Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Blonde Guinea Pig

OK, I'll be the guinea pig.
I don't mind taking chances if I think the end result will pay off. Besides, I like new stuff to test and play around with. So let's hope my cute little paws can find the right buttons to push in CP and PC, lol

RicanAdFunds: good news first:
Received my weekly cash out today via STP, (Thanks Richard and Get Well Soon) although I am reading that the LR's are a bit behind, am sure they'll get caught up asap.
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 07, 2013

Due to Richard being unwell, very few withdrawals were processed yesterday.
Richard is still unwell but will start processing payments today and will do as many as he is able.
Thank you for for your understanding.


Sol-R Energy: since I'm over the hump now (past my BEP (break even point)) thinking of doing a 50/50 from new earnings/profit. You know, 50% repurchase and 50% withdraw. I'll decide tomorrow when I have more funds to 'play with'.


brb, the cat wants something (meow meow)
OK back.

ClickPaid: not much progress since yesterday.
I did finally send in a support ticket about my missing purchase so maybe once that is credited I will see some earnings for surfing. Which by the way, just appeared for me today. The surf area that is.
You have to scroll way down on that page to see the Ads to view. And there were bumps in the road while surfing, so not quite up to par.
- still suggesting you don't spend yet... unless you wanna be a guinea pig like me :)


ProfitClicking: feeling sassy yesterday and a bit like a dare devil, I did log into PC and switched my view over to the Premium page.
Thought about it... what the hell... why not play the game. It won't cost much and at least I'll be able to report on how it's going.
- So I loaded my pay processor (in wallet) with $10 bucks and bought an Ad Pack.
- I was also given a $10 ad pack since I never received the 'free' one in the basic system.
- Surfing in the Premium area is not yet available so there is no way to earn at this point.
- I did however receive some RC (surprising) so I went ahead and bought 2 more ad packs today. $16 from RC and $4 from my basic wallet funds.
- Looking in the Premium Wallet, the Transfer button is not working yet nor is there any place to Withdraw funds.
No, I'm not surprised.
Went to ask Live Support about that but there's 49 ahead of me, LOL
I'll post again if I can get some answers.

PS, here's some good news that was shared in MMG:

Thank you for contacting us with regard to the queued withdrawals.
Profit Clicking is working on paying all queued withdrawals and plans on accomplishing that within the next couple of weeks.
Thank you for contacting Profit Clicking.
Kimberly, Members Services

I just hope it happens ;)



HermitJim said...

Are ya getting brave or reckless in your "golden years?"

Oh well, gotta take our fun where we can, right?

blondie said...

Say what? lol
Oh it's just play money in PC and CP for now until I see if it works.
Have a good Friday!