Monday, March 25, 2013

The Stanley Cup

Dave: "I asked if I could pick it up... they shot me down."
Jessica: "The way you hugged it, they probably thought you were going to try and run off with it!" lol

Was babysitting last night so Dave & Jess could go to the Hockey game where they had a special promo that allowed fans to see the Stanley Cup up close and personal!
Was surprised that they let them touch it and kiss it, but when David asked if he could pick it up... no way ray!


I'm having a rotten day.
The sewer line in my house just backed up, again.
FEMA is making me jump through hoops before sending me a refund of a cancelled flood policy that was replaced with a cheaper one.
I didn't get enough sleep last night since I was out late.
My checkbook doesn't balance, my favorite programs are offline, and the worst spammer in the MMG forum just became a lifetime supporter!
Oh good grief... better days are coming, right?


Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

Dave loves that cup for sure.

It will me in Montreal this spring!
All the way with the Canadians!


Henry said...

..."and the worst spammer in the MMG forum just became a lifetime supporter!"



blondie said...

Not sure about those Canadians Gord but stranger things have happened, hehe

Henry, you noticed too? LOL
What is this world coming to? :(

Terri said...

Hope you feel better tomorrow, Judy. I hate those bad days. Luckily they don't happen too often.

And I agree with you on that spammer. The lifetime membership was just so he can spam even more now!!! eeek!!! What is MMG thinking?


dr.capoon said...

I might not be the cutest member on MMG, some might even have put me under ignore button, but I think that lifetime supporter must be a record holder in irritating persons of any kind, indecent, polite, rude, kind. I mean of any kind.

I just hope he will make some mistake, and get banned. Unfortunately, he is also on other forums. I just hope he won't find Invest-Tracker. That would be a pure disaster.

Anonymous said...

Oh the irony. How does one become a "lifetime supporter" of a forum that he chooses to blatantly abuse. Quite insulting if you ask me.

I doubt les canadiens will be sipping
sweet champagne from Lord Stanley's brim this year Gord...but then again I'm an Oilers fan, so what do I know?

ld randi said...

Hopefully today will be a better day.
Well, at least our favourite programs are back online!

dr.capoon said...

To become a lifetime supporter the one only needs to pay one time $250 I think. There should be some rule for spammers to pay extra 100% or 200% !

blondie said...

Just got here to read some great comments posted.
Thanks everyone.
I won't reply individually but I do appreciate all your opinions :)

dr.capoon said...

I am sorry but I just needed to share that I am not certain how, but Lifetime spammer somehow ended on my Facebook news page, and here is what is he saying about himself :
Kai Lo (Kaister)
Studied at Temple University
Lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
In a Relationship with Linda Lin
Born on September 10
Friends : 3410 (WOW!!!)
I'm getting kicked out of FB groups, Skype groups, etc. left and right.. at least I have integrity and brutally honest about things. Never sugar coat BS.. if something is going bad.. I'm not going to put up my pom pom and continue to be a cheerleader...

People are encouraging him with their comments not to give up on his remarkable attitude. LOL....
No word about him probably spamming all those groups, or how he likes to call it pom poming BS about his online earnings and success.
Now only if somehow MMG could learn from those FB groups ?!

blondie said...

I know I should comment on that dr.c, but am just sitting here with my mouth hanging open, lol