Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring

Going to be warm here today but another snow storm coming through starting tomorrow that's supposed to last through the weekend.
Fine by me. We need the moisture.

RAF and ismAI: as posted in their News:

Support Tickets, Calls and Mass Pay APIs
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 19, 2013

Apologies for not being able to deal with support tickets or take calls recently but we have been working on fixing the Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money mass pay APIs. These were working and continued to work on a test server but stopped working on our server.

I am pleased to report these are now fixed, so we will be able to start paying members again on LR & PM.

I can now get back to resolving some support tickets, but will NOT take calls this week unless previously agreed.

- Later in the day, good news from Richard:

Admin Richard post on Facebook
QUOTE You will have noticed that we have finally got LR mass pay working again :) - thanks to Russell and his team for getting it working again. I will be working on payments from now until Friday when I hope to have everything up to date

- Nothing new to report on my end.
I have a pending payment in RAF just like a lot of others, so will have a cool drink and chill until they get everything caught up.

- One more post from Richard via their Facebook page:

Another post by Admin Richard from Facebook
QUOTE Some request were cancelled by error during testing as I clicked on the wrong button - I am sorry for this but if you resubmit you will be paid :) The error in the mass pay modules was that two fields were reversed and so we were inputting the information in the wrong field so the PP rejected the requests for payments - a truly obvious and simple error that we overlooked for days - they are fixed now and I will continue to catch up from now on - thank you for your continued patience and support. Please enjoy reading the scam blogs as they really do make me laugh.


Sol-R Energy: cashed out little yesterday and made a re-purchase today. Simple as that. Thanks Admin!


Investment-Tracker Forum: just a reminder that it is re-opened and the Admin has some goodies there for you all :)

Hi guys
After debating about throwing in the towel regarding Investment-tracker attracting a lot of spammers i decided to give it another go. I have updated the version and added Q&A anti spam at registration.

I deleted a lot of members and posts so its back to scratch with the site.

It will be no frills, no spills just a good old plain site with one to one from me.

I have 100 free upgrades up for grabs

Also have a p2p for any of you guys with blogs or websites

I will be adding bits and bobs as we go and would like to ask you all back to as i really did appreciate your support when it 1st launched.

Hope to see you all soon


ClickPaid: just logged in and saw this note at the top of the page:
Clickpaid is Currently in Beta Testing & Stabilization Process. Please Submit a Ticket with Any Suggestions
Well, maybe they're right and I should start a "list of things to do" to help them get stable, lol
Seriously, I really should think about it and do just that :)

On second thought, maybe you guys could help me with a list. I'll get one started and then you can comment on what I missed. I can put it together and submit to Admin.
Sound like a plan? OK ... maybe tomorrow or when I have time.




Happy Spring Judy!

When I was growing up, I always thought March 21 was the first day of Spring but for the last several years it seems March 20 is the day. Maybe I'm just getting old and forgetful.

I hope the snow goes away and the warm days and sunshine are with you soon.

It was really nice here today but rain all day tomorrow and Friday. It doesn't matter because those are my two days to be in front of the TV...March Madness is one of my favorite times!

I will root for Colorado and Colorado State. I have both of them picked in the first round.

Have a great rest of the week!


blondie said...

Wow Randy, strange that you mentioned that.
I always thought it was the 21st too for all season changes. Like the 21st of every 3rd month.
Someone at work many years ago called my bluff on that and dang, she was right :(

Send some of that rain my way would ya? We really need it.

March Madness!
Thanks for rooting for CO and I do hope they win also.

You enjoy your week too.
Sounds like fun in front of the TV for two days, lol