Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Got Paid !!

Surprised to find this in my email this morning:

You have just received $48.00 into your SolidTrust Pay account via Member API
Member Name: profitclicking

Thank You ProfitClicking!
So maybe this will work once and for all.
Yes of course that payment was from the new Premium system.
My pending's from the Basic are still waiting. FYI

I received a few emails from members confused on the new Premium system and what that 20% is all about. So let me do an example for you:
- Let's say I want to purchase 1 Premium Ad Pack.
- I can use 20% of my Basic wallet funds to do that.
- So I log into my Premium Wallet.
- Fund the Premium Wallet with $8 from pay processor funds.
- Then I go to purchase the ad pack. It tells me that I can use $2 from my Basic funds to complete the $10 transaction.
- Bingo

Note: referral commissions in Premium can also be used in lieu of pay processor funds. So if your referrals are participating, you might want to check those numbers before adding funds.

Although, I did fund my wallet first with STP to be on the safe side. Just felt like the right thing to do.

Special Note: Thank You to my referrals who also decided to play the "guinea pig" game with me :)

* You can spend up to 20% of the Total Cost of Premium Ad Package(s) using your Basic Wallet and/or Basic Gift Card Balance(s). If you don't have enough Premium funds yet, simply fund your Premium Wallet from your Payment Processor.



Withdrawals Update
Liberty Reserve 
The current LR interface allows us to only process 20 withdrawals at a time. The new LR api (automatic processing interface)
successfully passed its initial tests. 

It will be retested after some minor code changes and be live by Friday (9th March), together with other updates. 
We will commence processing current LR Pending withdrawals when the new api is available and anticipate being up to 
date by next Wednesday (20th March) latest. 

EgoPay, PerfectMoney and STP Withdrawals 
These are significantly easier to process than LR and are being processed on a daily basis. 

I am meeting with Richard later this week and will deal with any withdrawal / purchase support tickets during that meeting. 

- Russell ISMmagic


RicanAdFunds: doing great and will request my weekly payment tomorrow.
RAF Official News Wire has been updated also.


Haven't had time to check on ClickPaid yet.
Do I dare? LOL

- OK, I checked. Everything looks in order.
Tried to surf but it kept resetting to 1 done, even after I surfed 3 or 4. So perhaps I was surfing at the wrong time.
It's alright and I can stay patient while waiting. Hopefully the site will be more functional soon.

PS, they're still having problems getting spends credited to your account. So please be aware of that. Might want to wait until things are running smoothly before depositing.



HermitJim said...

I'm glad that right now everything seems to be on an even keel!

I had forgotten just how nice it was to have a working passive program going!

blondie said...

Great to hear Jim!

Yeah it is fun isn't it?

Brad Tramell said...

Hi there,,,, Hey was just wondering if you were having the same problem as me,,,I have had withdraws pending in adsincome for like 5 days now :( Is it just me, or is like this for others too?

blondie said...

No it's not just you.
If you read any of the popular forums, you'll see the same.
Richard is getting them caught up as fast as he can.