman : There is post on the blog that clarifies reasons for ID verification
[3/28/13 12:21:49 PM] Gummibearu: Alrighty then
[3/28/13 12:22:01 PM] Russell Chapman : I am receiving lots of questions regarding this issue. The reasons for verification are:
1.To comply with all money laundering legislation
2.To comply fully with UK tax legislation
3.To ensure we can continue to take payment from one processor and pay out to another
4.To ensure we can continue to offer the e-wallet
5.Anti fraud measure
[3/28/13 12:22:17 PM] Gummibearu: Aight got it
[3/28/13 12:22:58 PM] Gummibearu: the site is gonna be down till Apr 15 right?
[3/28/13 12:23:06 PM] Gummibearu: are earnings gonna be credited during the downtime?
[3/28/13 12:24:21 PM] Russell Chapman : don't know where that coame form. Yes says so on the blog
[3/28/13 12:24:41 PM] Gummibearu: alright cool
[3/28/13 12:24:56 PM] Gummibearu: thanks



Brad Tramell said...

Hi again, Got my second 100$ to STP! Just hit my account :) that makes 240$ I've withdrawn from the basic PC system in the last 4 days :D :D...Also, I was curious, I try to view the rican news blog and it redirects me to the ismmagic sign in page?? any ideas? And from what I gather it is kind of unclear when the rican sites will be back up?

blondie said...

Great News Brad, Congrats!

RAF, I see what you mean.
Are you a member of Magic yet?
I'll check the blog today and let everyone know if anything is happening.
In the meantime, might want to sign up for Magic. It's free.

blondie said...

Nope, that's not it either.
Seems their Blog page has been changed or removed.
I'll see what I can find out.
Thanks for the heads up.

blondie said...

It's there.
Guess it was just MY link that got messed up.

Brad Tramell said...

Thanks, the link works LOL :) and as for the ISM Magic, yes I am signed up and have been a wizard for a few months now :D!! Absolutely love the monthly wizard earnings :)