Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello Goodbye

Hello ClickPaid ...
I still have no usable back officebut I noticed this on the site.

Please be patient. We have many members to process. You will be able to log in very soon

Also, there was no Frederick call last night even though it was announced. I came back when the countdown clock went to Zero, but no luck trying to get active. So we wait.


Had a little trouble getting into RicanAdFunds earlier but seems to be OK now. Everything looks in order and earning daily! What more could you ask for?

ismAdsIncome, the same. Lookin good from where I sit.
Thanks again to Richard and Russell :)


Sol-R Energy: just paid myself a couple of days worth of earnings. Thanks Admin and all players!


ProfitClicking: has anyone actually gotten the Green Light to work for them? Not that I know of. Please send a comment if you did. But the way it looks now, it's no better than the old bucket was.
Wish they'd trash those ideas and just let us ride out the queue payments. At least we'd have something to look forward to... IF they paid them that is.


Goodbye GBC:
Was sad last night to receive an email from GrandBankClub notifying members of it's closure.
As most of you know, Gordon is a good friend of mine and I was aware of the financial burden GBC had become to him.
I recently removed my banner for it and asked him to 'keep' any RC I receive to help the Club. But apparently that was only a small drop in the big GBC bucket.

Gord has done an excellent job with GBC all these years, but we all know it's hard to keep programs like this 'in the black'.

So Gordon, I will miss my daily surfing at "The Club" as it's become part of my routine here. Will seem weird not doing it.

I know that you always do what is best for everyone and we appreciate that. Of course I still look forward to receiving your "Newsletters" and reading your "GordsHomeBiz" blog on a regular basis.

Actually, it will be nice to have you around more since you won't be spending all that time 'working on the club'!

So let's say Hello to a new chapter here online.
Thank You from the bottom of my heart for sticking around and doing what you do best, (which also includes just keeping me company at times), lol
Cheers Gordon!


Sandy Keeble said...

Hey Judy,
I have got the green light several times but the system does not work.When I hit the withdraw button it always says limit reached try another processor.

blondie said...

I've never seen the Green Light Sandy except for yesterday when it was glitched and stayed on for a long time.
You're telling the same story that I read in the forums every day.
The light is on but you can never catch it.
Dang :(

Brad Tramell said...

Hi once again :) I had a question for you :D I am signed up for clickpaid, and now it says that I am qualified for phase one....I havent even tried recruiting anyone, is this right, I figured I'd have to wait, but was just curious. thanks

Alzander said...

Hi Judy


Not sure whats going on but i made a withdraw request 28th then again today 2nd. I since noticed both have been added together and dated 2nd that i requested ? looks like they are getting pushed out a day or 2.

Have you had anything similiar.


blondie said...

Hey Kev,
Just got here and noticed the FB post from Richard a little while ago.
So this may be related to your problem also:

"Richard Cannon
Due to circumstances that we don't fully understand I am not able to get access to the ISMAI admin area to be able to process withdrawals - Russell and the team are working on this now to get me the information to be able to process all payments. I am very sorry for this situation and confirm that all payments in ISMAI will be up to date by Monday night/Tuesday Morning. Thank you for your understanding, patience and support."

blondie said...

You should be directing those questions to your Upline.
I would hate to give you different information than they might provide.
Thanks :)

Gord said...

Hi Judy,

Thank you for your kind words about GBC.

Very much appreciated.

Way back when GBC started...
I asked js about advise where 'experienced' is what he was
all about.

"Prepare to put your own
funds or earnings into
the Club at some point."

Well... that was an ongoing
thing from Launch where
outside program earnings
were funneled into the Club
over the past years.

However with declining participation, the time
has come to close unfortunately.

Now... it's finish up the
"post" GBC business where
I'll tend to the loyal members
who participated first and
then move on to adding growth
to my personal funds once

Thanks again... a fitting video


blondie said...

Hey Gord,

About time you got here to read my post, LOL

Well the Club was great while it lasted but I never expected it to go on forever. That's just impossible.

I'm happy that I was a part of it all these years and realize it's time to move on.

So you have a wonderful relaxing Sunday and Thanks for dropping by.

danish said...

Great comments about Gord and GBC which I totally agree with. Very much the gentleman and honourable admin. I have always valued the advice from two people ( js used to be the third), You and Gord.
Thank You to both of you.

blondie said...

Awwww Thanks Dave, that was sweet.
I'm at a loss for words at the moment but want you to know that I (we) do appreciate your friendship after all these years too.
Cheers :)