Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Friday Eve & Phinanci Update

Starting to work on my tax stuff today so back n forth from the kitchen (where I have all my paperwork spread out) to my office here at the back of the house. Wish me luck :)


RAF and ismAI: seen quite a few payment posts today so it looks like Richard is getting caught up. Thanks for everyone's patience :)
Suspended Accounts - Duplicate Processor ID Update
written by Russell ISMmagic, March 14, 2013
When the new system updates are loaded tomorrow:

Attempting to add a duplicate processor ID will no longer cause the member accounts to be suspended.
It will give an error message "Processor ID .... in use by another member"

Once the new code is loaded I will purge the database of "Rejected" processor IDs and re-active all member accounts currently suspended due to duplicate processor IDs.


Sol-R Energy: money in - money out. Still working great.


ClickPaid: am putting this one on the back burner until it gets working properly. (sigh)


ProfitClicking: here's a cool video I saw posted in the forum where this guy shows you how the Premium System in PC works. It's not too long so if you were confused with my directions, maybe this will help you.
PS, I thought my Basic balance was big. Wait till you see his account!
PPS, bought a few more Premium Ad Packs last night and received another payment also. But please don't tell the warmongers out there that this is actually working, LOL


PHINANCI: just received:

This 15th of March (Friday), cashouts are available once again.

With great pleasure, we announce the start of the long awaited cashouts from Phinanci. We are truly happy we are able once again to process cashouts to our members.

We apologize for the silence in the last months but we had to make sure the selected investments were able to produce the necessary returns so that we are able to make everyone who is at a loss to a Break Even Point.

To give more time for people to react to this news, we are extending the first cashouts session until 17th of March (Sunday). Next week after that cashouts will be opened only on Fridays with a requirement of $1 USD.

All current active deposits are being credited with 0.25% for 400 days. We will try to pay higher percentage on certain days in order to speed up the process, if the opportunity permits. We also though on paying compensation bonuses only if are able to afford to do so.

STP and LR payments will be the only payment methods that will be used to process cashouts, mainly STP. Depending on how much funds we have available you might receive your request to STP or LR. It is compulsory to have your STP and LR data included in your profile.

We thank you for the patience, understanding and support.

Have a Great Weekend,
Team Phinanci


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