Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Time for the Easter egg hunt and the little ones checking out all the goodies in their Easter Baskets.
We'll be carting a basket over to Olivia later on today.
Hope you all have a Wonderful Easter and don't eat too much sugar!
(ps, O has some yogurt and string cheese in her basket keeping that chocolate bunny chilled, lol)


Sol-R Engergy site is loading slow today. Not just for me either. Read about others having problems. But it did eventually come up and withdrawals are available. Ego is still not instant but STP appears to be fine.

ProfitClicking: saw someone post a payment proof that was in the Basic queue since Jan 23rd. Well OK. Mine are there waiting since Jan 26th so ... we wait.
But in the meantime, Premiums are paid pretty darn fast so I'll keep my focus on that for now.

ClickPaid: I put some banner Ad's out for CP yesterday. I don't promote like I used to but with this one being brand new and just now getting more comfortable, I don't think it'll disappear overnight like some do.
I have enough in my account to withdraw but haven't decided if I should take it out or let it ride into a new Click Pack. Hmmm

One last note:
Phinanci: heard that all are paid including pending's from last Friday :)


ld randi said...

Happy Easter! :-)

blondie said...

Thanks Randi :)
Happy Easter to you and yours!